Canadian Stoner’s Voter Guide for the Federal Election, Tuesday October 14th

CANADA… Our country is in peril. As Canadians know, there is an election this Tuesday, October 14th. The current government is a minority, with the Conservative Party (and Conservative leader Stephen Harper) in charge. If the Conservatives win a MAJORITY government on October 14th, it will become much more likely that Canadians Marc Emery, Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey will be extradited to the USA to possibly spend life in American prison!
PLEASE get out and vote on October 14th! Consider it your DUTY, your patriotic obligation to our country of Canada. Did you know that 80% of old people vote, and 80% of young people DON’T vote? Imagine if all you young people actually went and voted! We could ensure Canada protects and represents ALL Canadians, not just elderly anti-freedom Conservative supporters!

There are a lot of groups and organizations working to help Canadians vote against the Conservatives. Some people advocate strategic voting, which means voting for the non-Conservative candidate in your riding in order to defeat the Conservative candidate who might win (if there is a Conservative candidate incumbent — or current Member of Parliament — in your riding).

PLEASE VOTE! Visit for information about your riding and your candidates.

Check out these campaigns to stop Stephen Harper and the Conservatives!


Marc Emery has researched and compiled a list of the candidates in Canada for the Federal Election. Check your postal code or the name of your electoral riding and see if your voting district is already on the list. If not, provide Marc with your postal code — email [email protected] — and he can find your riding and give you to best course of action on stopping the Conservatives in the October 14 election!


A1B2B7 St. John’s East
Your candidates:
Les Coultas (Newfoundland and Labrador First Party)
Jack Harris (New Democratic Party)
Walter Noel (Liberal Party of Canada)
Howard Story (Green Party of Canada)
Shannon John Tobin (Progressive Canadian Party)
Craig Westcott (Conservative Party of Canada)

Conservative incumbent Norman Doyle is retiring, and Newfie Premier Danny Williams is admonishing his fellow islanders to vote for the NDP or Liberals. This one might go Conservative or Liberal, and is also the NDP’s best chance on the Rock this election. Aye bud, I’d vote Jack Harris, NDP in St. John’s.

Nova ScotiaNova ScotiaNOVA SCOTIA

Trevor Ennis (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Rakesh Khosla (Conservative Party of Canada)
Tamara Lorincz (New Democratic Party)
Michael Munday (Green Party of Canada)
Geoff Regan (Liberal Party of Canada)

The Liberal incumbent Geoff Regan won by a huge margin in the 2006 election, and is in no danger of losing. I recommend the NDP candidate, who has an impressive resume and supports decrim.

B0M1X0 Cumberland–Colchester–Musquodoboit Valley
Your candidates:
Joel E. Bernard (Conservative Party of Canada)
Bill Casey (Independent)
Karen Olsson (New Democratic Party)
Tracy Parsons (Liberal Party of Canada)
Rick Simpson (Independent)

This is a strange and competitive four-way race. In 2006, Bill Casey won with 52% of the vote this riding for the Conservatives. In 2007, Harper kicked Casey out of the Conservative Party for not supporting the 2007 budget, which Casey claimed shafted Nova Scotia. So Casey is beloved and can expect 20 – 25% as an Independent. But that is what the NDP and Liberals can both expect. The Conservative candidate will probably be 4th at 20%, but I bet all 4 are very close. Your vote here in Cumberland has weight, along with Vancouver Center in BC, are the only genuine 4-way races in the country. NDP Karen Olsson is best for the cannabis culture.

B1V2J2 Sydney-Victoria
Your candidates:
Mark Eyking (Liberal Party of Canada)
Collin Harker (Green Party of Canada)
Wayne McKay (New Democratic Party)
Kristen Rudderham (Conservative Party of Canada)

This is a safe Liberal seat in a very depressing place, northern Cape Breton Island. I went to Sydney in 2004 to protest for one day in front of Sydney Courthouse a 90-day sentence meted out to an 18 year old who sold ½ gram ($5) bags at his school dance. The Conservative came a distant third and won’t be a factor here, so vote for the NDP candidate Wayne McKay to beat Mark Eyking.

B3H2L4 Halifax
Your candidates are;
Ted Larsen (Conservative Party of Canada)
Megan Leslie (New Democratic Party)
Catherine Meade (Liberal Party of Canada)
Tony Seed (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Darryl Whetter (Green Party of Canada)

This was an NDP seat for 20 years, Alexa McDonough was the former leader of the NDP, and is retiring. This seat is entirely up for grabs, so it’s VERY IMPORTANT to vote the NEW DEMOCRAT Megan Leslie. The Conservative is not a factor here, so vote for the NDP to defeat the Liberal challenger.

B4P2P2 Kings-Hants
Your choices are;
Scott Brison (Liberal Party of Canada)
Carol Harris (New Democratic Party)
Jim Hnatiuk (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Brendan MacNeill (Green Party of Canada)
Rosemary Segado (Conservative Party of Canada)

Scott Brison, the Liberal, is pretty secure in this seat in Nova Scotia, but since the next likeliest next candidate is the Conservative Segado, to stop the Tory, vote Scott Brison.

Nee BrunswickNee BrunswickNEW BRUNSWICK

E3C1G9 Fredericton
Your candidate:
Keith Ashfield (Conservative Party of Canada)
Mary Lou Babineau (Green Party of Canada)
David Innes (Liberal Party of Canada)
Ben Kelly (Canadian Action Party)
Jesse Travis (New Democratic Party)

Andy Scott was the Liberal incumbent who is retiring. Its going to be a battle between the Liberal and the Conservative, the NDP is a distant third (although the NDP is resurgent in the Maritimes this election). The Greens are polling under 5% here and won’t be a factor. I have an assignment for you, write the campaign office of David Innes at [email protected] and ask what his position on cannabis prohibition is. The Green candidate is charming and talented St. Thomas University professor Mary Lou Babineau, its too bad her excellent candidacy is wasted in this Liberal-Conservative battleground.

E4L4B5 Beausejour
Your choices are;
Chris Durrant (New Democratic Party)
Dominic LeBlanc (Liberal Party of Canada)
Omer Leger (Conservative Party of Canada)
Michael Milligan (Green Party of Canada)

The Liberal incumbent Dominic LeBlanc is the competition to the Conservative Omer Leger. Keep the Conservative out, vote for the Liberal LeBlanc.

E4K3K5 Acadie-Bathurst
Your candidates:
Michelle Aubin (Green Party of Canada)
Jean Guy Dubé (Conservative Party of Canada)
Yvon Godin (New Democratic Party)
Odette Robichaud (Liberal Party of Canada)

In the 2006, NDP Godin got 50% of the vote, and he’s as safe an NDP seat as you can get in New Brunswick. Nonetheless, give him your vote. This riding is 82% francophone, and all the candidates are francophone in background.


