Mexican Cartels Move Into U.S. Pot Growing

US authorities says they uncovered more than $1 billion worth of pot plants grown by Mexican drug cartels in Sequoia National Forest in 2008. (Photo by Mike Ahlers/CNN)US authorities says they uncovered more than $1 billion worth of pot plants grown by Mexican drug cartels in Sequoia National Forest in 2008. (Photo by Mike Ahlers/CNN)WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 (UPI) – Mexican drug cartels are increasingly active inside the United States, producing homegrown marijuana and gaining new urban footholds, officials say.

Narcotics officials say that the four major cartels are avoiding tougher border enforcement efforts by growing more pot within the United States. Combined with what they have been able to smuggle into the country, the gangs have been able to maintain marijuana supply lines that have barely suffered a dent while flows of other kinds of illegal drugs have been pinched, The New York Times (NYSE:NYT) reported Monday.

The four largest Mexican cartels — the Federation, the Tijuana Cartel, the Juarez Cartel and the Gulf Cartel — now operate in 195 U.S. cities, up from about 50 cities in 2006, a Justice Department report indicates. One reason is that marijuana sales have been a steady and lucrative business for them, virtually unrelated to the ups and downs of other drugs.

“Marijuana is the king crop,” Special Agent Rafael Reyes of the Drug Enforcement Administration told the Times. “It consistently sustains its marketability and profitability.”

Mexican drug traffickers have also moved into hydroponic marijuana production — cannabis grown indoors without soil and using sunlamps, officials said.

– Article from United Press International on February 2, 2009.



  1. no extradition for BC3! on

    that’s not true 5,618 deaths is the number that the mexican goverment says but the real number since 2006 has been over 20,000

  2. Marty on

    One of the most anit-drug countries in the world manages to have plenty of “Medical Marihuana” dispensary’s around the country. Isn’t this a total breakthrough of their Status-Quo?? I believe in this mistic yet medical and multi purpose plant. I consider these dispensarys like highways towards a single point of interjection, and its to totally decriminalize its consumption. In the other hand, I think that the enormous influence that the U.S.A. has over my beloved Mexico has contributed to the decline of marihuana legality in Mexico, therefore condemning my country to increase violence between Mafia Cartels and affecting the social life of those who make a living honestly.

    How do we legilize Marihuana? Well in my point of view, there is no way to do it from the boundaries of our governments. We need to be inside the house of commons, Congress, or what ever you want to call it. We need intelligent stoners willing to have a strong educational level and make the decisions of our country. Mexico has been there already, and will not retreat. In 2006, the mexican Congress approved by democratic majority to legalize small doses of several drugs, a decision that was later declined by Ex-President Vicente Fox, mainly in my opinnion, by threats from the U.S. government. I strongly believe that sound political measures must be taken in this matter, not because I want to smoke, which I do, but because I see a beautiful Mexico on the hands of people who don’t care for no one but themselves and they are bringinng my country to the ground. God Bless America (America is not just the U.S.A.)

  3. Anonymous on

    Yes they do. I’m from El Paso Texas a chicano and yes…mexico does grow in the u.s….. Of course the politicians getting paid off don’t seem to mind cuz if it was leagal those certain few that are getting paid off would lose all their money they rake in,cuz it would be paid evenly(in theory)…know the world around you…..

  4. Anonymous on

    This war is pointless and who is to blame for all of it POLITICS!!!! Mostly the blame falls on USA. Fucking yellow journalism white piece of shit cocksucker. Also Dupont is to blame too. Instead of having Al Capone on the violent gangside, the legal system has someone like Capone on therew side saying racist stuff and saying the plant is EVIL and causes violence can suck my left nut.

    I doubt any changes will happen with Obama in power. Just more job losses and more unemployment, = less tax dollars meaning more violence. Oh yeah, USA is the only ones that made guns legal. So it’s already a shithole to live in.

    Leggalize it! And the problems will slowly go down over time. Alcohol & tobacco causes violence, game consoles cause violence. Hard drugs cause violence even scrip drugs cause violence.

    Run the villians out of buisness stupid legal system. All politics SUCK! We also still have lots of racist and abusive cops.

