Vancouver Protestors Tell Harper To Stop The Gang Violence By Ending The Drug War

Protestors demanding an end to drug prohibition caused an uproar outside Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s roundtable discussion on gang violence in downtown Vancouver yesterday.

Over fifty vocal critics gathered to call for an end to the drug war, which they see as the real cause of the gang violence, and to protest the Prime Minister’s proposed anti-drug legislation that includes mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes.

The activists, including Green Party candidate Jodie Emery and her husband, BC Marijuana Party President Marc Emery (both editors of Cannabis Culture Magazine), held placards reading “Prohibition Funds Organized Crime” and “No Prison For Pot” and shouted loudly at the Library Square building where Harper met with law enforcement officials.

The protest was covered by several television stations and newspapers, including the CBC, Global, CTV and The Province.

[Editor’s Note: Many thanks to everyone who came down; the protest was a huge success! Sign up on Cannabis Culture’s Facebook page to receive updates about coming events.]

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The following video is from CBC TV

The following video is from Global TV

The following video is from CTV

Law enforcement circled the building, some with sniper rifles.



  1. Corey K. on

    I think that marijuana should be looked as a recreational thing. Just like alcohol.

  2. joe and his six pack on

    This will never pass the house for bush Harper does not have enough seats to pass these foolish laws against pot. And if this is his way of fixing the medical marijuana court order the pot laws will fall USA is now realizing that prohibition does not work and are now going to change the laws. And Canada will follow so Harper is a few months off of being fired by the majority of Canadians. It is we the people who will decide not the kick backs money laundering politicians who will win this fight because there is a to big demand for marijuana to bad if the politicians do not get it because the people will always get marijuana no matter how stupid the government is.

  3. Anonymous on