Boycott Kellogg Co. for Dumping Michael Phelps

Cannabis Culture Magazine Editor Marc Emery is encouraging all marijuana smokers to boycott Kellogg’s cereal company for dropping their sponsorship of Olympian Michael Phelps after he was caught on film smoking from a bong.

Michael Phelps is a 23-year-old swimmer who won eight Olympic medals (six gold, two bronze) for swimming competitions in 2004, and eight more Olympic GOLD medals in 2008, making him the most successful Olympic athlete in the 113-year history of the Olympic Games.

At the end of January, the News of the World published a photograph of Mr. Phelps hitting a ROOR bong at a party in South Carolina, and now cereal maker Kellogg Co. have dropped the world’s swimming Superman as a representative, claiming Phelp’s pot use is “not consistent with the image of Kellogg.”

I recommend that for 2009, marijuana smokers across the world boycott some or all Kellogg’s products in response to this clearly ignorant and prejudicial decision. (Click here to see the full array of Kellogg’s products.)

Historically, the Kellogg decision seems a little ironic. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg was a rich eccentric who, along with the cereal company he founded in his name, ran a health farm call Wellville (in Battle Creek, Michigan, of course) for the wealthy. The members were put through a regime of extreme vegetarianism, laughing therapy and the purging the ‘polluted’ body by exercise; and sex, masturbation, and even sensual stimulation were forbidden. Members were forced to eat a vicious Spartan diet of Kellogg’s “Corn Flakes”, and subject to cleansing remedies including the use of laxatives, an anal yogurt cure, enemas, and brutal mechanical cleansing. In many ways Kellogg was insane, but hey, they still want you to eat his cereal!

A protest in front of the offices of USA Swimming in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is being organized by Mason Tvert and the activists at SAFER Colorado to address the suspension of Michael Phelps from competition in the USA for three months.

As to Phelps’ athletic worthiness, here is his daily regimen from,

His training regimen is grueling—two to five hours a day in the pool. He does minimal weightlifting; at this point flexibility and a feel for the water are more important to him.

The leg strength Michael added during his 2007 wrist-injury rehab was evident in Beijing on his powerful turns. In the races where he trailed, he made up an extraordinary amount of time pushing off the wall. That extra power in his kick also bought him the hundredth of a second edge he needed to come from behind in the 100-meter butterfly.

His physique notwithstanding, endurance may be Michael’s single greatest asset. He’s able to hold his stroke under pressure and when fatigue begins to creep in. From a mind over matter standpoint, Michael is also off the charts. His ability to relax, focus and block out the pain all at once is unique in his sport. He never seems nervous before a race, yet his intensity on the starting block is unmatched.

Relaxed indeed. The last line is a tribute to cannabis and its usefulness in sport, athleticism, and competition.

In early February, former Cannabis Culture Magazine editor Dana Larsen wrote for the respected about other athletes who have used cannabis. Championship wrestler Rob Van Dam also wrote extensively about the incredible usefulness of cannabis to extreme athletes in CC #69 (“Weed, Wrestling, and Athletic Enhancement”). Recently, Japanese Olympic power lifters, NFL football players and NBA basketball players have been penalized, charged, or reprimanded for their use of cannabis to improve performance.

Click here to go to the “Boycott Kellogg’s for Repudiating Michael Phelps” Facebook page.

Contact Kellogg’s and tell them you support Michael Phelps!

Kellogg’s main telephone number: 1-800-962-1413 or (269) 961-2000.

Kellogg’s contact page:

Kellogg’s Consumer Affairs: [email protected]

Kellogg’s corporate responsibility department: [email protected]

Kellogg’s investor relations department: [email protected]

Kellogg’s media relation department: (269) 961-3799 or [email protected]

Or write to Kellogg Company at:

One Kellogg Square
P.O. Box 3599
Battle Creek, MI 49016-3599

Phelps Suspended 3 Months, Dropped by Sponsor

by Associated Press

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (AP) — Michael Phelps was suspended from competition for three months by USA Swimming, the latest fallout from a photo that showed the Olympic great inhaling from a marijuana pipe.

