Cannabis Culture Wants Your Ideas For Our New Website

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis Culture is moving to an entirely online format, and we want to know how you would make our new website better.

We have a lot of big plans for our new site, like all-new growing, news, and entertainment sections with tons of original content. We will host activist, grower, and celebrity blogs; and provide news ways to upload and share your own pictures, videos, and comments. But we really want to know what you want to see on the new CC website!

Should we make backissues available for sale in PDF format? Should we have a vote system for articles like Digg? How else could we integrate the Network (also to be completely redesigned) with the CC website? Tell us what you think.

Please tell us all your cool ideas in the comments section below, or send them to [email protected] or [email protected].

There is no Cannabis Culture without YOU, so tell us what you would do with CC!



  1. Anonymous on

    you guys should make videos where you smoke and rate different strains like marijuana does

  2. george on


  3. Anonymous on

    Salaam aliekam Khizr! I like the underground ads! the underground news.

  4. Anonymous on

    Cannabis Culture is definitely the most recognized marijuana advocacy medium in Canada and Mark Emery is definitely Canada’s most prominent marijuana advocate. For all you at CC keep doing what you do and keep acting as the vanguard for Canada’s silent majority who oppose the cannabis prohibition.

  5. Matt on

    VLOOOGGGSSSSSS about WEEEEED :)! Thank you!

  6. Jeremy on

    A ‘Growing Help’ section would be nice. A place where new growers can ask questions and post pictures and get advice from more experienced growers.

    Back issues available in PDF format would be awesome!

    An idea involving network would be to allow members to vote on topics of upcoming shows or maybe post videos of their own in a separate section. It would be the YouTube of pot.

  7. Finn on

    Since I am living overseas (Norway), and since we all live in one world I would like the new website to be THE Cannabis-site for ALL cannactivists of the world. Invite readers from all the world to contribute with stories and pictures, and if possible, pay them…

  8. tarzan on

    overgrow…we miss it…the resources were could replace some of that scene

  9. Chronic Box on

    I love the idea of a photo catalog with information on different strains. Give it a real conissure feel. What about a wiki style info bank where people could submit their own photos and personal experience. A real online horticultural community. I think people could find a sense of confidence to know so many others have gardens. It’s tough to chat someone new up about gardening. The site should give you that excited feeling you get when you talk to someone new about growing. Ha Ha. A tall oreder I know.

  10. Anonymous on

    1. A customized Search Engine for strains.
    * Have a “rate this search” button for us to click so the best searches come to the top.
    * Let us Search on the basis of each attribute like this site: – it lets you sort by Yield, Height, Weeks, Ind./Sat. Ratio, etc..
    2. A customized Search Engine for Grow Equipment.

    3. “New Idea Reviews”. Instead of reviewing a specific product (eg: LED Lights from XYZ Company) write about the Pros and Cons of the idea (LED Lighting in general), and what we should look for when choosing the Manufacturer ourselves.

    4. A “Cup List” Page. List past and future Cups with the Winners – don’t forget links IF the Seed is available.

    5. Your own great ideas, you have plenty!

  11. JohnnyHempseed on

    If possible, I’d like the new online CC e-zine to be in a .pdf format for download and historical archival purposes. There’s nothing I like better than thumbing through my old CC and HT mags. It reminds me of better days gone by.

  12. Brian on

    A local section, of whats going in where, in each state; if people choose to be active in changing laws.

  13. tintala on

    ALso the website is inundated with these flashy ads which suck. I would suggest a forum where you have nug of the month voted by readers, plant of the month, cannabis warrior of the month, grow journals, live grow cams, maybe some grow moderators for serious questions and med growers. ORganic hydro section.. Worlwide cannabis news, HEMP NEWS, more about hemp, educate about HEMP….. MEDICAL MMJ lounge designated for mmj patients only.


    Most, if not all violence streaming from the drug war could be drastically reduced maybe even eliminated if drugs were legalized and taxed, bringing the united states of America monetary gain rather than the brutally violent drug cartels that are at war over territory at this very time. Having been raised in one of the most violent neighborhoods in New Mexico in the late 1980’s and 1990’s, Los Padillas which is located in the south valley of Albuquerque, I have personally witnessed violence and brutality due to prohibition of drugs and the effect it has on our communities. At a young age I witnessed drive by shootings, stabbings, robberies, and brutal beatings. all due to the drug trade at that time. In some perspective I believe that just this discussion on this topic is a start to the end of an over whelming problem not only for the U.S.A. but the whole world in general, but just full blown legalization of all drugs is not only unlikely at this time but also very scary to most Americans.
    Not only would legalization put a stop to most violence it would help our national economy on many levels for instance, instead of spending Millions of dollars on many man hours trying to stop the illegal substances from entering our nation, which to be very blunt is not working and never really has. Instead of spending Millions on many man hours trying to stop the illegal buying and selling of narcotics, that has not even came close to happening. Instead of spending Millions on housing, feeding, and medical attention which includes treatment for these drug offenders, that really dont want it. Instead of spending millions on prosecuting drug offenders and not only prosecuting but defending drug offenders, because face it most drug offenders qualify for public representation which by our constitution, we are entitled to free public representation. Instead of spending millions of U.S. Dollars on programs such as probation and drug court, which only keeps these people off drugs while attending costly programs; so we think. As a nation we could be regulating were these certain chemical compounds come from. Regulating certain iliicit industreies entitles us to examine and distribute only clean and pure amounts upon approval. Citizens who so chose to participate in the drug culture would not only be taxed on all of these chemicals which would generate massive amounts of revenue but, as a nation we would also control the resources of which these substances came from; thus putting a complete and final stop to these insanely brutal, and violent drug cartels that seem to be controlling the world wide drug trade as we know it.
    over grow………over grow and free marc emery(p.o.w.)

