Cannabis Compound Can Help Cells

Neurons which have been labelled with a fluorescent marker.Neurons which have been labelled with a fluorescent marker.Cannabis has been used recreationally and for medicinal purposes for centuries, yet its 60 plus active components are only partly understood. Now scientists have discovered how a compound in cannabis can help cells to function in our bodies, and aid recovery after a damaging event.

In a paper published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the researchers report on their studies into cannabidiol – a naturally occurring molecule found in cannabis.

Also known as CBD, it is not the constituent that gives the high – that compound is called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC – and so may be more acceptable as a drug treatment.

Both compounds are currently used in a pharmaceutical medicine to help patients relieve pain and other symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

Now researchers have discovered how CBD actually works within brain cells.

By interacting with mitochondria – which are the power generators of all cells – it can help maintain normal levels of calcium allowing cells to function properly and providing a greater resistance to damage.

Disturbance of calcium levels has long been associated with a number of brain disorders. So the finding could have implications for the development of new treatments for disorders related to malfunctioning mitochondria.

Dr Bettina Platt, from the University’s School of Medical Sciences, said: “Scientists have known for a long time that cannabidiol can help with pain relief but we never really knew how it worked.

“However we have discovered what it actually does at the cellular level.

“We are hoping that our findings can instruct the development of cannabidiol based treatments for disorders related to mitochondrial dysfunction such as Parkinson’s disease or Huntington’s disease.”

Nevertheless, Dr Platt warned that smoking cannabis would not necessarily have the same effect.

“There are different strains of cannabis out there and many no longer contain cannabidiol. In fact, these have been deliberately bred out to enhance the THC content,” she said.

“As a result, smoking cannabis would not necessarily have the same beneficial effect, and could even exacerbate neuronal damage.”

Provided by University of Aberdeen

– Article from on February 19, 2009.



  1. Brian Kerr on

    Cannabis Compound Can Help Cells, article

    If you read the article above there is no mention of GOD. So why bring up the topic of religion ?

    The following quote from Dr Platt from the the article. Is not scientific and shows Dr. platt’s ignorance of Cannabis. As it is full of weasel words and guesses about the content of Cannabis being grown. The last quote is total crap. Cannabis / THC has been proved to be non-toxic, so how can a non-toxic Plant cause damage to the body ? There is in fact studies that show that THC is neurologically protective.

    “Nevertheless, Dr Platt warned that smoking cannabis would not necessarily have the same effect.

    “There are different strains of cannabis out there and many no longer contain cannabidiol. In fact, these have been deliberately bred out to enhance the THC content,” she said.

    “As a result, smoking cannabis would not necessarily have the same beneficial effect, and could even exacerbate neuronal damage.””

  2. Sir Les on

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    If you want to end prohibition…Go out and sow the seeds!

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    God is right all the time!…for he saw that it was Good way back in the begining of time!
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    Sir Les

  3. flower power on

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  4. castklearr on

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  5. Sir Les on

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    Sir Les

  6. Anonymous on

    I liked how you said :

    You don’t like science either? Are u an athiest magician? Athiest’s *believe* and have faith there is no god

    Faith is the belief without evidence, Which includes gods and religion. Atheism doesn’t require faith due to to there being evidence pointing to a naturalistic world. So I agree, atheism is a belief but not one that requires blind faith.

  7. Eponymous on

    Okay phobe – Believing in something is in the nature of our mind. You don’t like science either? Are u an athiest magician? Athiest’s *believe* and have faith there is no god – gnostics and agnostics similarly are in it for transference of consciousness and understanding, true understand, truth* understand rather.

    marijuana is a cultigen and would not be here if it weren’t for humans evolving along side it – same goes for salvia divinorum (its actually a better case for cultigens).

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    Do some homework buddy and wake up…. O_O

    ps: the venetianz are among us foo

  8. An animal in make believe on

    I have nothing against those of you who like to think their is something else to this life. All I ask is you keep it short if your going to waste my time with it. I think its great for you but I could care less about your fairy tales and thoughts on life. Just as I am sure you do not wish to hear my thoughts on how we are not special but that’s fine with me cause I am here.

    Now for the real reason this forum is here.

    I am glad that science is backing up what has been known for far too long. However I do not think the US will come around until all the elements of this war are combined and brought to light. We have to show the public the science and the reality of the war. Show them how our drug war is killing thousands of people. After you show them that show them how much money we can save and then how much we could make producing it here and taxing it. The whole picture needs to be shown loud and clear for the masses.

  9. castklearr on

    The spine has THC receptors. The body produces THC.

    The spine also is connected to out glands by filament wiring from the gonads to the pineal gland in the brain that connects the third eye above your nose between the eyes….just above. close your eyes and it always centers where the third eye is….that unused body part!

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    Kundalini Awakening

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  10. castklearr on

    Your argument falls apart because like a lot of jerks YOU ARE A BELIEVER.


    Produce a god ….be careful it might be A Allah….WHO FUCKING KNOWS!

    I know science will pick it apart and decide which parts I’m gonna have…..SCIENCE IS MORE COMMUNISM!

    Lets not explore how to become a pure mutant….lets leave everything to chance so the experience is more pure…..don’t eat amarita!

  11. Joe and his six pack on

    Marijuana is a safe and effective herbal medicine. The reason for this it is made by our creator God and it has been use for thousands of years way before the big pharmaceutical became the scum they are today with the FDA protecting there profits not the people. For the police when they arrest a pot smoker or growers this does nothing in to remove a killer or a rapist or an arsonist from the streets. This does nothing in making you or me safer. All it does is stops a human being from medicating him or herself with a safer substance than the pills that give them side effects. It does nothing in stopping a killer going after a little girl sleeping in their own bed. Arresting a pot smoker does nothing to stopping the kidnapers it does nothing in stopping a killer from going after their next victims. Having police looking for flowers in an air plane does nothing in stopping a man from cutting a man’s head off in a grey hound bus.
    Going after none violent people smoking marijuana just takes police and court and a prison bed away from the killers that stalks there next victim . Legalizing marijuana would end the gang’s profits. Also treating the herb as alcohol would end all the wasted time going after victimless none violent crimes. This is like arresting speeders, illegal parking, jay walkers, swimming in the nude, spitting on the side walk. Does this really make you feel safer?