H2W1T9 Outrement
The candidates:
Sébastien Dhavernas (Liberal Party of Canada)
Lulzim Laloshi (Conservative Party of Canada)
Thomas Mulcair (New Democratic Party)
F. Monsieur Corde à linge Pilon (Green Party of Canada)
Marcela Valdivia (Bloc Québécois)

This is the one NDP outpost in Quebec, held by Thomas Mulclair, who won 47% of the vote in a byelection held last year. That might be a comfortable lead over the second place Liberals (29%) and the Bloc (10%), but in fact voter turnout in the by-election was only half of the turnout in 2006 and to be expected Oct. 14. I think Mulclair’s personal popularity will just barely keep his seat in the face of an aggressive Bloc, Liberal, Conservative campaigns. Get out and help Mulclair win again, its important.

H2W2H9 Laurier–Sainte Marie
The candidates:
Sébastien Caron (Liberal Party of Canada)
Gilles Duceppe (Bloc Québécois)
François Yo Gourd (
François Grégoire (New Democratic Party)
Serge Lachapelle (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Daniel “F4J” Laforest (Independent)
Charles K. Langford (Conservative Party of Canada)
Samie Pagé-Quirion (Communist Party of Canada)
Dylan Perceval-Maxwell (Green Party of Canada)

The Conservative came in 5th (6%) in 2006, behind Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc Quebecois (55%), the NDP (17%), The Liberals (12.5%) and the Greens (8.3%). Give the NDP or Greens your vote, but nothing is going to defeat Duceppe this election.

H3H1M9 Westmount-Ville-Marie
Our candidates:
Guy Dufort (Conservative Party of Canada)
Marc Garneau (Liberal Party of Canada)
Claude William Genest (Green Party of Canada)
Anne Lagacé Dowson (New Democratic Party)
Charles Larivée (Bloc Québécois)
David Sommer Rovins (Independent)
Bill Sloan (Communist Party of Canada)
Linda Sullivan (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Judith Vienneau (

Voters in La Belle Province have lots of ideologies on their ballots. Marc Garneau is a famous Canadian astronaut running in a safe Liberal seat in an election the Liberals are losing. The NDP, Conservatives, Green and Bloc will all do slightly better here than in 2006, but it won’t stop the very intelligent Rocket Man Garneau.

H4H1M9 Jeanne-Le Ber
Your candidates:
Daniel Beaudin (Conservative Party of Canada)
Daniel Breton (New Democratic Party)
Christian P. Feuillette (Liberal Party of Canada)
Darryl Gray (Independent)
Véronik Sansoucy (Green Party of Canada)
Thierry St-Cyr (Bloc Québécois)

The Bloc currently hold this seat. Its usually a dogfight between the Bloc and the Liberals, with the NDP and Conservatives distant spectators. The Bloc will hold steady, the NDP and Conservatives will improve, the Libs drop. The NDP and Liberal candidates are particularly high caliber, I thought. Liberal Feuillette has a history degree from Paris, is a publisher, and is president of Auroville International Canada, which promotes the development of the ecological city of Auroville in southern India. I knew of this place from visiting India. It’s this utopian visionary community. NDP Breton is an ass-kicking radical who participated in demonstrations at the Summit of the Americas in 2001 and who organized a march in Montreal against military intervention in Afghanistan, is a founder of QuébecKyoto, a coalition that supports the Kyoto Protocol.

H4V1Z3 Notre Dame Du Grace-Lachine
Your choices are:
Peter Deslauriers (New Democratic Party)
Jessica Gal (Green Party of Canada)
Rachel Hoffman (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Marlene Jennings (Liberal Party of Canada)
Carmine Pontillo (Conservative Party of Canada)
Eric Taillefer (Bloc Québécois)

This is a Liberal riding, and will certainly stay a Liberal riding, though the Conservatives will poll second in this riding. To stop the Conservative, vote Liberal incumbent Marlene Jennings (who also opposes my extradition too).


The candidates:
Royal Galipeau (Conservative Party of Canada)
Marc Godbout (Liberal Party of Canada)
Paul Maillet (Green Party of Canada)
Amy O’Dell (New Democratic Party)

This well off suburban district is 53% bilingual, is populated by many government workers, and is a battleground between Liberal and Conservative. In fact 2008 is a rematch of 2006, Conservative Galipeau (25,455 votes in 06) versus Marc Godbout (24,244 in 06). The NDP and Greens won’t be a factor, and we want to stop the Conservative here, so Vote Liberal Godbout.

K1N1H7 Ottawa-Vanier
You have 7 choices on your ballot;
Mauril Bélanger (Liberal Party of Canada)
Patrick Glémaud (Conservative Party of Canada)
Trevor Haché (New Democratic Party)
Christian Legeais (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Akbar Manoussi (Green Party of Canada)
Michel St-Onge (Canadian Action Party)
Robert Taylor-Lartier (Independent)

The Liberal Belanger won this riding in 06 by 7,500 votes, but this time it will be close. The Conservatives were second in 06 and will compete for first this time. I say vote for Liberal Belanger to keep the Con out.

K1R6Z5 K1Z5P6 Ottawa Center
Your candidates are;
Penny Collenette (Liberal Party of Canada)
Paul Dewar (New Democratic Party)
Jen Hunter (Green Party of Canada)
Brian McGarry (Conservative Party of Canada)
Pierre Soublière (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)

Paul Dewar is the NDP incumbent, I recommend him. He won this downtown Ottawa district handily, with the Lib & Con 5,000 and 10,000 votes back, in 06.

K2G4B6 Nepean-Carleton
Your candidates in your electoral district are;
Phil Brown (New Democratic Party)
Lori Gadzala (Green Party of Canada)
Ed Mahfouz (Liberal Party of Canada)
Pierre Poilievre (Conservative Party of Canada)

Poilievre the Tory won by 20,000 votes in 2006. Your dissenting vote will at least contribute $1.95 per year to the Party of your choice that has no hope in this riding.

Prince Edwards-Hastings
Your candidates:
Paul Barnes (Independent)
Ken Cole (Liberal Party of Canada)
Alan Coxwell (Green Party of Canada)
Daryl Kramp (Conservative Party of Canada)
Michael McMahon (New Democratic Party)

The Greens and NDP will improve here, but not nearly enough to overtake Conservative Kramp, who will get over 50% of the vote in this rural riding.

K7K5V2 Kingston & The Islands
Your candidates:
Brian Abrams (Conservative Party of Canada)
Rick Downes (New Democratic Party)
Peter Milliken (Liberal Party of Canada)
Eric Walton (Green Party of Canada)

It’s a battle between former RCMP cop Abrams representing the Conservative Party and Liberal Incumbent Milliken. Kingston has 7 prisons and jails in this modest sized city, one lovely university. I smoked out Kingston Police station on August 25, 2003. Fellow stoners of Kingston, do not let an RCMP cop be your MP, Vote for the Liberal Milliken.

L1G2R6 L1H6P8 L1K1L5 Oshawa
Your candidates are:
Colin Carrie (Conservative Party of Canada)
Sean Godfrey (Liberal Party of Canada)
Pat Gostlin (Green Party of Canada)
Mike Shields (New Democratic Party)
Peter Vogel (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)

This traditionally is an NDP seat, but in 06, the Conservative won the riding when the NDP and Liberals split the vote. The NDP & Cons will fight this one closely, your vote for NDP Mike Shields is important.