The sport’s national governing body also cut off its financial support to Phelps for the same three-month period, effective Thursday.

“This is not a situation where any anti-doping rule was violated, but we decided to send a strong message to Michael because he disappointed so many people, particularly the hundreds of thousands of USA Swimming member kids who look up to him as a role model and a hero,” the Colorado Springs-based federation said in a statement.

“Michael has voluntarily accepted this reprimand and has committed to earn back our trust.”

Phelps won a record eight gold medals in Beijing and returned to America as one of the world’s most acclaimed athletes. Now he’s enduring a wave of bad news in the wake of the photo, published Sunday by News of the World, a British tabloid.

Earlier Thursday, cereal and snack maker Kellogg Co. announced it wouldn’t renew its sponsorship contract with Phelps, saying his behavior is “not consistent with the image of Kellogg.” The swimmer appeared on the company’s cereal boxes after his Olympic triumph.

USA Swimming provides a $1,750 monthly stipend to national team members to help defray travel and training expenses, plus performance bonuses. However, it’s a small percentage of the millions Phelps makes through endorsements.

“Michael accepts these decisions and understands their point of view,” said one of his agents, Drew Johnson. “He feels bad he let anyone down. He’s also encouraged by the thousands of comments he’s received from his fans and the support from his many sponsors. He intends to work hard to regain everyone’s trust.”

Phelps’ coach, Bob Bowman, said he believes Phelps will emerge from the experience a stronger swimmer and person.

“Michael’s been through a lot and he’s learned a lot, hopefully,” Bowman told The Associated Press during a telephone interview. “I support him and I want to see him do better. I’m here, as always, to try to help him move forward. He’s learned some tough lessons and he’s disappointed a lot of people, me included.”

Phelps has acknowledged “regrettable” behavior and “bad judgment.” He didn’t dispute the authenticity of the photo, reportedly taken at a house party while Phelps was visiting Columbia, S.C., in November during an extended break from training.

“I certainly understand USA Swimming needed to take action,” Bowman said. “We will certainly abide by everything they’ve put down.”

The 23-year-old has resumed training in his hometown of Baltimore, but his plans to return to competitive swimming will have to be put on hold. Phelps had planned to compete in early March at a Grand Prix meet in Austin, Texas.

Now, he won’t be able to compete until early May, which would give him a little more than two months for some racing before July’s world championships in Rome.

“This is the result of a poor decision Michael made,” U.S. Olympic Committee spokesman Darryl Seibel said in an e-mail. “He understands there is accountability and has pledged to not repeat this in the future. We have offered our assistance to make certain he is as consistent and successful away from the pool as he is in it, and we are confident that will happen.”

After the suspension, Phelps would be able to compete at a May meet in Charlotte, N.C.; there’s another Grand Prix competition in Santa Clara, Calif., the following month. The U.S. team for Rome will be chosen at the national championships, which begin July 7 in Indianapolis.

“He’s been very good in practice,” Bowman said. “I think he feels good to be back in the water. Certainly, he’s not in very good shape.

“We’re anxious to get back to a really normal routine and we have. We’re moving on.”

Several of Phelps’ Olympic teammates rallied to his defense. Among them was Dara Torres, the 41-year-old silver medalist whom Phelps jokingly referred to in Beijing as “Mom.”

“I see him as a kid trying to grow up in the most intense spotlight known to any athlete. He has apologized and what else can he do?” she told the AP by telephone. “The thing I hope is that people realize Michael is still a person and not just a swimming hero.”

Torres said she sent Phelps a text a few days ago to extend her support.

“He didn’t let the USA down at the games, so we shouldn’t let him down,” she said.

