Marijuana Decriminalization Law Goes Into Effect In Massachusetts

MASSACHUSETTS – It’s no longer a crime to have one ounce or less of pot. The state’s new marijuana decriminalization law, approved by voters in a November referendum, goes into effect today.

Those who are caught with an ounce or less would get a ticket similar to a building code citation. They could appeal the civil infraction in court within 21 days or pay a $100 fine set in the law. Juvenile violators would have to pay the fine and attend a drug abuse counseling course, or have the fine increased to $1,000.

The state Executive Office of Public Safety and Security released guidelines Monday in response to questions about the law. The state noted that the new statute applied to all substances that contain THC, which includes hashish and hash oil. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the active ingredient in marijuana that gives users a high.

The state also asked communities to consider passing local ordinances criminalizing the use of marijuana in public, which today is only a civil offense if the smoker possesses an ounce or less.

– Article from The Boston Globe



  1. Anonymous on

    nice! 49 more to go.

  2. cape smoka on

    Finally we got some peace here in massachusetts. Soon to be the best 420 state in the nation……..peace

  3. Xenu on

    The monolith of prohibition is slowly being chipped away.

  4. AazzTunah on

    Can we finally get real about the ‘Marijuana Problem’ ? Pot is here to stay. All of the cops in the world,
    can’t stop people from smoking it. Time to finally put an end to the D.E.A. and it’s mindless minions.
    Remember Johnny Appleseed? To start, everybody, everywhere that’s able to – start planting pot seeds
    everywhere around where you live. Let’s GREEN OUT THE D.E.A !!