    The cops & pigs sexually assault black and foriegn women. We’ve got youth gangs that are allowed to kill others without going to jail, we’ve got psychos going arouind with guns killing endlessly.

    Cops and Military are getting more violent themselves against law-obiding citizens that just smoke up. I’ve only heard about people being violent when they do anything other than this plant.

    Goverment is brainwashing the public. An IQ over 100 big whoop there very stupid politics.

  5. Anu on

    What the filthy narc and the tax expert said” also,it’s nothing new having
    aliens growing in the states.Ya know 5,618 Mexicans died in the drug war of 2008,thats 2000 more than died in 9/11 muthafukkas

  6. Does it matter at this point in time? on

    You know, I don’t really appreciate you baggin on Americans because our government is out of control. Electoral colleges electing the voice of our people? How does that make any sense at all?? I’m your good old 15 yr. old reefer-head and I’m not as blind to the dictatorship that our government runs as most adults I know. Truth on these matters are, the American people have ABSOLUTELY NO SAY IN THE LAW. Due process is joke too. It doesn’t help at all…

  7. Anonymous on

    Ya stupid americans when will you realize that your drug war is a sham and take a stand. If you were to legalize all drugs you wouldn’t have to complain about those damn cartels or gangs who are making so much money off the things that your goverment spends billions of your tax dollars on every year to make it look like there doing something but really they just like making money off dealers and cartels and the people the money go’s back to.
    Cause they go buy cars, houses and expensive stuff that puts money back into the goverments pocket so this endless cycle of lies that they feed you will continue. So if you were to legalize it you wouldn’t have as much crime and hey maybe the US could get health care paid for instead of wasting more money on more pigs to put good and decent people behind bars for smoking a herb that makes them relax and no one has ever died from smoking to much unlike our friend mr. alcohal

  8. Anonymous on

    Just read what the filthy head narc said:” It sustains its profitability…” the exact formula desired in a legal product. The narc said it perfectly: This plant can produce a steady money stream despite all conditions. That means there is no sane reason NOT to legalize and profit from it.

    If the right wing nutters would be thrown out of influential positions, we could see a world where cannabis is available for adults just like the other ‘ sin’ products: tobacco, alcohol and , to a degree, script drugs.

    The government can never intellectually defend it’s position….never…so it just refuses to talk and instead declares that it is right and will win…someday. The European nations are right now having a conference omn drugs for the UN…and the Euro nations are pissed because the USA, of course, is demanding the same old war on drugs crap…while harm reduction, a sensible alternative to really intelligent policy for the time being,is being denied solely because the USA has it’s political head up it’s ass.

    All he world is trying to make sense…and the USA is dragging it’s knuckles along the ground like a simian cousin to an aware entity. It shames the citizens of this nation that we allow the remnants of the Bush cabal and all it’s evil sins to keep on ruining our lives while they boldly perpetuate their open lies and crimes against humanity.

    Americans are weak and complacent, sadly….look at how many white people that have rioted in this nation in the last 30 years…( other than over a sporting event!!)…NEVER!! The middle class will tolerate abuses that the desperate would never tolerate, in a real nation of laws, that is. God help us.

  9. John on

    The dea hates when other cartels cuts in on their profits. They deserve every dead narc they get for their evil war on peoples rights to freely use Cannabis. As long as the Amerikans evil gov and one world cronies keep this war on people going they are the profiteers. God I hate EVIL…………..

  10. Anonymous on

    hahaha of course Mexico grows marijuana in the states don’t bee so ignorant and naive come on man get some info before talking trash. Mexico cartels are very powerful and out of control

  11. Anonymous on

    hahaha of course mexico grows marijuana in the states dont bee so ignorant and naive come on man get some info before talking trash mexicos cartelks are verry powerful and out of control

  12. Anonymous on

    All government lies. They are delusional. All the weed grown in the US is grown by legal residents. They are just using scare tactics to instill fear in the ignorant.

  13. Anonymous on

    We surely don’t need the Mexican cartels growing our weed. This definitley makes us look bad and will be reason for the politicians to continue the War On Drugs. motherfuckers