Protest Stephen Harper in Vancouver THURSDAY!

Stephen Harper is coming to Vancouver this week, pushing mandatory jail sentences for drug offenses. Join the protest of Harper and his failed policies at 300 West Georgia St. on Thursday, February 26 at 12:30pm, and demand an end to drug prohibition!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is coming to Vancouver this Thursday (February 26, 12:30pm – 300 West Georgia Street) to announce a so-called “tough on crime” strategy. Instead of targeting gangs, Harper is going to target low level drug use. Bill C-26, defeated last session proposed 6 month mandatory minimum sentences for growing even one marijuana plant. This despite studies from our own Justice Department that show these sentences do not deter crime and fill our jails with non-violent offenders.

Read the The Vancouver Sun article.


We need everyone to rally at 300 West Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver at 12:30pm on Thursday, February 26.

Stephen Harper will be at two locations in the day. The first is at 9:45am in Burnaby — but we’re rallying people to attend the downtown Vancouver appearance at 12:30pm, held at 300 West Georgia Street, just up from the Cannabis Culture Headquarters (CCHQ)!

Come down to the BCMP headquarters/CCHQ store (307 West Hastings Street, near Cambie) at 12 noon to meet with Marc and Jodie Emery (a BC Green Party Candidate), and we’ll all march up the street together with signs and pamphlets at 12:15 — be with us at the location as media arrives, so we can tell them and the public that Harper is WRONG!

Let’s all tell Stephen Harper that prohibition is the problem, and politicians who support prohibition are supporting organized crime!

Call Jodie Emery’s cell phone, 604-818-4201 if you need help or directions! SPREAD THE WORD! Help stop his insane mandatory minimum drug sentences!



Public events for Prime Minister Stephen Harper for Thursday, February 26th are:


9:45 am – Prime Minister Harper will make a joint announcement with Premier of British Columbia Gordon Campbell. They will be joined by James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages.
WHERE: Translink Operations and Maintenance Centre
6800-14th Ave.
Burnaby, British Columbia

1:00 pm – Prime Minister Harper will attend a roundtable. He will be joined by James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages.
WHERE: Vancouver Regional Office
300 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia


Contact Jacob at the BC Marijuana Party
Phone: (604) 803-4085
Email: [email protected]

Go to the Protest Harper in Vancouver Facebook Page.

If you are fed up with how the Provincial and Federal governments are dealing with the gang and gun violence on the Lower Mainland, send them an email:

Federal Public Safety Minister Peter van Loan – [email protected] and [email protected]

Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson – [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected].

Provincial Attorney-General Wally Oppal – [email protected]

Provincial Solicitor General and Minister of Public Safety John Van Dongen – [email protected]



  1. Anonymous on

    he may be a wingnut, but the crown likely had Diana killed… not only for speaking out against Isreal; she was about to start a campaign on Pakistani rights, but she was also pregnant with Charles’ (the heir apparent) son when she divorced him. It was a mess and I don’t really trust anything they do in England.

  2. Anonymous on

    Harper is being a fuckcing moron and throwing votes away with this moronic backsliding approach. Only someone evil or stupid could ignore all the evidence out there that Marijuana is less harful than Alcohol. You cannot be a moral person and belive that Prohibition is a good thing. And don’t go off blowing the NDP or the Liberals, becuase they won’t do anything either. We need a new party for all sorts of reasons, not least this one. And to that rotten little shit that was slandering Her Majesty the Queen, you need to fucking grow up and get a life. Fuck you. You are a brain-damaged little piece of slime and this kind of shit makes the rest of us look bad. You are a fucking wingnut and you fucking need medication, you worthless slandering antisocial inbreed.

  3. Anonymous on

    i agree with you on the cannabis debate but your choice of words limes why you canadian sound like the gangsters that need theyre asses kicked into touch.canadian bitch ho.

  4. Anonymous on

    why vote these eggheads in

  5. Anonymous on

    Because they are SUBJECTS OF THE CROWN, AND THAT WHO SET POLICY THE QUEEN. TO BE A SUBJECT= SLAVERY!! FUCK GREAT BRITAIN AND THE QUEEN GO HOME WERE YOU BELONG!, AND IT IS NOT HERE!! Like mandell and south africa we will be free of everything europe here. and european control no matter what form they put it in we will still sent it back! you want to live under the crown then do it were you belong in BRITAIN!! that rag of a flag does not flag in Africa anymore, it does not fly in Central american anymore!, and no longer welcome at all in south america at all!! Hong Kong is gone too! they whould kick your ass for it ya had to give what you stole back! right!!oh how about all that drug trade for money that all you limey did in asia for what the past 200 years fuck the crown may it die out soon and all the dumb bitches who follow under it’s boot!! beside what war has canada ever started? what war have they ever won on ther own? did NOT win ww I The yanks save your lames asses, Did it again twenty years later, were do we sent the bill for saving your limey asses twice!!and yea when we got all our gearover there it only took us, less than one year to do what all of europe chould not do in four!!so really who gives a fuck what any limey clown like harper says execpt the dumb shits who follow blindly such and ass! dont any of you know how to overthrow a lame govenment??DONT BITCH WHEN YOU BLINDLY FOLLOW!!

  6. greg williams on

    Until you them there Canadians stand-up to your government and insist that they stop taking it up the butt from the drugwar maniacs in America, you ass will always be controlled by people like Stephen Harper.

    I don’t know if you Canadians realise this.., i’m sure you do, but incase some don’t, you are being controlled by the United States Government and their friends in the WTO/New World Order.

    Now, go cut down some more of your beautiful forests. I’m out of paper.

  7. Joe and his six pack on

    Harper is supporting gang violence by letting gangs and hells angel run a billion dollar cash crop that could be put in control of a government the reason is THC is a cure for cancer they would rather protect the profits of the pill company instead of all the children with cancer he would let them die because his cut is a nice one just like his Mulroney buddy did wild he destroys Canada with a dictatorship
    Government runs by the corporations that he gets kick back from.

  8. Joe and his six pack on

    Harper and his war mongrels want to turn the Canadians people into a commodity to do as they please we will become like cattle owned and thrown in stalls for their own corporate profits.all in the name of tuff laws.

  9. Jake on

    Did anyone read the original article from the sun and the comments at the bottom of the page. Wow what a bunch of bush loving conservative fuck sticks you guys have in Canada lol. I though it was cool up their, I’m from Pennsylvania and the public is more liberal here buy a long shot. Sorry to hear your country’s going in the wrong direction keep on fighting!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous on

    My question is, why does Harper in your country, and a whole bunch of our “officials”,continue acting insane? They cling to failed policies concerning drugs. They seem to be stuck in a time warp. The answer to the gang and drug trade is not more of the same. Your countries failure and ours, is nothing more or less than a full employment act for criminals. Yes, the goal is noble, but unworkable, and self defeating. The drugs are here and have been for as long as this failed “war”, has gone on. So Mr. Harper,and all other “officials” if you want criminals to be in charge, just keep on keeping on. Or, why not legalize what is now going on, put the government in charge? Stop supporting this ongoing criminal enterprise, and if you are incapable, get the hell out of government. You are not doing your job.