Drug Agents Raid San Francisco Medical Marijuana Clinic

DEA agents raided Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic on Howard Street in San Francisco on Wednesday.DEA agents raided Emmalyn’s California Cannabis Clinic on Howard Street in San Francisco on Wednesday.One week after President Barack Obama’s top law enforcement official seemed to indicate the feds would no longer raid pot clubs, DEA agents busted a medical marijuana facility in San Francisco Wednesday night.

As agents carried large plastic containers of marijuana plants out of Emmalyn’s California Cannabis Clinic at 1597 Howard Street, a small crowd of protesters formed a gauntlet outside the door, booing the agents and chanting, “our medicine is marijuana … listen to Obama!”

DEA spokeswoman Casey McEnry told CBS 5 the documents regarding the raid are sealed, so the DEA was not able to give any details.

“Based on our investigation we believe there are not only violations of federal law, but state law as well,” said DEA Special Agent in Charge Anthony D. Williams in a written statement.

Emmalyn’s has a provisional permit from the city, according to Eileen Shields, spokesperson for the San Francisco Department of Public Health, which she said is an indication the club is in good standing with city laws.

Brendan Hallanin, the pot club’s attorney, said Emmalyn’s is in compliance with state and local laws.

“They are well-respected and have a good reputation in the medical marijuana community,” said Hallanin, who added the business has never been raided in its five year existence.

Hallanin said the DEA would not tell him why the club was being busted.

“They’re going to have a huge fight on their hands if they’re arbitrarily busting clubs that are in compliance with state and local laws,” said Hallanin.

Kris Hermes, spokesperson for Americans for Safe Access, a national advocacy group for medical marijuana issues, wants the attorney general to explain the DEA’s actions.

“We’re shocked that after the Attorney General has made repeated statements that raids on California medical cannibis dispensaries would be suspended that we are seeing a continuation of that policy,” said Hermes.

– Article from CBS News.



  1. Anonymous on

    Yes. People need to be more aggressive towards DEA agents. People need to have BALLS. In regards to terrible regimes, not one has been toppled by being a nice guy. If it means arresting DEA agents DO IT. If it means that the people throw rocks or molotovs or get together in military type operations or whatever when they come DO IT. It is the only way. Have some guts guys. Only complaining on the internet is not enough. Liberty is worth risking and fighting for. Remember the Boston tea party my friends. And the war that followed. It wasn’t about being nice. Liberty is not gained just by complaining or writing. Most of the time it is gained by sacrifice and force and standing up in what you believe in.

  2. indijo on

    Yeah, while I’m not too thrilled about Obama, I’d say this is mainly just the DEA pushing the envelope to see just how much more they can get away with, despite the president and the Attn. General. I agree with Joe and his sixpack.

    The DEA are nothing less than the Neo-Nazi nation’s foothold in the US federal government. They’ve probly got guns on Obama and his family in the WH right now, with the message, “Don’t worry, Nigra, as long as you do everything our way, you and your family can continue to enjoy the hospitality of our all-white house as permenant guests, as long as you suit our needs.”

  3. Anonymous on

    If you were truely in this fight for Marijuana legalization you would not be a racist. What is the problem marijuana users have, people hate us for what we consume. So you hate someone for being half black, you are just as good as the people who hate us. I guess you never listened to Marc Emery’s lesson on Genocide against the Jews is the same thing that Marijuana users are facing these days, they fine us, jail us, take away our right to vote, and if you have enough they end your life for just smoking marijuana.

    I’m white, Voted Obama and proud of it, first president that openely admits he smoked. why waste a vote on Ron Paul who had no chance whatsover, and some of his other policies are questionable, so he would have bad that comes with the good also.

  4. Anonymous on

    call him a prick or whatever but there is no reason for stupid racist comments.

  5. Anonymous on

    I guess you voted for the loser McCain…..hows that working for you? At least Obama inhaled…..McCain was only a traitor!…still is!

  6. joe and his six pack on

    Well it looks like the uniform gardeners with guns the DEA has struck again. See they go after none violent People who are using the marijuana as medicine. The DEA are cowards. They pick on the sick. The funny thing about these cowards they do not even have enough smarts to know what they are doing to a sick. The DEA is nothing more than a neo Nazi brigade of discrase Americans hiding behind an army of dictator who use the office to impose their believes while ignoring the US Constitution

  7. Anonymous on

    see where this president is at alligned with corporate trash and politicians. Its almost times to get the pitchforks and light the torches

  8. Anonymous on

    too bad you didn’t realize that last year before the election.

  9. Anonymous on

    He’s just another stupid fucking politican…..

    he’ll never get another marijuana voter!

    MAKE FUN OF US……you’ll get yous halfbreed!