Bill Maher Rips Obama Over Pot Legalization

Longtime legalization advocate Bill Maher took President Obama to task over his recent comments on marijuana.Longtime legalization advocate Bill Maher took President Obama to task over his recent comments on marijuana.CANNABIS CULTURE – Bill Maher criticized President Barack Obama over his policies on marijuana legalization this week on HBO’s Real Time. Salman Rushdie, Christopher Hitchens and Mos Def discuss the President’s recent comments poking fun at Americans who favor legalization.

Maher called Obama’s comments “infuriating”, and said “for Obama to mock, ‘I don’t know what’s going on on the Internet’, well excuse me…the internet is America now. That sounded like John McCain”.

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  1. Woody Woody on

    Big picture: I totally agree. I do not disagree with any of your points.

    I am talking about how hard the political system is to navigate and make change happen. Again, trying to legalize pot NOW when the economy is in such shambles is silly. It cannot generate enough money and you cannot change enough ‘hearts and minds’ as the Americans put it, to right this situation over night with legal pot.

    They say one in thirty people smoke pot, even where it is legal. This problem was created by more than one in thirty people. All the people who want to live beyond there means in a materialist way and have insane credit. Pot money is a small drop in the bucket is all my point is.

    yes, long term (or second term, cough) make it legal and positive as it should be… a plant of God, sacred to my heart. First the material world and it’s devotees are to be served… sigh, i hate it but that is the way it seems to be.

  2. Anonymous on

    The second it is legal I will have a big assed plant in my window… so no money from me… maybe the vaporizer and snack food industries will get a little boost. Like Mr Emery says, lets make em cheap as cucumbers. Grow it everywhere! So yah, I expect and hope it would become a very fiscally mundane market. It is a weed for God’s sake… should not be more than coffee and I get a huge tin of that for just ten bucks. If that tin were weed it would last me decades. So really, the whole money argument still seems silly to me.

    The only point I was bringing up is that it is a small contribution financially but at what price politically? I’ve worked in politics and those gears are very hard to turn even from within with decent consensus. The consensus needs to get stronger and I think more and more people are waking up in the public and political realm but it has yet to reach critical mass. Be diligent and it will. Slapping our foreheads and saying ‘how can they be so stupid!?’ will only get us so far. We need to see their point of view and work within it to slowly make it right, not jump on harebrained schemes like saving the economy with a weed. Good Lord, we have SUVs to drive and houses to fill with crap!!

  3. Woody Woody on

    heh, I should have left well enough alone then regarding the math. Sure, those numbers probably are not accurate but using ANY numbers about the amounts spent fighting weed and the size of the deficit still do not make it worthwhile for a first term president to even consider in this situation. Even if it were 5%… it is still not worth the political chaos.

  4. Bringyobrainstothetable on

    Well the way I see it adding a billion doller industry aint lame although you are right it is not a huge step it can be but of one of many little ones,yes we spend about 40 billion on prohabition each year but add that to the economy plus the billions made from sale and thats just the recreational use of it.

    And I think the online community is just trying to get more media attention over it, The more it is spoken of the more likely we are going to take a step back and actually discuss it in a constructive manner rather then it be ignored.

  5. Sir Les on

    Now I think Woody not looking at the bigger picture!

    A plant God made to climatize, and help make our dome, being the very first function of This Plant Called Marijuana…is its alignment with nature! order to cut fuel cost down…plant more marijuana…and that services the eco systems, and garnishes it with seeds that are a vital part of life!

    The plant can be used in many benefical ways other than Just the drug state/

    Now the very first thing I find true…is this plant is woody!
    And we can formulate ETHANOL from it…a cleaner burning fuel!

    So if the poeple Grow this plant legally…the cost for fuel would decline, the eco systems would benefit, and less fuel would be needed to warm the houses/apt/city buildings….and on the other hand it could cool the planet in summer, by offering shade.

    Not helping the economies?…what a liar Obama is…

    From superior paper products, new resins, bio degradable and a plant that can comsume large amounts of C02….which benefits all life..and our economies, which are based on a sound eco system, and health food supplies!!!!!

    Now if you add those factors into the math…Everyone getting paid to grow a plant and sell it to the idustrial fuel produces at a fare price, if not for free…then we cut cost of living!
    And we stop polluting the planet…equals more productivity and health care of the whole!

    That is direction Obama fails to see!

    And If he were a wise man..under God…You cannot Put God into Prison for making, and growing Marijuana in his Garden.

    And we know already that Marijuana has been here for a very very long time!

