30 Pounds of Weed Delivered to Wrong Address

Delivery, fail.

Expecting to find a box of tools he had ordered, one north Texas man found 30 pounds of marijuana. Street value: $10,500.

“I personally have not seen that much,” Denton police officer Ryan Grelle said. “This is the first time I’ve seen roughly 30 pounds of marijuana.”

Investigators said the recipient immediately drove the drugs to Denton police headquarters.

“The man came up and said something like, ‘I just want to talk to an officer and don’t want to talk to anyone else until I talk to an officer,” Grelle said.

According to police, the box was sent from Pharr in south Texas and made its way through Austin, Mesquite, Dallas and then Denton.

“UPS tried to deliver to the Dallas address, but the person sending it put down a street that doesn’t exist,” Grelle said.

Detectives said they believe UPS diverted the package to a street with a similar name in Denton.

UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said UPS works with law enforcement on drug cases. She said the shipping company scans some of its shipments but couldn’t divulge what technology is used because of security reasons.

Denton police said they’ve turned over information on the shipping address to narcotics officers.

The man who turned the marijuana in does not face criminal charges.

– Article from MSNBC.



  1. Anonymous on

    he’s an idiot. the address was wrong so the guy wouldnt have been able to track it anyway

  2. jeremiah on

    You might be right. But if 30 pounds appeared at my door without warning, I would be a little worried about who might be looking for it. That’s a lot of pot, and whoever it belongs to may attempt to find it…just a thought.

  3. Daniel Tucek on

    30 pounds? Why would any sane person just hand that over to the police? That guy lost out on a huge amount of bud and/or money, I would guess far more than the police estimated street value, very likely twice that depending on the quality. Someone so afraid of marijuana they actually turn it in to the cops? Now that’s a real good example of the drug war dissolving peoples rational and logical thinking and literally making people fear and demonize cannabis and other mind altering substances.