Torres doesn’t expect a three-month suspension in a non-Olympic year to have much affect on Phelps’ career. He intends to keep swimming through the 2012 London Games.

“Knowing Michael the way I do, I guarantee you it’s going to make him want to do well,” Torres said. “All this is going to do is light a fire under him.”

Amanda Beard compared Phelps’ ordeal to some of the disdain she faced after posing nude in Playboy magazine before the Beijing Games.

“If anyone knows public scrutiny, it’s me,” the four-time Olympian said in a text message. “When I posed for Playboy, so many officials looked down on me. Michael knows he isn’t a bad person. He made a mistake. People need to get over it. I want to cheer him on in London.”

Even a rival agent came to Phelps’ defense.

“Enough is enough,” said Evan Morgenstein, who represents a large number of Olympic swimmers. “The penalty is far greater than the crime. He has said he is sorry. Let’s move on to the real problems in this country.”

– Article form Sports Illustrated.



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  2. greg williams on

    ” What he did was an illegal act”

    What he did was an excerise of freedom. When acts of freedom are exercised we the people all gain muscle.

    Phelps didn’t commit an illegal act. Phleps lit the torch of freedom so that we all may see better in the darkness unleashed on us by a lying controlling government.

    420 Peace, Love, Anarchy

    greg williams

  3. Anonymous on

    Face it you retarded stoners, what he did was an illegal act. No company in their right mind would want to be associated with something like that. Fucking retarded stoners.

  4. Anonymous on


  5. owen on


    gov sent a spy over to my place today.

    ” i am from statistics canada, and you have been selected for random questioning”

    heh- i’m all like ,… oooooooooooooo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    “i am busy now.”

    – can you give me a hard date for a interview

    “i am not interested”

    – i will tell my supervisor, but he is not as nice as me, and he will call you up and totally harass you

    ( i have no phone – i can’t have a phone because the police phone me up and harass me — i can never have a phone again … )

    and now apparently – i can’t answer my door either …

    these Xuckers are digging a deeper and deeper hole for themselves

    very close to a six foot deep hole at this point………………

    nice try can gov dudes…

    money is on the way …. v3

  6. The Yeti on

    One more reason to avoid Kellogs products: They use peanuts from the salmonella peanut factory in Georgia for their Keebler cookies.

  7. greg williams on

    You know…..this war on pot is funded by the alcohol and tobacco commissions.
    It’s not so much that we’re strungout on drugs they seem to care about as much as it is whos drugs we are strungout on.

    People still dig drugs. Why hell.., they’re even bigger than Rush Limbaugh

  8. greg williams on

    now back to the lecture at hand
    it seems like my neighbors want
    to kill what they don;t understand
    i said ” wait a minute. we just cant
    kill what we don’t understand”
    but i turn on my tv and see that
    o yes we can
    we can and we have
    since the dawn of man
    for countless gods who’s
    only real seeming plan
    was to see to it that clinging to
    life was our fate and ya
    gotta admit, life’s pretty great but
    can we deny that it’s killing us?

  9. the yeti on

    I will very definitely be sure to include mention of old man Kellog’s crazy ideas in my letter to them (with appropriate citation of course from “respectible” sources).

    I don’t eat Kellogs products except Morningstar and now they’re banned from my diet too.

  10. Anonymous on

    I love my weed and the cannabis culture as a whole. That doesn’t mean that I must blindly follow this stupid boycott. Phelps knew the deal with Kellogs when he signed on & took the $$. When caught he whines “I’m sorry, I won’t ever do it again”. Aside from his incredible athletic skills he’s still just a dumb ass kid suckin’ on a bong, not terribly bright. He said what he had to say. Kellogs did what they had to do. This is like the Hersheys boycott CC was spouting a few years ago. Wake up people!