L1P1L5 Whitby-Ottawa
The candidates:
Doug Anderson (Green Party of Canada)
Jim Flaherty (Conservative Party of Canada)
Yvonne Forbes (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Brent Fullard (Liberal Party of Canada)
David Purdy (New Democratic Party)

The current Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty won this seat by 3,500 votes over his Liberal rival in 2006. If you wanted to vote to stop Harper in his tracks, defeating his finance minister would be a giant fall. That would mean voting for Liberal Brent Fullard, and you’d need to recruit a few dozen people to vote for Fullard to make it close.

L1S4A5 L1Z3H1 Ajax-Pickering
The candidates:
Mike Harilaid (Green Party of Canada)
Mark Holland (Liberal Party of Canada)
Rick Johnson (Conservative Party of Canada)
Kevin Norng (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Bala Thavarajasoorier (New Democratic Party)
Stephanie Wilson (Libertarian Party of Canada)

The Liberal Mark Holland should win this riding handily, and it’s the only vote that will beat the Conservative. The NDP is far too out of the running to be a factor, but what a name! Vote for the Liberal Holland unless you want to vote pure and give the Libertarian Stephanie Wilson your vote.

L3V6M5 Simcoe North
The Candidates:
Richard Banigan (New Democratic Party)
Steve Clarke (Liberal Party of Canada)
Valerie Powell (Green Party of Canada)
Bruce Stanton (Conservative Party of Canada)

Conservative Bruce Stanton won this riding over the Liberal in 2006 by just 2%. The NDP and Greens are way out of the running. Vote Liberal and hope its enough to oust Tory Stanton.

L4J7t9 Thornhill
Your 4 choices are;
Susan Kadis (Liberal Party of Canada)
Peter Kent (Conservative Party of Canada)
Norbert Koehl (Green Party of Canada)
Simon Strelchik (New Democratic Party)

Susan Kadis the Liberal won this riding by 10,000 votes in 2006 over the Conservative, but the Conservative will do better this time. Vote Kadis the Liberal.

L4M2W3 Barrie
Your candidates:
Patrick Brown (Conservative Party of Canada)
Myrna Clark (New Democratic Party)
Paolo Fabrizio (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Erich Jacoby-Hawkins (Green Party of Canada)
Rick Jones (Liberal Party of Canada)
Christine Anne Nugent (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)

Conservative Brown just won by 1,500 votes over the Liberal in 2006. The NDP, Greens aren’t a factor here, and if you can’t bring yourself to vote Liberal Rick Jones to stop Brown, give Libertarian Fabrizio your protest vote. Damn statists are everywhere tellin’ us how to live!

L5E1C8 Mississauga South
Your choices are:
Hugh Arrison (Conservative Party of Canada)
Richard Laushway (Green Party of Canada)
Paul Szabo (Liberal Party of Canada)
Matt Turner (New Democratic Party)

Paul Szabo is the Liberal incumbent, a person I dislike because he doesn’t like the pot people. It will be neck and neck between the Lib & Con. The NDP and Green are far, far away in voter support. So vote for the jerk we know rather than the new Tory jerk.

L7G6L2 Wellington-Halton Hills
The candidates:
Brent Bouteiller (Green Party of Canada)
Bruce Bowser (Liberal Party of Canada)
Michael Chong (Conservative Party of Canada)
Noel Duignan (New Democratic Party)
Jeffrey Streutker (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)

I never thought I’d see Conservative and Chong together, but its here, man. And this Chong polled over 50% in the 2006 election, with the Liberal polling 29% and the NDP 12%. Vote Green out of rebellion.

L8J2J9 Niagara West–Glanbrook
Your candidates:
Dean Allison (Conservative Party of Canada)
Dave Bylsma (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Heather Carter (Liberal Party of Canada)
Sid Frere (Green Party of Canada)
Dave Heatley (New Democratic Party)

The Conservative Allison got 48% of the vote in 2006, it will be over 50% this time. Give your vote to the Green candidate Sid Frere.

L8K1H8 Hamilton East-Stoney Creek
Your candidates:
Sam Cino (Independent)
Larry Di Ianni (Liberal Party of Canada)
David William Hart Dyke (Green Party of Canada)
Gord Hill (Progressive Canadian Party)
Wayne Marston (New Democratic Party)
Frank Rukavina (Conservative Party of Canada)

In 2006, the NDP Marston beat the Liberal by only 300 votes. The Conservatives will be competitive this election, it’s a 3 way dogfight. VOTE WAYNE MARSTON (NDP) on October 14 in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek.

L9B1A5 Hamilton Mountain
Terry Anderson (Conservative Party of Canada)
Tyler Banham (Liberal Party of Canada)
Stephen Brotherston (Green Party of Canada)
Chris Charlton (New Democratic Party)

I was at the nomination meeting for Chris Charlton in 2004 and now she’s the NDP incumbent. Its going to be a very close 3 way dogfight between Charlton and The Liberal Banham and the Tory Anderson. Get all your friends out to vote for good woman Charlton in this very close riding.

M1B1L6 Scarborough-Rouge River
You have 5 choices:
Jerry Bance (Conservative Party of Canada)
Derek Lee (Liberal Party of Canada)
Alan Mercer (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Attila Nagy (Green Party of Canada)
Ryan Sloan (New Democratic Party)

Derek Lee the Liberal won by over 20,000 votes, an incredible 65% of the votes cast. Wow! Vote for Alan Mercer The Libertarian or Green Party Attila Nagy (what a name!).

M1C3T7 Pickering-Scarborough East
Your candidates:
Jason Becevello (Green Party of Canada)
Rick Chue (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Chai Kalevar (Canadian Action Party)
George Khouri (Conservative Party of Canada)
Dan McTeague (Liberal Party of Canada)
Andrea Moffat (New Democratic Party)

Dan McTeague, a pot people-hating traitor (McTeague met with US officials at the US Embassy and conspired to sabotage Chretien’s decrim bill!) is the Liberal incumbent. I hate this guy. He is like a right wing Tory. The Conservative was more than 10,000 votes behind McTeague, so you’ll feel good voting for the NDP candidate Andrea Moffat. The Green candidate is barely out of high school and is not ready for prime time.

M1R1L7 Scarborough Center
Your choices for candidate;
John Cannis (Liberal Party of Canada)
Natalie Hundt (New Democratic Party)
Roxanne James (Conservative Party of Canada)
Ella Ng (Green Party of Canada)

Liberal John Cannis won this riding by 12,000 votes in 2006, the Conservative far, far back from him. You can console yourself that voting NDP or Green will give $1.95 to the party of your vote each year.

M3A3L8 Don Valley East
The candidates:
Wayne Clements (Green Party of Canada)
Mary Trapani Hynes (New Democratic Party)
Alex Kovalenko (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Eugene McDermott (Conservative Party of Canada)
Yasmin Ratansi (Liberal Party of Canada)

This is one high-rise wasteland, there is no soul to this area of Toronto. I’ve campaigned door to door in these highrises, and its endlessly similar. It’s the largest immigrant population of any riding in Canada, 61% are immigrants. That favoured the Liberal Yasmin Ratansi in 2006 by 10,000 votes and she is unlikely to be dislodged by the 2nd place Conservative, but I would vote for Liberal Ratansi to make sure.