  15. Anonymous on

    please inculde new crosswords on the site. they are both fun and imfomative

  16. jesse on

    and maybe have another mass download deal for the complete collection, because i for one want to read your mag from issue one on.

  17. Anonymous on

    Why not make it more world wide view? Instead of just a Canadain point or european point of view or spin on everything? Isnt Cannabis worldwide?, Oh yea when Canada is the perfect world country,and everything is perfect and no bush clone are in power and the queens gone, QUIT telling other people and countries how to vote! ya sound just like Bush for crying out loud! When ya have ya shit together than ya can judge, till then shut and see the shit head move it is on so many levels. Oh yea any and all lawyers ya had FUCK THEM! they know the law like my cat does! yea any time any place on any countrys law I will fuck up any lawyer in the crowns courts anytime! Just a bunch of lame punk bitches, like most european? Well i dont execpet a world view since none of you have been around the world and know any people other than only other europeans?? sound like the club house of 1950’s for sure!wish ya luck but now that canada’s pot second rate, soon to be just a playground for corp. america? or is not the games coming to your fare european city? Like lots of kuck but the spirts see a slow death just like the cup in asterdam, just plastic like most cup holders and the best strains are really never there? What make a bunch of burn out hippeys from new york city, who can write make a magazine , make them know or done any crops try none so who care who sponder it but they are NO PROS!! just failed newspaper people who never got the job at the times.

  18. Froody on

    A huge amount of people browse with their mobile phones, Setting up a mobile friendly version of site would may increase readership.

    much love and respect.

  19. Steeldiehard on

    I don’t see a reason to change what’s not broken…Keep refining, but don’t change it.

    A refinement suggestion for an online publication is to make the issue downloadable as a PDF for offline reading and cataloging. A subscription to the online mag can include access online, pdf download, and the ability to print if desired. A tremendous value for the subscriber and little additional work for the CC publications staff. 🙂

    Best to all and much success with the new endeavor!


  20. Anonymous on

    An experts corner.

    There is enough talk about how to grow for beginners but i would like to see something for those of us who have been in this refer game for a while.

    Like scion plants and advanced scrog and hydro systems. Breeding programs and seed saving info.

    Lets push the limits of what kind of info can be presented.

    And besides, everyone wants to read the pro shiz!


  21. man4cannabis on

    make it from coast to coast from bc to nb we will work together

  22. Anonymous on

    I am excited for the new online format but one thing I noticed was this.
    In a magazine, an advertisement is a simple picture, along with some text. On a website, advertisers can choose to have “moving” or “flashing” ads. Please, don’t give advertisers the option of these annoying ad’s. If anything, it discourages me from buying from these vendors, as it appears cheap and makes me wonder how stupid these people think I am. I realize that the advertisers are the ones who hold the money, and thus the power, but if you could explain that it annoys people trying to read the articles and may even discourage people from visiting the site. is a great role model so to speak which I think your organization could learn a few tricks from. Notice the laid back vibe it emits.
    Let me use this chance to thank you for all the wonderful information I have absorbed in the few months of reading your magazine, and I look forward to your new format.

  23. scarypizzle on

    -Redesign the website, articles should be posted in a similar way but have a featured article at the top instead of the most recent
    -Make all previous magazines available in .pdf format (if you charge them, people will just pirate them, so whats the point, this is the internet)
    -Redesign the forums – Get a different engine to run them, like phpBB or IPB
    -IRC Chat Network
    -Video Section
    -Submit your own budshot section
    -Strain Encyclopedia
    -Twitter, Digg, you pretty much have all that
    -Allow as much user submission as you can, let the people speak!

    i gotta write a 10 page paper, i’ll add more suggestions later

  24. Graham on

    I’d like to see the bi-monthly magazine continue to be made avaliable via PDF format. I would be willing to pay 5 CDN bucks for it, and you could still put electronic ads in it. That will cut out the publishing cost entirley, and you will NEVER print too many:-) Also, massivly expand the website, but keep it free. I aggree that making the entire site pay would kill it. Just have the PDF file download cost money. Just my two cents.

