Accused Shooter: I Was Protecting My Family

LAS VEGAS – On Sunday, a SWAT team attempted to serve a high-risk narcotics search warrant in Henderson. During the incident, police said Emmanuel Dozier, 32, shot at the officers, striking each in the leg.

Dozier’s girlfriend, Belinda, said none of the officers identified themselves as police.

“They kept banging the back of the house — everywhere,” she said. “We didn’t know it was the police.”

After hearing the banging and one of his daughters yell for help, Dozier said he took steps to protect his family.

“I thought it was a home invasion or someone breaking in,” he said. “There was no way to tell the officers were who they said they were. There has been a rash of home invasions throughout the Valley. I was just protecting my family. I didn’t mean to cause ill will.”

Belinda said she took Dozier’s teen daughter and her infant to hide as shots began ring out.

“We hid in the closet,” she said. “I was on the phone with police, telling them someone was breaking in.”

Dozier shot all three officers in the leg. They were taken to University Medical Center, where they are recovering from their injuries.

In an interview with the Review-Journal, Sheriff Doug Gillespie that — in this situation — the officers would have verbally identified themselves and they were not undercover.

“They had the SWAT team serve it for a reason,” Sgt. John Loretto said. “The job is dangerous, and you never know who you’re going to encounter inside the place.”

Dozier is being held without bail on three charges of attempted murder and three charges of selling cocaine. Belinda contends there were no drugs in the house at the time of the incident.

The three children in the home at the time of the incident have been turned over to Child Protective Services.

Police are still investigating the incident.

– Article from KVVU Las Vegas on December 30, 2008.

Man Accused of Shooting 3 Metro Police Officers Speaks Out

Emmanuel Dozier sitting behind bars accused of shooting and injuring 3 Metro Police Officers

“Several things are going through my mind, a lot of shock a lot of dismay,” says Emmanuel Dozier.

He told us about the night members of the Metro Swat Team came to his home in Henderson to serve a narcotics search warrant.

“I reassure you I am not a cop killer as far as I know police are there to help I don’t consider them the enemy,” says Dozier.

Dozier was with his girlfriend and children in the house Sunday night and claims he did not know who was at his door.

“They came and told me help, help there is someone trying to break in the house,” says Dozier.

At that time he says all he thought about was protecting his family.

“There was no announcement made there was windows being broken into if I would have heard there were police there wouldn’t have been any shots it seemed like someone was trying to get in it seemed like a home invasion,” says Dozier

Metro says it is not commenting any further on this incident but previously, police said they made their presence know that night.

Dozier says he is very remorseful and has a message for the three officers who were injured

“My apologies deeply my sympathy goes out to them and their families,” says Dozier.

Dozier is facing a handful of charges including attempted murder.

His bail is set at more than $3 million.

All three officers have all been treated and released from UMC.

– Article from KTNV ABC ACTION NEWS on December 30, 2008.