  11. Anonymous on

    I love my weed and the cannabis culture as a whole. That doesn’t mean that I must blindly follow this stupid boycott. Phelps knew the deal with Kellogs when he signed on & took the $$. When caught he whines “I’m sorry, I won’t ever do it again”. Aside from his incredible athletic skills he’s still just a dumb ass kid suckin’ on a bong, not terribly bright. He said what he had to say. Kellogs did what they had to do. This is like the Hersheys boycott CC was spouting a few years ago. BS!

  12. redgranite778 on


    Here’s the call info again. For those that can, let’s call every hour on the hour or more starting tomorrow and keep up a sustained and lasting boycott. Call, keep calling, and call often.

    The phone No. to the Kellogg’s Battle Creek plant is (269) 961 2000 customer service for Phelps complaints 800 962-1413 option 1, Cereal City phone No. (269) 962-6230, physical corporate headquarters address is One Kellogg Square
    Battle Creek MI 49017

  13. herb_gardner on

    Many sites have organized a “Call Kellogg’s Today” Day and I just got off the phone after talking to a “Barton” at the 1-800-962-1413 number. He said they’re being swamped with Pro-Phelps calls and will soon have to start taking messages instead of personal service! Please tell them how you feel today and hopefully the media will pick up on it…

  14. redgranite778 on

    Michael Phelps was only excersising his liberty and freedom, it is what people are supposed to be able to do in a free country! If he would have taken a public stand, chances are he would have lost it all and trashed his career on the spot. He played it smart, he’s 23, he stayed in the game, and he kept going. No one will be able to say that he trashed his life over marijuana so a big f*ck you to the anti-pot people. He rose like a phoenix from the ashes and he is going to show you just what a champion pot smoker can do! I’m from Michigan too, it is my home state. Kelloggs needs to be boycotted, what kind of garbage do you think they are selling to little kids to eat? Genetically modified corn flakes dowsed with sugar….doesn’t sound like health food to me. If Kelloggs goes down in Michigan, it will just open the door to more opportunity, like hemp farming and medical marijuana’s about time Michigan got some sustainable industries that don’t produce garbage and toxins in a state that has some of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world. Boycott the hell out of Kelloggs and bust open the hemp farming!! Go Michigan!!!

  15. jodie on

    In 2008, Hershey’s experienced unprecedented financial losses, closed several factories, fired the entire Board of Directors, and ultimately dropped the $50,000 trademark lawsuit.

    Boycott Not effective????? Au contraire, we achieved every result we set out to accomplish. Scott Reese of Reese’s Peanut butter Cups, a principal shareholder in Hershey’s, went to bat for us at Hershey Corp, and although was unsuccessful in the short term, the financial calamity Hershey experienced well before the recession was enough to cut costs, including lawsuits, by Hersheys.

  16. pegst on

    I totally disagree with the hypocritical treatment of Michael Phelps, and even more disagree with his selling out to the media&marketing industries. A real champion would stand by his actions if he felt – why is smoking pot a mistake? he never said. but the description of the founder of Kellogg’s shows that his philosophy is totally opposite to drug use. the guy is obviously a clean and natural freak, anything but water almost is a pollutant. It’s consistent with Kellogg’s original founder philosophy to not accept drug use. I disagree but respect their difference in opinion..

  17. greg williams on

    So, just because Michigan is losing jobs us pot smokers who lose our freedoms, our jobs, our kids, are suppose to remain quiet?

    A pot smoker who works hard, wins gold, well educated, sets world records, doesn;t deserve money? Why not?
    If this was a can of booze he was holding up Budweiser would be posting commercials such as ” Budweiser, the beer of champions” while leaving out little details about how 65% of all rapes and murders are committed by people on booze, 50% of all highway deaths are committed by people on booze, and over 100,000 Americans die from booze related mishaps every year.

