Canadian Pot Smuggling Suspect Commits Suicide in Spokane Prison

SPOKANE, Wash. — Washington state police say a Canadian man accused of smuggling marijuana by helicopter has hanged himself in the Spokane County Jail.

Samuel Lindsay-Brown, from Revelstoke, B.C., was alone in the cell where he was found Friday hanging by a bedsheet from a light fixture.

Police are investigating the death.

The 24-year-old had been charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

He was arrested Feb. 23 unloading more than 150 kilograms of BC bud from a helicopter in a remote spot in the Colville National Forest.

The delivery had been arranged by undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

– Article from The Canadian Press on March 3, 2009.



  1. Anonymous on

    Yeah I feel bad for his family. But for a guy smart enough to fly a helicopter, he sure was dumb. Wake up people, HE WAS A CRIMINAL! Life happens.

  2. Anonymous on

    i would love to find you and cut your throat

  3. ex-stoner on

    So you know a drug smuggler.. what are you then pal, a drug dealer?
    Sorry, but we are not at all impressed that your sole claim to fame is your claim to know some one who was greedy, did a string of serious crimes, got set up and busted and then committed suicide.. retarded means slow, functioning below potential-

    All death is a loss, what makes you think a criminal suicide is any better or worse than any other death? Dope swindle by stolen aircraft is not a noble way to either live or die, and no doubt his family is likely deeply ashamed..Unless they had counted on his success as a smuggle.r Your friend took his own life because he failed at trespassing theft, and drug smuggling. That was a very dangerous risk to take- win: he gets fast easy money,. lose: he surrenders his liberty or his very life

    If you had an atom of compassion for his family, you would wake up and see that drugs, and the sale of drugs, and the fighting, cheating and dangerous risk taking involved so that some players can scoop up a lot of easy money fast– this method of making a living is just plain rotton. If pot was legal, this would still be rotton.

  4. Anonymous on

    Spokane County jail is a pit and yes, they have a ” boot room.” I find it very scary that it happened in broad daylight and the guards didnt know. The jail is overcrowded with people being put 3 to a cell…. I call bullshit on the cops being “unaware” that something was going on. They are assholes and they peek into your cell constantly during the day.

  5. anthonyb on

    The other men that were arrested were United Nations gang members or affilicted so Id say that had to do with why he hung himself. Living life looking over your shoulder forever would suck, not to mention that he fucked up and done got caught with 150 kilos of grass. Wouldnt be the most popular guy in jail but he should have tried to get bail and hid out somewhere. As to anyone who says this guys a retard, fuck ya’ll…this guys rad and liked a little excitement in his life! I just wonder how many successful runs he had before he got caught! Hopefully a couple at least!

  6. CTV Kelowna on

    Hi we are currently investigating several aspects of Sam’s death including the jail in Spokane, maybe you saw our piece on Sam in last night’s news, we would like to talk to you. We can reach at our office in Kelowna 250.717.1301

  7. Anonymous on

    you guys are fucking stupid! these people came to the us for one reason and one reason only! they were smuggling drugs into this country and its our governments responsibility to stop and arrest these kinds of people! Good Job U.S.

  8. Anonymous on

    HEY! you sound familiar… have we met?

    maybe in a car with flashy lights? you in the drivers seat and me in the back?

  9. Anonymous on

    The guy was a retard? I’m sorry – did you know him? Because I know all parties involved. No one is a retard, and your analasys is completely incorrect. My question to you, is why you’re on a website like this only to critisize the issues? Here’s a tip you fucking loser – GET A LIFE! Have some empathy for people. Clearly – your life is perfect though, and of course, you have never done anything wrong. Right? How do you think Sam’s family feels? My heart goes out to everyone that knew him.

  10. Anonymous on

    FUCKIN’ AMERICANS… Don’t they have enough of there own issues to deal with? aren’t their prison over populated enough with there own citizens? Why do they need to take Canadians as well?

    Canada is the land of the free! Go home yanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ex- Stoner Retard on

    the guy was a retard- sorry- tempted to break a string of serious laws just >> for THE MONEY- did the crime, didn’t get his money-got caught immediately and was facing decades in a US prison for being a retard- only to be released when he’s 50 a severely retarded old fuck..
    he dealt with rats, he got sucked in by his own retarded greed- he stole a helicopter,.what a thief retard- he was a dumb ass drug runner- he got caught so easily even he knew he was stupid..and with that sort of duhhhh minus brain in jail he would be a dish rag forever sorry he lost his lust for life without parole and offed himself- its just too bad but nobody made him do crime, he did it himself – nobody killed him- he killed himself

    so thats where pot heads get their dope- from blood money- people don;t die from marijuana you say ? THINK AGAIN ASSWIPES THEY DO SO- EVERY DAY Boo Hoo Hoo you drugged up sissies– no wonder society hunts you down