  25. Anonymous on

    A chefs corner for sure…a pot tv cooking show perhaps? i agree…no paid subscriptions in pdf…it will not work….just my opinion

  26. Anonymous on

    Please DO NOT move to some kind of subscription model! They never work online, and end up killing websites that try. It is better to have free content and make money in other ways like advertising, store, etc

    I love CC and am sure the website will be as cool as the mag (or better)

  27. Froody on

    I’m all for back-issues being available in .pdf format. (once the printed back issues are sold off)

    Some CC readers crave more science than others and although I’m not advocating a shift in the writing(i found several of the writers provide valuable information as is), a “science section” with collections of more technical, dry studies, and science reports may be popular with some readers.

    A “chefs corner” might be yummy.

    As far as subscription-based business-model; Im for whats best for CC(overall), but if the switch is made – an-ample free section could still be available.

    much love.

  28. Harrison Jacob McKay on

    you guys should do online contests and give away prizes also you need a strain data base and a navatiogation toolbar and good advertizers also blogs, pics , videos, updates on cannabis court cases, more stories on the war on drugs, apps for Iphones and Itouch. and try and do sometihng with xbox live or any gaming consule

  29. Robert on

    Incorperate Dana in the mix and you will have a winner, also why not have a simulated virtual growroom? I have seen this program for sale on the net as a download. $$$$$$$$$$

  30. Jawohio on

    I would definitely make the back issues available in pdf. Please excuse my ignorance on this issue; however, what are the costs of uploading the material to pdf- the reason for the question, is the current online library is free to access. I truly believe you will lose readership if you switch to a payable format. Would it be possible to only charge if someone wants to print the information?

    Other suggestions would be to add some sort of game- much like facebook has mafia wars, etc; then the possibilities open for more advertising venues, more traffic website; overall, adds something fun to do. Another idea which builds upon the pdf subject would be to have a devoted site- such as the cannabis culture online library where many books would be for sale and and down loadable; the site would be interactive, using a tabbed format to access the vast amounts of material attainable in the cannabis culture forums, etc. Basically, the information needs to be easier to access and needs a centralized means of organizing the content. for instance, one could access the CC online library, type in a specific topic, and one would be directed to every article, book, forum response, etc available by cannabis culture. The possibilities to sell books and advertising increase as well by creating a CC online library. I can see the possibilities for an online CC library to be large.

    Overall, one main site with a tabbed format that would access all the various other outlets, forums, library, etc- available via cannabis culture- I feel this would make the site much easier to navigate.

    Peace and Pot

  31. Anonymous on

    enough with all these shitty looking images along the sides. Your site is a mess of ugly images and poorly done formatting.

    Three banner ads stacked on top of each other where the website title should be? Seriously? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love weed, but every time I come here I leave in like 2 minutes because it’s so hard to look at.

    About 40% of the actual surface area on the top of your page is ads and other shit no one cares about.. the first place I look to find more of your content, I just find more ads and random links.

    Either you were high as hell, or you had no knowledge whatsoever on website design (or even just common sense) when you designed this place.

  32. djh420 on

    i know its a cannabis website, but lose the ugly shade of green currently being used….reminds me of military fatigues…not good.

  33. Anonymous on

    I don’t think a voting system like on or is a good idea. It works great for those sites because of the massive amount of content voteable, but it wont work nearly as good for a more specialized site with only original content like

    One thing you guys should think about is embracing Creative Commons. Creative Commons is not only a great licensing scheme that would give you more readers, but it would also be awesome if you could say that your content was CC-licensed (Creative Commons/Cannabis Culture, CC, get it?).

    Back issues should of course be availible for sale as PDFs.

  34. Anonymous on

    -Strain database
    -PDF like version of your magazine for download (I know the magazine is off the shelves now)
    -Less cluttered home page
    -Create a website network that relies on more contributors like and include a tool bar add-on with navigation tools for your site. This is a very handy feature if you really want people to keep coming back to your web page to check up on MMJ news or updates.

  35. godot.3000 on

    i absolutely love strain reviews with minimalistic format and layout for easy comparison. a good example of this: better yet, you should just bring chubbs (the site creator) on board the CC team.

    PS i’m not ‘chubbs,’ just a fan of his site…

  36. beef on

    cannabis strain database with pictures, stats (type, height, days for flowering, etc.), and advertised links to buy directly from seed banks

  37. indica45 on

    I hope I can still print out the webzine into a magazine. I also like the thoughts of more interaction with the subscribers

  38. Anonymous on

    Bring back Overgrow… be like used to be but 10 times better. 🙂 and use their website address. 🙂

  39. Brian Kerr on

    Make it a veidozeen