Former Cop: Legalizing Drugs Will Help Fight Gang Violence

Legalize and regulate drugs, or look to Mexico for our future. That’s what one 28-year veteran Vancouver Police officer is saying about the ongoing wave of gang violence in Metro Vancouver. Tony Smith says keeping drugs illegal will only lead to more murders.

Smith says he isn’t the only one who thinks this way.

“I’ve spoken in recent times to a lot of high ranking officers up to the very top level, and most of them agree with us but are unprepared to come out publicly and state that.”

Smith says our gangs deal with the Mexican gangs to purchase their drugs and he says if the police ever appear to be effective there — they would target and kill officers.

He adds it’s no longer a case of ‘if” our gangs will use those tactics, but “when.”

Meanwhile NDP Leader Carole James continues to blast the Premier Gordon Campbell government’s cuts to crime prevention programs, she does not think legalizing marijuana will solve anything.

“Right now, I think the focus needs to be on the immediate, and the immediate we can do is putting more police on the street, putting more prosecutors in place so they can actually go and appeal these bail sentences. They can make sure these criminals stay behind bars and we need to get the federal government to tighten up the sentencing laws.”

James spoke with community members and families of victims of crime in Surrey this morning.

Read Tony Smith’s Biography at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

– Article from News 1130.

Editors Note: Cannabis Culture has contacted Carole James’ office asking for further comment on the BC NDP’s position on prohibition, but we are waiting to hear back. Stay tuned for updates!