M3J2Z3 York West
Your candidates:
Nick Capra (Green Party of Canada)
Giulio Manfrini (New Democratic Party)
Kevin Nguyen (Conservative Party of Canada)
Judy Sgro (Liberal Party of Canada)

The Liberal Judy Sgro won 65% of the vote in 2006, and is in no danger this election whatsoever. Vote Green or NDP to direct your $1.95 per vote annual subsidy to the two pro decrim parties.

M5A 2A1 Toronto Center
Your candidates:
Johan Boyden (Communist Party of Canada)
Gerald Derome (Independent)
Philip Fernandez (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
David Peter Gentili (Conservative Party of Canada)
El- Farouk Khaki (New Democratic Party)
Ellen Michelson (Green Party of Canada)
Bob Rae (Liberal Party of Canada)
Liz White (Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada)

This is a safe Liberal riding. In 2006, the now retired Minister of Defense Bill Graham received 52% of the vote, with the NDP at 24%, the Conservative at 18%. Since Liberal Bob Rae is a certain lock to win without your vote, I would vote NDP or Green, one of the two cannabis repeal parties available on your ballot.

M5R3B3 Trinity-Spadina
Your candidates are;
Carlos Santos Almeida (Independent)
Chester Brown (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Olivia Chow (New Democratic Party)
Stephen La Frenie (Green Party of Canada)
Christine Innes (Liberal Party of Canada)
Christine McGirr (Conservative Party of Canada)

This is a two-way dogfight between Olivia Chow of the NDP and Christine Innes of the Liberals, but Chow should win this one by 5,000 votes. The Cons, Greens, aren’t even a factor here. If you hate the NDP, vote for Chester Brown the Libertarian or Stephen La Frenie of the Greens, they both want to Repeal Prohibition, but New Democrat Chow is our best bet here by far.

M6J3g3 Davenport
The candidates:
Peter Ferreira (New Democratic Party)
Miguel Figueroa (Communist Party of Canada)
Wendy Forrest (Independent)
Simon Luisi (Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada)
Theresa Rodrigues (Conservative Party of Canada)
Wayne Scott (Green Party of Canada)
Mario Silva (Liberal Party of Canada)
Sarah Thompson (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)

The Conservative in 2006 got only 10%, so they aren’t a factor in Davenport. It’s between Liberal incumbent Mario Silva and the NDP Peter Ferreira, and it’s a long shot for the NDP. If the Liberal vote goes to the Greens, NDP, and Cons, its possible the NDP can come out on top. Be sure to vote for Ferreira (NDP) on October 14.

M8Y4C6 Etobicoke–Lakeshore
Your candidates:
Patrick Boyer (Conservative Party of Canada)
Dave Corail (Green Party of Canada)
Michael Ignatieff (Liberal Party of Canada)
Liam McHugh-Russell (New Democratic Party)
Janice Murray (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)

Michael Ignatieff of the Liberals holds down this seat, fending off a serious challenge from the Conservative this election. I’m not fan of Iggy, but you should vote for the Liberal to fend off the challenge by the Conservative Boyer.

M9V4C3 Etobicoke North
Your candidate choices are:
Nigel Barriffe (Green Party of Canada)
Anna Di Carlo (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Kirsty Duncan (Liberal Party of Canada)
Ali Naqvi (New Democratic Party)
Bob Saroya (Conservative Party of Canada)

This ought to be a safe Liberal riding, incumbent Roy Cullen won by over 14,000 votes in 2006 over the Conservative. Cullen has retired tho, and Kirsty Duncan is the Liberal to beat. The NDP and Greens will not be a factor here, though both will do better than 2006. I have an assignment for you, Etobicoke, to call up Kirsty Duncan’s campaign office and ask her position on cannabis. Please report your findings.

Your candidate:
Philip Bender (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Manuel Couto (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Drew Garvie (Communist Party of Canada)
Tom King (New Democratic Party)
Kornelis Klevering (Marijuana Party)
Gloria Kovach (Conservative Party of Canada)
Karen Levenson (Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party)
Mike Nagy (Green Party of Canada)
John Turmel (Independent)
Frank Valeriote (Liberal Party of Canada)

Ten choices on the Guelph ballot is the most for any riding in Canada. The Liberal incumbent Brenda Chamberlain is a prohibitionist; in fact, she was one of the plotters who met with US officials at the US Embassy in Ottawa to discuss how to sabotage the Chretien government’s decrim bill. She was scum. But now she’s retired. I’m reluctant to recommend voting Liberal, because there are so many candidates who are right on our big issue, cannabis normalization. The Libertarian, The Marijuana Party, the Green, and the NDP are all whom we should vote for. NDP candidate Tom King is very talented and accomplished and I believe he’d be the best pick on merit. But the Liberal Valeriote might be the only way to stop Conservative Kovach.

N0B2M0 Kitchener-Conestoga
Your candidates:
Harold Albrecht (Conservative Party of Canada)
Orlando Da Silva (Liberal Party of Canada)
Jamie Kropf (Green Party of Canada)
Rod McNeil (New Democratic Party)

Harold Albrecht is the Conservative incumbent. Last time in 2006, only 1,400 votes separated the Liberal and the Con. The NDP and Greens are not a factor, I say hold your nose and vote for the Liberal. The stink will be much stronger if you not voting lets the Conservative win this close one.

N0C1E0 N4K2W4 Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
Your candidates:
Dick Hibma (Green Party of Canada)
Joel Kidd (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Jill McIllwraith (New Democratic Party)
Larry Miller (Conservative Party of Canada)
Thom Noble (Liberal Party of Canada)

The Conservative Larry Miller is well loved here in the heartland of western Ontario, and will get over 50% of the vote, and nothing you can do will stop it. However, the Green Dick Hibma will come in second with a little help from you and your friends, which will be a nice happy coda to an undesirable finish in this ridin

N0R1K0 Essex
Your choices are;
Richard Bachynsky (Green Party of Canada)
Taras Natyshak (New Democratic Party)
Jeff Watson (Conservative Party of Canada)
Susan Whelan (Liberal Party of Canada)

It’s a battle between the Conservative incumbent Watson and Susan Whelan of the Liberal Party. Go with Whelan, it just might stop the Cons.

Huron – Bruce
Your candidates:
Dave Joslin (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Ben Lobb (Conservative Party of Canada)
Greg McClinchey (Liberal Party of Canada)
Tony McQuail (New Democratic Party)
Glen Smith (Green Party of Canada)
Dennis Valenta (Independent)

The Liberal incumbent, Paul Steckle, who beat the conservative by 970 votes in 2006, is retiring. The same Conservative is back and its likely the Cons will take this riding unless every progressive vote goes to Greg McClinchey, who was Paul Steckle’s parliamentary assistant for 13 years. The NDP really isn’t a factor in farm country, although Tony McQuail, the NDP candidate, is a bona-fide farmer. However, if you can’t bring yourself to vote for the Liberal, The Green candidate Glen Smith is our choice for the cannabis culture. From his interview on the Beach radio 104.9: Glen Smith says he believes in the core values of the party’s platform, including the legalizing of the use of marijuana. Smith admits he uses marijuana for medicinal purposes but gets it illegally. He doesn’t believe that sends the wrong message to young people.