    420 peace, love, anarchy
    tree huggin
    peace lovin’
    pot smokin’
    porn watchin’
    lazy ass hippie

    greg williams [email protected]

  18. Anonymous on

    Honestly, I don’t think it is right for Michael Phelps to lose his sponsorship. However, you have to remember that Kellogg is a company who’s majority of products are aimed at children. For me, it is understandable why they do not want to associate what conservative America considers the “evil pot smoking Michael Phelps” with children. In addition, I’m fine with adults using marijuana, possibly maybe even older teenagers(17-18), as I am a user myself(Why else would I be on this site?). But when you get into the realm of young children, adolescents, using marijuana, I see a problem. This is especially true in pre-teens and young teenagers, as the use of cannabis has been proven to alter brain development at these ages, while having almost no effects if started later in life. It may be wrong, but Kellogg has rights as a company. It is not in their best business interests to keep their sponsorship of Michael Phelps. In retrospect, most of America had forgotten about Phelps until this incident happened anyway, so I don’t see why all parties involved with the “Phelps incident” are being scrutinized.

  19. HE BLEW IT! on

    There’s something really wrong with Michael Phelps.Millionaire on his way to becoming a multi-millionaire.Instead, he repeatedly visits his white-trash part-time stripper “girlfriend”in South Carolina at her college and decides to chuck it all for a very public bong hit.

  20. Anonymous on

    My letter to keloggs… YOU DO THE SAME

    Hi I’m a frequent consumer of Kellogg’s products.

    Nearly one out of two Americans has used marijuana. This includes tens of thousands of prominent, highly successful Americans — including our current President. Michael Phelps should not be stigmatized nor condemned for private behavior that he, and millions of others, engage in.

    The majority of the public, as well as those in the media, are standing behind Michael Phelps and so am I. I myself I’m a medical cannabis user and am appalled on quick you were to shun Michael on a simple picture doing something that IS NOT WRONG, legal or otherwise, on his own time. On like other illegal activities.. smoking cannabis, in the eyes of the American public is not only acceptable but expected.. you don’t have to take my word for it… just check the polls ;-). The people are speaking… your people! your customers!

    Cannabis users and Kelloggs products… Both legal medical and recreational users of cannabis have one thing in common… “The Munchies”. Many of us have looked to Kellogg’s products to satisfy our munchies… but no longer! I will no longer be purchasing Kellogg’s brand products until your company reverses its decision and reinstates Michael Phelps as your spokesperson.

  21. Anonymous on

    i could care less if the guy is a douchebag, this is about kellogs and their stance against marijuana. No more eggos for me when I’m high.

  22. Adam on

    was really annoying to read and I’m not saying I disagree with you in any way. Don’t type like you talk, it is hard to follow.

    Anyways, I just called Kellog @ (800) 962-1413. They edited the menu specifically for the Phelps issue. DON’T BE A FUCKING PANSY CALL THEM NOW!

  23. Anonymous on

    Just watched cnn, herd the news was going to leave a message encouraging kellog’s boycott. but it seams Marc was way ahead of me , way to go dude. Incendently either last night or the night before some anchor named jane something ( name was way to complecated to spell) on cnn actually avocated legalization and argued with mike galaplo-something that it was safer than alcohol, of course he argued back with the same usual standard uneducated redric but she knew her stuff and made him look like a self-rightoeous tool. ( not hard to do if you’ve seam mike before) way to go jane actually going against the grain hope cnn doesn’t punish her. Bye the way that kellog’s dude he was the guy with the health clinic who shoved yogurt up ppl’s butts right?

  24. Wm White on

    You can let them know how you feel at the following address.

    Let them know we are not going to support those who persecute a man for using a substance less harmful than alcohol or tobacco.

    Its not right to punish anyone for making a responsible decision to use a substance that harms no body and has far fewer negative impacts on society.

    I have NOT bought a single Hershey bar since they screwed over good folks and I will now add kelloggs to my list of boycotted goods.

    There are plenty of better tasting and healthier munchies out there, and my children prefer hot oats,bacon and eggs anyway.