    Putting people into prison only employs the judical system big heads!
    The police, the lawyers, the judges…and the jailors..Guards…They could use a different line of employment…But if they want to imprison harmless children, to be raped and molested in Jails…who is the real bad Guy?

    If it were Legalized…it would/could employ all…and in all, the more perfect Eden arise…

    The best way of life should be free for all who participate…or freeer!

    Now we don’t want true freedom, cause it would profit no one!..but it would prophet ALL….if you believe/agree in Obama’s view after reading up on the many benefits and spin offs this plant does naturally for the eco system…You should agree that Marijuana is not the problem…it is blind idiots who believe it to be Just a drug…and nothing more!

    Got global warming due to high C02 levels…Grow more plants!
    Grow this plant…MARIJUANA…and save countless lives now being lost due to odd weather!…WOE.

    Sick live stock…feed em healthy seed.

    Just some simplistic views, from someone who grows and knows!

  6. Anonymous on

    I agree that making cannabis legal may not actually do the economy all that much good. However, it would still be a great step in the right direction. If it is true that the Mexican drug cartel problem is primarily funded by pot sales then legally grown pot would most likely cause a great reduction in cartel violence. Also, I mainly see legalization as an end to calling so many of our citizens criminals for simply using a different smoke. The “reefer madness” statements made by politicians are particularly disgusting.

    The good news is that change does seem to be in the wind. I’m 62 and hope to see an end to the madness in my remaining years.

  7. Anonymous on

    Cannabis helps you see through lies.
    Cannabis helps people realize that government is full of shit and that’s why they don’t want it legalized. They are afraid of losing their power, which they inevitably will. Cannabis brings people together, that is a direct threat to those in power. Keep people divided and you can control them.

  8. Anonymous on

    lol you were right the first time.

    its $40B / $1700B = 0.0235 = 2.35%

    id like to note that these numbers($40B and $1700B) are not likely accurate.

  9. Smoke Screen on

    I love HBO!

  10. Fill-A-Bong on

    Right now, there is a Demand currently being partly Supplied by the black market. This Demand won’t drop with Legalization, but Supplies will increase as Commercialization of the Supply Route begins. As the Supply and Demand shorten their gap, the avg Price will go down. (These price decreases hurt the black markets’ profits and may help with violence)

    As Cannabis is considered to have variations in product similar to wine, there is (and will be commercially) various Grades of cannabis based on the high, aroma, taste, and etc. Different Grades of cannabis will fetch their own Avg Prices. Personally, I do not feel that the drops in Price would be enough to make the argument that cannabis wouldn’t still be the number one cash crop. Note, Cannabis is a CASH crop and you may think that a decrease in Price would affect its #1, not so. With the Legalization, Commercialization and Price Drops would Increase the Demand for Cannabis as companies expand their product line to include new Cannabis products.

    This doesn’t even begin to touch issues related to the Taxation of Cannabis to saving created from decreases in arrests, prosecutions, and incarcerations of Cannabis-related monetary expenditures.

  11. Anonymous on

    The secret reason is: Marijuana is a anti-social drug.

    Thats the real reason they want to keep it illegal because they believe that people who smoke it cannot/willnot comply with the gov’t control over socializing with alcohol!

    Government could not control the hippie mind after it discovered marijuana…..marijuana minds are free to discuss the alcoholic minds trying to control the United States!

    Obama just another person that being President is way better than acting like a President with common sense to a asshole looking for a legacy!

  12. Anonymous on

    You think to small. all the money the usa spends on war on cannabis is say 40 billion like you say. your thinking in one or two terms, you have to think in fifty years or one hundred years, thats a lot of money to pay off and you dont do that overnight. You have to start the journey somewhere, obama can do that now, get the ball rolling.

  13. Anonymous on

    Obviously the drug war has failed. It is just a money making control scheme for those in power. Of course cannabis should be legal. More than just medicine or a recreation, cannabis and hemp can help us live a life more in balance with our planet. We can start making products from hemp instead of raping and poisoning our Earth. Wood, paper and construction material can all be made from hemp. Clothing, food, medicine, etc. all made from hemp. None of it coming from trees which take decades to mature. No more excessive chemicals like the ones used for cotton or paper production. One acre of hemp produces as much as 4.1 acres of trees. This is what should be our main motivation. We only have one earth last time I checked and, especially if you have kids (I do not), this should be of utmost inportance to you. Sorry, I had to rant and rave. Peace.