N3S2N6 N3T3S3 Brant
Your candidates:
Nora Fueten (Green Party of Canada)
John G. Gots (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Phil McColeman (Conservative Party of Canada)
Lloyd St. Amand (Liberal Party of Canada)
Brian Van Tilborg (New Democratic Party)

Liberal incumbent Lloyd St. Amand received 22,077 votes in 2006, the Conservative Phil McColeman received 21,495, a 582-vote difference. This rematch will be close, the edge goes to the Conservative unless enough votes come from NDP and Green supporters to top up Liberal St. Amand.

N3W1X8 Haldimand-Norfolk
Your choices are;
Steven Elgersma (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Diane Finley (Conservative Party of Canada)
Eric Hoskins (Liberal Party of Canada)
Stephana Johnston (Green Party of Canada)
Gary McHale (Independent)
Ian Nichols (New Democratic Party)

Diane Finlay of the Conservatives had this riding by 8,000 votes in 2006, so there is not much chance of defeating her. Liberal Eric Hoskins has the best chance to beat Finley.

N5L 1A4 Elgin-Middlesex-London
Your candidate:
Will Arlow (Canadian Action Party)
Noel Burgon (Green Party of Canada)
Ryan Dolby (New Democratic Party)
Carl Hiemstra (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Joe Preston (Conservative Party of Canada)
Suzanne van Bommel (Liberal Party of Canada)
Michael van Holst (Independent)

Conservative Preston won this riding by 10,000 votes over the Liberal in 2006, and it’s going to be more this time. The NDP’s Dalby or the green Burgon should get your vote, which, in the absence of a competitive race, is worth exactly $1.95 each year in the life of the next Parliament.

N6E2C6 London-Fanshawe
Your candidates:
Mary Lou Ambrogio (Conservative Party of Canada)
Jacquie Gauthier (Liberal Party of Canada)
Irene Mathyssen (New Democratic Party)
Daniel O’Neail (Green Party of Canada)
Leonard Vanderhoeven (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)

NDP incumbent Irene Mathyssen doesn’t actually like me, she kinda hates me, but you should vote for her anyway. She thinks I’m a real pest with me bringing cannabis prohibition/POT.TV/Jack Layton’s promise into each election. This is a 3-way dogfight, the Conservatives will be the main threat to Mathyssen, and it will be very close. Please get out the vote for Irene and tell her Marc Emery sent you to vote for her! If you campaign for her, definitely tell her I sent you … on election night when she wins.

N6H4T1 London West
Your candidate choices are;
Sue Barnes (Liberal Party of Canada)
Leslie Bartley (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Peter Lawrence Ferguson (New Democratic Party)
Ed Holder (Conservative Party of Canada)
Steve Hunter (Progressive Canadian Party)
Monica Jarabek (Green Party of Canada)

This is a real battle between Liberal Sue Barnes and Conservative Ed Holder. The final result will be within 500 votes of each other, I predict. The NDP & Greens are not a factor, vote for Liberal incumbent Sue Barnes.
This will be one of the closest races in Ontario this federal election.

N7L5H8 N7L4P8 Chatham-Kent-Essex
Your choices are:
Alina Abbott (Green Party of Canada)
Ron Cadotte (New Democratic Party)
Matt Daudlin (Liberal Party of Canada)
Dave Van Kesteren (Conservative Party of Canada)

Conservative Van Kesteren has a fairly good lead in this riding, and it will take a strong Liberal campaign to bring the seat back to the Liberals. The NDP and Greens are not a factor this riding, although if the Liberal vote collapses, it will go to the NDP.

N8R1B5 Windsor-Tecumseh
Your candidates:
Joe Comartin (New Democratic Party)
Denise Ghanam (Conservative Party of Canada)
Steve Mastroianni (Liberal Party of Canada)
Kyle Prestanski (Green Party of Canada)

Joe Comartin has what could be called a safe NDP riding. Hard times are coming to Windsor, don’t take Joe for granted, get out and vote for him and say it’s because of the NDP’s position on legalizing marijuana.

P3B3C2 Sudbury
Your 6 choices are:
Gordon Harris (Green Party of Canada)
Gerry Labelle (Conservative Party of Canada)
Diane Marleau (Liberal Party of Canada)
Will Morin (First Peoples National Party of Canada)
J. David Popescu (Independent)
Glenn Thibeault (New Democratic Party)

This is a battle between Diane Marleau, the Liberal incumbent, and the New Democrat Glenn Thibeault. Give Thibeault your vote here, there might be enough defections from Marleau to the Cons and Greens, the NDP just might take this northern Ontario riding.

Your candidates:
Carol Hughes (New Democratic Party)
Dianne Musgrove (Conservative Party of Canada)
Lorraine Rekmans (Green Party of Canada)
Brent St. Denis (Liberal Party of Canada)

This one is currently a Liberal riding ready to be taken by the NDP, so your vote here is important. In 2006 the vote was 38% for the Liberal St. Denis, MP here for 18 years, to 34.5% for Carol Hughes. In 2006, it was a difference of 1,400 votes between them, in this rematch, the NDP has the momentum lost by the Liberals, and the Conservative will be stronger too, so getting out to vote for the NDP this time is key.

P6B2B4 Sault Ste. Marie
Your choices are:
Paul Bichler (Liberal Party of Canada)
Luke Macmichael (Green Party of Canada)
Tony Martin (New Democratic Party)
Cameron Ross (Conservative Party of Canada)
Mike Taffarel (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)

This is a three-way dogfight between the NDP incumbent Martin, the Libs & Cons. Vote for the New Democrat Martin, he should just win with your help.

P7B3G2 Thunder Bay-Superior North
Your choices are:
Denis Andrew Carrière (Marijuana Party)
Brendan Daniel Hughes (Green Party of Canada)
Bruce Hyer (New Democratic Party)
Don McArthur (Liberal Party of Canada)
Bev Sarafin (Conservative Party of Canada)

In the 2006 election, Liberal Joe Comuzzi beat the NDP Hyer by 400 votes, a 1% difference. Comuzzi has retired and it’s a very possible NDP gain. THIS RIDING IS SUPER IMPORTANT! Get your friends out to vote for BRUCE HYER, New Democrat. The Conservative is far behind and with the Liberals losing some support to Greens, NDP, and Cons, this is an attractive NDP gain!


R2L0R1 Elmwood-Transcona
Your candidate choices are;
Chris Hrynkow (Green Party of Canada)
Jim Maloway (New Democratic Party)
Wes Penner (Liberal Party of Canada)
Robert Scott (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Thomas Steen (Conservative Party of Canada)

This was NDP MP Bill Blaikie’s riding for 30 years, and he won by huge margins. But now the resurgent Conservatives want to take Elmwood, and it’s a two-way fight between the New Democrat Maloway and the Tory Steen. Definitely vote NDP to stop Steen!