  25. Anonymous on

    Based on principles. Whether or I make the same choices Phelps does(in this case smoking marijuana from a bong) is beside the point. My decision to boycott Kellogg has more to do with my constitutional right and obligation as a responsible citizen to speak out against government/corporations for making decisions that I am fundamentally opposed to..Doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to drop Phelps, I just wont in good conscience support it. So in this case I’ll put my money where my mind and soul is
    I believe that Phelps has a constitutional right to smoke a god given herb. His abilities speak clearly enough. Do we want to see the best athletes in the world? or only the ones that do what we want them to do in private (or reasonably assumed privacy). If his actions hurt him physically and reflect in his performance, it will leave a bigger impact on his fans. Then we can thank him for being true to himself and us. This is how we should learn as a truly free nation.
    The issue of our economy going down the toilet is a problem of greed and self serving policies. Its what happens when people hold back their better judgment in favor of What makes money .

  26. Anonymous on

    Now, Phelps is saying how wrong he was and shouldn’t have done what he did. Come on Mike, stand up, man up and hold your ground. Don’t “cave” to the powers that be.

  27. Andrew on

    X xxxx to kellogg
    show details 3:31 AM (6 hours ago)


    I will never buy a kellogg product again. And I hope most people that use marijuana will avoid buying your products period. The founder of your company was a very sick man and was crazy. But yet you drop Felps for consuming marijuana. Your a sick company that I hope one day goes belly up! Death to the rice crispy bar! snack crackle POP!

  28. Anonymous on

    All i have to say is that ,who cares if Kellogs dropped him? He smoked pot and he’s not supposed to. And the last thing i have to say is, [email protected]&# off to all of u that want to boycott kellogs! I’m from Michigan, alright, and are economy isnt very great, if u havent noticed lately. you take away another company from Michigan, we will go down the toilet. And to tell u the truth I’m from Ann Arbor, which i have met Phelps before in public, and he is a complete duechebag, he dosent deserve more money!

  29. owen on

    hiya –
    hey marc – jody – greg – and michelle —

    yeah whatever —- drugs are bAD ok

    so i – will be sending the cash i promised …

    and – heres a good one
    i got a job – and have qualified for benefits .
    i put on my application that i smoke cannabis sometimes … well …i do
    , and the day after they approved my application
    the insurance benefits dropped 20% and premiums increased 70%
    …. the day after they approved my insurance ….

    and that is for ~everybody~ at my work — prolly 300 people

    whatever — at least they let me keep my job this time ….
    i usually get fired .

    one more thing – when i promised you the cash – i was working/ fired from maple leaf foods —- i hate to be a schmuck – but i was SOOOOO
    happy to see MLF kill all those people ….
    yes – i did file a complaint against them
    and – obviously — nothing was done about it ….

    so – and i think i am growing again … i like my seeds – seeds are bad/good

  30. Anonymous on

    Why not take a moment and write an email to the kellogs customer support department expressing your displeasure with their decision to try and shame Michael Phelps. [email protected] <-- verified

  31. Mr.Banned Substance on

    Whatever happened to that “BIG” stoner boycott of those candy brand names like Hershey and jolly Rancher and M&M Mars that were supposed to be shut down by some medical marijuana people?
    Yeah,exactly.HUGE difference.Like no stoner hasn’t purchased or stolen a Hershey bar in the past year and a half.GET REAL.Kellogg’s doesn’t want the likes of Phelps’ white-trash stripper college South Carolina girlfriend associated with their longstanding image.
    Let’s actually see a pothead go without any Kellogg’s products.
    Phelps is a millionaire.And one helluva DUMBA$$!!!!!!!!!!!LOFL!
    Face it:this retard makes pot smokers out to be STUPID.
    That’s the real issue.Yeah.That.
    He’s a retard!

  32. Anonymous on

    Is Kellogg Co insane? Marijuana consumption leads to more eating of their products! Boycott Kellogg!!!