Holiday Shopping at Cannabis Culture’s Online Store

Ganja Greetings from Cannabis Culture MagazineGanja Greetings from Cannabis Culture Magazine
Hempy Holidays, everyone! Jodie Emery here to let you know about the great new expanded selection of products available online from the Cannabis Culture Online Store! New Volcano vaporizers, hemp twine, ganja board games, clothing and accessories, baking gear, toking tools, joint papers, movies, music, books — and so much more! Get some holiday gifts and personal treats to enjoy as winter rolls in!

The CC Store has a great selection of products to purchase online — including Cannabis Culture Magazine subscriptions and back issues, perfect for holiday gift-giving. You’ll find lots of fun stuff to order and enjoy!


If you want something that you don’t see online, then you should visit or contact the actual “Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headqaurters” store in Vancouver, BC! It’s packed full with far too many things to put online — an enormous array of clothing, books, bongs, pipes, and plenty more pot-related goods… everything you need but the weed! Phone 604-682-1172 to ask about other products you can purchase over the phone, such as pipes, bongs and other glass, which we can’t sell online, or check out “CCHQ” downtown in Vancouver, BC at 307 West Hastings Street. The building has four floors of cannabis culture, including an amazing Herb Museum!

You can also visit the BC Marijuana Party Vapour Lounges inside CCHQ, with tons of couches and seating for individuals or groups, and Volcano vaporizers at every table in two areas: the huge top-floor penthouse suite lounge, and the main-floor laid-back lounge. Enjoy the “Vansterdam” atmosphere, music and organic munchies and drinks; play some pool or foosball while you chill with your buds!

Watch videos online to see the store and lounges. The store and lounges are always being upgraded and improved, so things will always look better when you visit in person! and both have videos showing viewers around “Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters”, so take a look!

Christmas 2007: Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters

Join Marc and Rhiannon for a Christmas trip through Vancouver’s famous pot store for all your cannabis needs.

Spring 2007: CCHQ Party in the Vapour Lounges

We hang out in our main floor BC Marijuana Party (BCMP) Vapour Lounge, and upstairs on the 2nd floor brand new Penthouse Suite BCMP Vapour Lounge!
(NOTE: The top-floor lounge has improved a lot since this video was shot!)