St. Boniface
Your candidates:
Shelly Glover (Conservative Party of Canada)
Justin Gregoire (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Marc Payette (Green Party of Canada)
Matt Schaubroeck (New Democratic Party)
Raymond Simard (Liberal Party of Canada)

This is an important riding to vote for the Liberal Rauymond Simard. Simard is a thoughtful person I watched in an interview on crime, whereas the Conservative Shelly Glover is a hard prohibitionist police officer. The Conservatives have put forth many police officers and religious fundamentalists in this election, and Glover is all crime, all the time. In 2006, the Liberal won by only 1,500 votes. Now, the Conservative has a slight advantage over the Liberal, so NDP and Green leaning voters have to vote Liberal Simard to stop the right-wing Glover. This one is important.

Your candidate:
James Bezan (Conservative Party of Canada)
Pat Cordner (New Democratic Party)
Jane MacDiarmid (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Kevin Walsh (Liberal Party of Canada)
Glenda Whiteman (Green Party of Canada)

This is a Conservative held seat that the NDP is within firing range of. The Liberals and Greens have no hope here and should vote NDP candidate Pat Corder to topple the Tory Bezan. Our correspondent in Selkirk-Interlake says Cordner is definitely on board for decrim while Conservative Bezan supports Bill C-26, the new pot punishments law.

R2W5E4 Winnipeg North
Your candidates:
Catharine Johannson (Green Party of Canada)
Frank Komarniski (Communist Party of Canada)
Ray Larkin (Conservative Party of Canada)
Marcelle Marion (Liberal Party of Canada)
Roger F. Poisson (People’s Political Power Party of Canada)
Judy Wasylycia-Leis (New Democratic Party)

Whoa! This riding went 57% for NDP MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis in 2006, versus 21% for the Liberal and 18% for the Con. Keep Judy in office and don’t take her lead for granted, vote for Wasylycia-Leis.

R3M3K6 Winnipeg South Center
Your candidates:
Rachel Heinrichs (New Democratic Party)
Trevor Kennerd (Conservative Party of Canada)
Anita Neville (Liberal Party of Canada)
Vere Scott (Green Party of Canada)

This is a battle between the Liberal incumbent Anita Neville and Trevor Kennard of the Conservatives. In 2006 the votes went 16,296 (39%) for Neville, 13,077 (31.5%) for the Tory, 9,055 (22%) for the NDP. In Manitoba, the NDP is resurgent, the Conservatives stronger, the Liberals weaker. What to do, what to do?! Can the NDP get 5,000 more votes? Will the Greens steal from Liberals enough to put the NDP or Conservative over the top? It’s a potentially volatile race here. I say give New Democrat Rachel Heinrichs your vote.


S0A 3V0 S3N2x5 Yorkton–Melville
Your candidates:
Bryan H. Bell (Liberal Party of Canada)
Garry Breitkreuz (Conservative Party of Canada)
Doug Ottenbreit (New Democratic Party)

Oh, its like 65% for the Conservative in 2006, the NDP got 18%. Sigh.

S4N4K5 Wascana
Your candidates:
Ralph Goodale (Liberal Party of Canada)
Michelle Hunter (Conservative Party of Canada)
Stephen Moore (New Democratic Party)
George-Richard Wooldridge (Green Party of Canada)

Ralph Goodale is the last Liberal standing in Saskatchewan, winning 52% of the vote in 2006, the Conservative was at 30%, the NDP at 15%. Ralph isn’t in Cabinet anymore, and the Tories are going to do better, so this might be a fight down to the wire for Goodale. Give Ralph your vote and tell him to decrim pot like Chretien wanted.

S7H5L8 Blackstrap
Your 4 choices are:
Deb Ehmann (Liberal Party of Canada)
Patti Gieni (New Democratic Party)
Imre Pallagi (Green Party of Canada)
Lynne Yelich (Conservative Party of Canada)

The Con Yelich is a certain lock on this riding, winning 48% to the NDP’s 30% to the Libs 17% in 2006. The Greens might beat the Liberals in this riding, but that will be the only suspense.

S7M4C7, S7M4V5 Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar
Your candidates to choose from are;
Rick Barsky (Independent)
Kelly Block (Conservative Party of Canada)
Roy Bluehorn (Liberal Party of Canada)
Marcel Leon Bourassa (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Amber Jones (Green Party of Canada)
Kevin Stricker (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Nettie Wiebe (New Democratic Party)

This is a two-way fight between the Conservatives and NDP. In the 2006 election, Conservatives won 45% of the vote with Carol Skelton, whom is retiring, The NDP was second at 39%, or 1,900 votes less. The Libs got 12%, the Greens 3%, there is not any value in voting anything other than the NDP to stop the Cons here. Vote Nettie Wiebe.


T0M2B0 Crowfoot
Your candidates:
Sharon L. Howe (Liberal Party of Canada)
Kaitlin Kettenbach (Green Party of Canada)
Ellen Parker (New Democratic Party)
Kevin Sorenson (Conservative Party of Canada)

This is true redneck territory, east of the Bow and Battle Rivers spanning the rural expanse of the badlands (the desert) to the Saskatchewan border. I have no doubt they are proud of it and are a hard working people. Can someone get 82% of the vote in a democracy? Well, Conservative Kevin Sorenson got 82.56% in the 2006 election. The Liberal got 5.5% in 2006, it could be less in 2008. I predict the Greens and NDP fighting over second place at 10%. Ouch! It doesn’t get any more Tory Blue than this! To quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail, “Run away! Run Away!”

T1J3A5 Lethbridge
Your candidates:
Geoffrey Capp (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Rick Casson (Conservative Party of Canada)
Michael Joseph Cormican (Liberal Party of Canada)
Mark Sandilands (New Democratic Party)
Amanda Swagar (Green Party of Canada)

Conservative Casson got 67% of the vote in 2006, and I bet he’ll improve on that! Yeow! Second place will go to the NDP at about 15%, the Libs 8% and the Greens 5%, maybe even the Christian Heritage fundamentalists will edge out the Greens for fourth place; you’re in the Bible Belt here. Feel like an outcast? You are!

T2V0z8 Calgary Southwest
Your Choices include:
Kelly Christie (Green Party of Canada)
Stephen Harper (Conservative Party of Canada)
Larry R. Heather (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Holly Heffernan (New Democratic Party)
Marlene Lamontagne (Liberal Party of Canada)
Dennis Young (Libertarian Party of Canada)

Stephen Harper will win this riding handily. That’s a fact. But you can reward some excellent candidates who want the Repeal of Prohibition. Kelly Christie of the Green Party and Dennis Young of the Libertarians deserve support, and we are giving donations to both.