  14. Anonymous on

    Obama, fixing the economy?… Really?… What we’ve seen so far is that his appointees are feeding the beast that’s been dragging the US economy around by the legs like a doll, not fixing the economy. Let’s see, give trillions to the bankers for their paychecks and bonuses, neglect to hold any wall street criminals or government criminals accountable, and toss a few billion in spare change to worthy causes… Doesn’t sound like a solution to me, sounds like robbing the American people and then giving a little bit of that money back.

    It’s not like doing the right thing all of a sudden would cause a big uproar. Well, maybe it would, but I think that’s just their excuse to ignore social issues for as long as possible. They planted it into everyone’s heads that going against the flow is bad for the machine that runs everything, even if the system is wrought with cancers that threaten the lives and well-being of Americans and the rest of the world. It’s because of the go-with-the-flow mentality that things have gotten so bad.

    So opening society to one good change wouldn’t hurt. They can just STOP arresting people for weed any time now and save money right there. **ck the paperwork, this is a crisis and they’re not even tracking the trillions they’re giving away. Go into a big prison database, type marijuana, and bam you’ve got a list of people to throw back into the real world to save some more money on prisons. What’s sustainable and healthy about an economy centred around the prison and security industry? Spend more resources on agriculture maybe so poor hungry Americans can eat? Noooo, not when you can hand it over to the banksters. The things that make sense aren’t the things that they do. 😛 What’s the point in having faith in Lord Obama?

  15. Anonymous on

    it wouldn’t be the #1 crop if it were legal… it would be too cheap.

    although it will always be my #1 crop… sigh 8)

  16. nick on

    I think it’s funny that when Obama mentions legalizing marijuana everyone laughs. Does anyone know the potential that marijuana has. #1 crop. Recycle and re-use. It’s time for America’s big-wigs to get serious about legalization. All that Obama did was dodge the question. Also, in my opinion, Obama has not done such a good job reassuring Americans that everything is going to get better.

  17. Woody Woody on

    See I suck at math! It is way lower then 2.34% It is like .023% or something? I don’t know… haha, but damn low!

  18. Woody Woody on

    Granted Mr O. did make a silly flip remark at the beginning, which was lame on his part but no matter how much I think it should be legal, I do agree with him when he says it would not be an effective strategy to help the economy. The numbers as far as I know them just do not add up.

    Think about it. The US deficit is something like 1.7 TRILLION.

    Think of it as 1700 billion.

    The budget spent on fighting marijuana per year is around 40 billion or so.

    Think of it as… well… 40 billion in relation to 1700 billion.

    Fighting pot is somewhere around 2.34% of the deficit. Now how much policy bandwidth in Washington are they going to take up over saving 2.34%? Give me a break. That would take years to untangle for what? 2.34%?? That is crazy sauce my friends.

    Cannabis is a huge convoluted political snafu. I hope for all out sakes they fix the economy with real solutions and don’t bung up the system right now. Give the man till his second term. Once he knocks this budget out of the ballpark and saves our asses they’ll give him a nice shiny gold bong and a hemp sack full of BC bud as a bonus.

    Yes, legalize it, hell yah, I am sick of fucking hating the government for it’s sick idiocy. But do so after fixing the economy with real solutions. Yes, I know they could sell it and tax it etc. but if it were legal it would go down to the price of cucumbers as Mark puts it. Even if the price did not plummet and you also taxed the shit out of it, at best you could generate like what 20 billion? Still a drop in the bucket my friends. Plus I’d just grow it then so no dough from me.

    So I see this whole legalize weed to save the economy thing as pretty lame given the low numbers and political/social mess it is in the middle of. If we could wave a magic wand and it were legal without grinding the political system to a halt that would be great. Good old THC could help people live within their means because society may chill the fuck out and see God and not have to fill their empty lives with excess credit but that doesn’t factor into any spreadsheets or help grease the wheels of politics right now.

    Anyway, Mr. O, fix the economy in term 1 and give us our fix in term 2.

    PS. I suck at math, please feel free to correct me, I hope I am wrong.

  19. Inspired on

    This is a great example of how CC “gets it”!

    The word is out and it doesn’t matter who is saying it anymore. If Bill Maher or anyone else is showing the guts needed to get answers then they deserve our support and respect.

    Legalize it, decriminalze it, or at the very least, EDUCATE YOURSELF!

  20. Anonymous on

    You guys peeped this and somebody upped it to the Tube.

  21. Anonymous on

    Good Show on the page linking Obamas comments I suggested people download this (legally of course *rolls eyes*) glad to see somebody put it up on youtube. Gotta watch the full episode to get ALL his comments however. Hopefully it doesn’t get yanked by youtube *rolls eyes again*