Baby’s Phone Call From Indoor Marijuana Farm Lands Dad in Jail

OTTAWA – A baby playing with a telephone inadvertently called police to his house in westernmost Canada, and to his “very surprised” father’s marijuana growing operation inside, police said Wednesday.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police responded to an emergency 911 call in which the caller hung up without saying a word, Const. Janelle Canning told AFP.

The officers entered the White Rock residence, after knocks at the door went unanswered, she said.

“The father was very surprised to see us and insisted he hadn’t called police,” she said. “The officers then observed his 11-month old child playing with a cordless phone, pressing buttons randomly.”

The mystery caller was identified, she said. “It appears the baby called us.”

During a routine search of the house, the officers also uncovered 500 marijuana plants in two locked rooms on the main floor.

The 29-year-old father was arrested and faces charges of production of a controlled substance and mischief. He is to appear in court in April.

The baby boy was removed from the home by the Ministry of Children and Family, and was later released into his mother’s custody.

– Article from The Windsor Star on January 21, 2009.



  1. Anonymous on

    yet another reason why i dont have a home phone. ive had my child do the same thing. not very pleasent to see cops and ems pounding on your doors and windows,but they did not come in the house, only wanted to talk to my daughter at the door. this guys gonna get screwed.

  2. Anonymous on

    Ooor hows about not housing Junior at the farm?

    Im sorry but any parents who would grow in the same house they they’re raising their children, deserves exactly what they get..

    Not only was he apparently not watching his child as a responsible parent should, he was running the risk of having his child taken away from him AND the mother for good.

    Here is a nice lesson for all the readers.. IF YOU HAVE KIDS, GROW YOUR DOPE ELSEWHERE!!!

  3. Dr Who on

    Maybe leo smelled the weed in which case that would be probable cause, right?

  4. Dr Who on

    Maybe leo smelled the weed in which case that would be probable cause, right?

  5. Anonymous on

    There are two sets of logs whenever a 911 call is made. One is at the regional 911 centre. The other is at the local telephone company.

    This guys lawyer should get the records of both to see if this wasn’t just BS. Some cops in my old area used to do this all the time…until they were caught and had to pay out an $875K settlement to someone who knew the above…

  6. Anonymous on

    Odd, if they saw the child playing with the phone, the searching should have ceased. Maybe the guy was too inviting?

  7. Just a guy on

    Locked doors? How did they become unlocked? When it comes to cops…the answer is always “NO”. As for the 911 thing; its part of the reason I have no home phone. Only a cell w/ paperless bills and false address. When the hell are we going to be able to grow this harmless plant in our homes!?!

  8. Anonymous on

    pig alwayz try to lie bout their rat source. vukpigz

  9. Anonymous on

    lies an more lies. vuk pigz

  10. not sure on

    i think in canada, any time the police get a 911 call, theyre required to investigate to make sure everyone is ok. if they happen to find a few rooms of cannabis growing at the place thats just a added bonus for them. ive heard that often times they claim to have recieved 911 calls from a residence, just so they can search without having to obtain a warrant or have any real evidence against they person other than thier suspicions and a 911 call that never happened.
    sure hope this feller isnt in that sort of situation.