T2V1Y6 Calgary Center
Your choices are:
Antony Tony Grochowski (Independent)
Heesung Kim (Liberal Party of Canada)
Tyler Kinch (New Democratic Party)
Natalie Odd (Green Party of Canada)
Lee Richardson (Conservative Party of Canada)

Lee Richardson got 30,000 votes last time, 20,000 more than the 2nd place Liberal. Give the Green Party candidate Natalie Odd your $1.95 annual subsidy, this is a possible 2nd place for the Greens.

Calgary Northeast
Your candidates:
Abeed Monty Ahmad (Green Party of Canada)
Daniel Blanchard (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Vinay Dey (New Democratic Party)
Sanam S. Kang (Liberal Party of Canada)
Roger Richard (No Affiliation)
Devinder Shory (Conservative Party of Canada)

This is Alberta’s most ethnic riding, 37% of voters are immigrants. Only 6% are over 65, making this the youngest riding in Alberta. This was Conservative Art Hanger’s riding, but now retired, The Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP have Punjabi candidates, and indeed the Green candidate is from the sub-continent also! The concern with crime in Calgary Northeast would play into the Tory campaign, except that the Conservatives have ruled Alberta for 30 years and have been the federal government for 2 years, isn’t increased crime a result of Tory prohibition policies? Vote Liberal, it’s a long shot, but it’s the only chance to take this riding from the Conservatives.

T4C2H5 Wild Rose
Your choices are;
Lisa Fox (Green Party of Canada)
Jeff Horvath (New Democratic Party)
Blake Richards (Conservative Party of Canada)
Jenn Turcott (Liberal Party of Canada)
Krista Zoobkoff (Libertarian Party of Canada)

Myron Thompson, the crazy old coot that was the Conservative incumbent for the last hundred years, retired. In 06 he got 72% of the vote, the second largest plurality in Canada. He got 39,500 votes in 06, the second place finisher, The Green Party candidate in 06 got 6,000 votes. The newly minted Tory candidate Richards will win, but this could be the first Green riding to poll over 10,000 votes in 08. Give Green Lisa Fox your vote here, or to Libertarian Krista Zoobkoff, who is a member of the cannabis culture, owns a hemp store in Canmore called HEMPIRE and is promoting legalization as her main issue. Libertarian and owns a hemp legalization store, that is my perfect candidate.

T4V1N4 Crowfoot
You only have two candidates according to Elections Canada;
Ellen Parker (New Democratic Party)
Kevin Sorenson (Conservative Party of Canada)

In 06, Con Sorenson got 43,000 votes. The NDP got 3,800 votes. This place is so Conservative, the grass grows blue.
Vote for the NDP, and then move away. Far, far away!

T5K2Y9 Edmonton Center
Your 5 choices are;
Laurie Hawn (Conservative Party of Canada)
Donna Martyn (New Democratic Party)
Peggy Morton (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
David James Parker (Green Party of Canada)
Jim Wachowich (Liberal Party of Canada)

Laurie Hawn, the Conservative, is going to win. All Alberta will elect Cons. Who should get your vote? Green Party David Parker has been running for the Greens since 1976, was the Alberta Green leader over 24 years and is my recommendation for 2nd place.

T6A0L3 T6C2M6 Edmonton-Strathcona
Your choices are;
Linda Duncan (New Democratic Party)
Kevan Hunter (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Rahim Jaffer (Conservative Party of Canada)
Claudette Roy (Liberal Party of Canada)
Jane Thrall (Green Party of Canada)

This is as close to a winnable riding for the NDP as you can get in Alberta. Rahim Jaffer, a closet pot smoker in the Conservative caucus, doesn’t ever promote on our behalf and goes along with the Tory nonsense even those he blazes. Hypocrites we cannot tolerate. Linda Duncan needs 5,000 more votes to beat Jaffer, but it’s worth giving her your vote to give her a shot.

T7E1V3 Yellowhead
Your candidates:
Melissa Brade (Canadian Action Party)
Mohamed El-Rafih (Liberal Party of Canada)
Ken Kuzminski (New Democratic Party)
Rob Merrifield (Conservative Party of Canada)
Monika Schaefer (Green Party of Canada)
John M. Wierenga (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)

Conservative Rob Merrifield got over 30,000 votes in 2006, 71% of all votes cast. The NDP was second at 4,700 votes, 11% of the total. I think in Alberta we have to try to convert these Conservatives to oppose prohibition rather than hoping to replace them.

T8S1P8 Peace River
Your candidates:
Adele Boucher Rymhs (New Democratic Party)
Liliane Maisonneuve (Liberal Party of Canada)
Edwin Siggelkow (Canadian Action Party)
Mélanie Simard (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Jennifer Villebrun (Green Party of Canada)
Chris Warkentin (Conservative Party of Canada)

Conservative Warkentin will get more votes than the other 5 combined, so I say live wildly and Vote Libertarian Melanie Simard. The Green’s have put forth a radical lawyer, which I like too.

T9H4R2 Fort McMurray–Athabasca
Your choices;
Brian Jean (Conservative Party of Canada)
John Malcolm (First Peoples National Party of Canada)
Shawn Reimer (Independent)
Dylan Richards (Green Party of Canada)
Jacob Strydhorst (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Mark Voyageur (New Democratic Party)
John Webb (Liberal Party of Canada)

Brian Jean, the Conservative, got 65% of the vote in 2006. The NDP and Liberal both got 15%. You do the math.

British ColumbiaBritish ColumbiaBRITISH COLUMBIA

V0A1T0 Kootenay-Columbia
Your candidates:
Jim Abbott (Conservative Party of Canada)
Betty Aitchison (Liberal Party of Canada)
Ralph Moore (Green Party of Canada)
Leon R. Pendleton (New Democratic Party)

Jim Abbott of the Conservatives won this riding 55% to 26% for the second place NDP in 2006. I have traveled to Golden, Cranbrook and this ranch-mountain area and there are many, many old people, many German, Dutch, Swiss immigrants and they are redneck conservative people with big families who vote. By voting NDP or Green you are directing your $1.95 a vote subsidy to the party of your conscience, because Tory Jim Abbott ain’t getting’ beat this year.

V0R2P1 Nanaimo-Cowichan
Your choices are;
Jean Crowder (New Democratic Party)
Jack East (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Reed Elley (Conservative Party of Canada)
Christina Knighton (Green Party of Canada)
Brian Scott (Liberal Party of Canada)

It’s purely between Crowder of the NDP and Reed Elley of the Cons. Crowder for sure is better for the cannabis culture.

V1H1J3 Okanagan–Shuswap
Your candidates:
Huguette Allen (Green Party of Canada)
Alice Brown (New Democratic Party)
Gordie Campbell (No Affiliation)
Janna Francis (Liberal Party of Canada)
Colin Mayes (Conservative Party of Canada)
Darren Seymour (Canadian Action Party)

Colin Mayes the Conservative incumbent won by 10,000 votes in 2006, its difficult to imagine this riding changing in 2008. The NDP was second in 2006 and is best positioned to try to dislodge the Tories this time. But you are going to have to get your whole social network of friends and family in Okanagan-Shuswap to get out and vote for New Democrat Alice Brown to make it happen.

