40% off ALL Hemp Clothing & Accessories – Biggest Stock in Canada!

Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters has an enormous selection of hemp clothing and accessories. Buy online today!

Great prices on the largest selection in Canada!Great prices on the largest selection in Canada!“Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters” store has hundreds of clothing items and accessories from great hemp attire companies like Hemp Hoodlamb, Satori and Livity.

Hemp is an amazing plant for many reasons, and now hemp clothing is more fashionable and affordable than ever! We have shirts, coats, vests, sweaters, pants, socks, boxers, belts, hats, wallets, backpacks, bags and more! New stock is being put on our store shelves and online every day — and it’s all priced 40% off!

Buy from the CC Store online or at the CCHQ store in downtown Vancouver, BC (307 West Hastings St. 604-682-1172). Also check out the BC Marijuana Party Vapour Lounges, on the main floor and top floor of our building!

Watch this video to see inside our store!


Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters & BC Marijuana Party Vapour Lounges
307 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H6


*Note: We do NOT sell cannabis anywhere on our premises; the Urban Shaman sells other types of herbs, but not marijuana.*



  1. zaqary villeneuve on

    Hey man i think thats awsome seeing some support from the united states of america. Its a sure good thing theres alot of canadians show’n support. Although there are alot of stoners who totaly support the fight on pot and are “way” to lazy and i mean WAY to lazy to get off there bums and vote or give some moola to help you guys help us fight for freedom. iv been helping the bc3 and everybody fight for years by buying the coathing, posters, protesting and sharing all the knowledge i know about marijuana to all others, and who want to know about pot. I’m possitive if all of us pot smoken peoples stood up to the goverment we could show them where all fine where not a dieases and where not dieing from it. and it can, and will promote world peace. Well keep on token all you good people that support it dont quit for a minute. ps. peace out

  2. Cannaletto on

    Love it!!! I wish I could live in B.C. & peace, love, & freedom for the BC3!!! may you three NEVER be extradited to the US, its shameful that they even waste the tax dollars on something as stupid as a “war on cannabis” its really a war against freedom. & we all know it!! Marc, you keep on doing, teaching, & educating the world to the TRUTH. & we will listen, learn, & WE CARE!!! & we Thank You for selflessly doing what you do sir. Sincerely,:A concerned citizen of the US.