  12. Anonymous on

    I knew Sammy. He was a good guy, and a close friend. We all knew that he was a free spirit who could never be locked in a cage. He had told friends that it was his last job, and then he was getting out of it. He didn’t want to do it anymore. he said that if he had ever gotten caught, that he would rather take a bullet in the back than be locked up in a jail. The sad thing about this is, the Spokane jail, where he was held has been under investigation for all the unexplainable suicides that have happened there in the last four years. I think that the interigators were way too hard on him. He was a small guy. He would have never lasted in jail. we love you sammy!! your soul will live forever in my heart.

  13. puff_tuff on

    March 09, 2009

    Revelstoke man dies in Spokane jail after drug bust

    By Brandon Adams – Revelstoke Times Review

    A Revelstoke resident who was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver following his arrest by DEA agents was found dead in his Spokane County Jail cell Friday, Feb. 27.

    The man, 24 year-old Samuel Jackson Lindsay-Brown, was arrested by U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents on Feb. 23 after he flew 150 kilograms of marijuana into Colville National Forest in Washington State, reports indicate. Lindsay-Brown was arrested after rendezvousing with undercover DEA agents just south of the Canadian border.

    According to Sicamous RCMP, Lindsay-Brown was flying a Bell 206 helicopter stolen from the Malakwa area. The helicopter, which was owned by Gorge Timber Corp. of Malakwa, was reported stolen on the morning of Feb. 25 by Colin Martin of Gorge Timber.

    In a phone interview, Martin confirmed the helicopter was stolen from Gorge Timber Corp., and that he knew Lindsay-Brown personally.

    “As I said to the RCMP officer, Sam’s truck was in the lot where the helicopter was, and I said, ‘If Sam does have something to do with this, it’s very out of character from the Sam that I know,’” said Martin.

    Martin said he and others who knew Lindsay-Brown want to know what happened in the days leading up to his death.

    “What happened to Sam in the days that he was down there,” asked Martin. “Did somebody go in and say, gee, this has got to be a pretty overwhelming thing for you Sam? What happened? My heart goes out to Sam’s family, we’re all reeling from this.”

    Sicamous RCMP have confirmed they are investigating the theft of the helicopter, but that they were not involved in the DEA investigation and subsequent arrest.

    An official from the Spokane County Medical Examiner’s office said that autopsy reports indicate Lindsay-Brown hanged himself in his jail cell on the afternoon of Feb. 27 using a bed sheet.

    Sgt. David Regan of the Spokane County Jail said he was unable to comment on Lindsay-Brown’s death, citing an ongoing investigation by the Spokane Police Department.

    Lindsay-Brown was well known in the mountain biking community. Members of the mountain biking forum have created a tribute to Lindsay-Brown, who was featured heavily in the 2002 mountain biking film New World Disorder III.

    Members of the forum posted condolences to Lindsay-Brown’s friends and family, as well as expressing skepticism surrounding the circumstances of Lindsay-Brown’s death.

    “There seems to be a fair bit of skepticism on whether or not that really was what happened,” wrote one forum user.

    Others who knew Lindsay-Brown responded with short tributes to the “fallen rider.”

    “He’s held a special place in our lives. Done a lot for riding communities in our area, and was a great friend to all of us … Sam, your life has touched us all, you will be remembered as one who pushed the sport and touched our lives,” wrote another.

    Repeated calls to both the Spokane Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration were not returned.


    He let marijuana KILL him.Let’s rally ’round the flag,boys.The one with the big pot leaf.It says HEY MAN on it.
    Smoke one for this guy,then do what he would have wanted you to do.Laugh at the General McCaffrey story!

  15. j on

    I feel that he hung himself because he was ashamed to go through with a deal that involved the DEA. That he supported thier stupid cause to target cannabis as “criminal”. But on the other hand…maybe he was dead from loosing all that weed when he got out of jail. Non of this would of happened if we had sensible LAWS

  16. Anonymous on

    Firstly, no one said “life is great for a dealer” idk where you got that. Secondly, he was facing life in a US prison and apparently he thought death was preferable to that.

    I’d just like to say: FUCK THE DEA!

  17. Anonymous on

    Why did he hang himself?

  18. Anonymous on

    This guys family should sue the DEA abd the U.S government. Entrapment is still against the constitution.

  19. Jeramus on

    I agree completely, This guy was not over in america looking for people to sell to, These government pricks lured him to they’re own country and most likly tortured him for information. The DEA most be ended and left in the past as a reminder.