V1H2G1 Southern Interior
Your choices are;
Alex Atamanenko (New Democratic Party)
Brenda Jagpal (Liberal Party of Canada)
Andy Morel (Green Party of Canada)
Brian Sproule (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Rob Zandee (Conservative Party of Canada)

This is NDP country, Alex Atamanenko won 49% of the riding in 06 and won by 13,000 votes over his nearest rival. Re-elect Alex. The Green candidate Andy Morel could make second place in the riding tho.

V1M1P2 V3A7M5 V3A2K3 Langley
The candidates on your ballot are;
Andrew Claxton (New Democratic Party)
Jake Gray (Liberal Party of Canada)
Ron Gray (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Patrick Meyer (Green Party of Canada)
Mark Warawa (Conservative Party of Canada)

Prohibitionist Mark Warawa, the Conservative, will have no problem being re-elected, by a big margin over the Liberal. The NDP and Greens are no hopers in Langley but I’d give either one your vote.

V1X4A3 Kelowna-Lake Country
Your candidates:
Diana Cabott (Liberal Party of Canada)
Ron Cannan (Conservative Party of Canada)
Mark Haley (Communist Party of Canada)
Tish Lakes (New Democratic Party)
Angela Reid (Green Party of Canada)

Don’t be surprised if the Liberal comes in fourth behind the NDP and Green, with the Conservative incumbent Ron Cannan getting over 50% of the vote, winning by 15,000 votes over his next rival, either the Green or New Democrat.

V0H1T0 V2A6L5 V2A1K3 Okanagan-Coquihalla
Dan Bouchard (Green Party of Canada)
Stockwell Day (Conservative Party of Canada)
Valerie Hallford (Liberal Party of Canada)
Ralph Poynting (New Democratic Party)

Creationist Tory Stockwell Day got 50% of the vote in 06, and he’ll get more in 08. Vote Green or NDP to denote where you want your $1.95 annual vote subsidy to go.

V2M1C8 Cariboo-Prince George
Your candidates:
Drew Adamick (Liberal Party of Canada)
Bev Collins (New Democratic Party)
Douglas Gook (Independent)
Dick Harris (Conservative Party of Canada)
Amber Van Drielen (Green Party of Canada)

Dick Harris has been the Tory/Reform/Conservative Alliance MP for this riding since 2000. I predict Harris’ vote totals will exceed 50% this election, the NDP getting 28%, the Greens 8% and the Liberals 12%. The NDP will benefit the most from the collapsing Liberal vote in BC, but the Conservatives are too in deep here to lose.

V2R3P8 Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon
Your choices are;
Helen Kormendy (New Democratic Party)
Barbara Lebeau (Green Party of Canada)
Harold J. Ludwig (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Dorothy-Jean O’Donnell (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Chuck Strahl (Conservative Party of Canada)
Myra Sweeney (Liberal Party of Canada)

Conservative Chuck Strahl won 55% of the vote in 06, he will win huge again in 08. Its whoever you want to get your $1.95 per vote annual subsidy that you are voting for in this riding, I say give it to the Greens.

V2V1X1 Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge—Mission
Your candidates are:
Mike Bocking (New Democratic Party)
Mike Gildersleeve (Green Party of Canada)
Randy Kamp (Conservative Party of Canada)
Jeff Monds (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Evans Nicholson (Independent)
Dan Olson (Liberal Party of Canada)
Chum Richardson (Independent)

This is a two-way dogfight with New Democrat Bocking trying to beat Conservative Randy Kemp. Going to be close and Bocking will need you and all your friends to go vote for him.

V3C5Y7 V3C6G8 Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam
Your choices are;
Rod Brindamour (Green Party of Canada)
Rob Gillespie (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Ron McKinnon (Liberal Party of Canada)
James Moore (Conservative Party of Canada)
Zoë Royer (New Democratic Party)

James Moore the Conservative is an obnoxious boozer who hates the pot people. I debated him in 2000, and he reiterated he thought the stigma against pot people was a good thing. Son of as bitch! Vote for Zoe Royer of the NDP, Green Brindamour, or Gillespie for the Libertarians, as an honourable objection to James Moore.

V3J V3K V3L New Westminster-Coquitlam
Your choices are;
Dawn Black (New Democratic Party)
Lewis C. Dahlby (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Michelle Hassen (Liberal Party of Canada)
Yonah Martin (Conservative Party of Canada)
Marshall Smith (Green Party of Canada)
Roland Verrier (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)

This will be the THIRD dogfight between NDP Dawn Black (the incumbent) and Paul Forseth (previous incumbent) and if you’re like me you’d rather have a NEW DEMOCRAT looking over Bill C-26 next time than a Conservative. Get your friends out to vote for DAWN BLACK.

V3L1H8 V3M1T8 V3N0A9 V5H2R6 Burnaby-New Westminster
Your 6 choices are:
Peter Julian (New Democratic Party)
Gerry Lenoski (Liberal Party of Canada)
Carrie McLaren (Green Party of Canada)
Sam Rakhra (Conservative Party of Canada)
Joseph Theriault (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Ismet Yetisen (Libertarian Party of Canada)

Peter Julian is the NDP incumbent and he is generally good for the cannabis culture, this election its a three way dogfight, with the Conservative poised to give Julian a close election. I have a soft spot for the Libertarian, but I absolutely recommend Julian for the NDP.

V3R5x9 V3V7G3 V3V0t8 V3V4R4 Surrey North
Your record 9 candidates to choose from are;
Rachid Arab (New Democratic Party)
Dona Cadman (Conservative Party of Canada)
Psam Frank (Canadian Action Party)
Alex Joehl (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Dan Kashagama (Green Party of Canada)
Bernadette Keenan (Independent)
Nikolas Langlands (Progressive Canadian Party)
Marc Muhammad (Liberal Party of Canada)
Kevin Pielak (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)

Dona Cadman is the widow of pot people-hater Chuck Cadman. Whats weird about this is Mrs. Cadman said the Cons offered her husband $1,000,000 life insurance policy for his vote when he became an Independent in Parliament. Then after clearly saying that Harper & Co. bribed her husband, she runs for the Cons.
NDP Penny Priddy held this seat since 2006, but she’s retired.
Cadman must be stopped. Vote NDP here.

V3S8z8 V3S8P9 Fleetwood – Port Kells
Your 4 ballot choices are:
Nao Fernando (New Democratic Party)
Nina Grewal (Conservative Party of Canada)
Brenda Locke (Liberal Party of Canada)
Brian Newbold (Green Party of Canada)

Nina Grewal, the Conservative is the incumbent, she’s not very good, her election in 2006 is largely because of a heavy concentration of Sihk voters in this Surrey riding. In 2006, the Liberal was the same Brenda Locke, only 800 votes behind, the NDP candidate was 3,400 behind. If you believe the Liberal vote in BC is collapsing, the NDP’s Nao Fernando, is the best bet. If you think the Liberal vote is strong in this riding, Locke is the one to vote to stop Harper. The only sure vote to Repeal Prohibition is the Green Party candidate is Brian Newbold, but there is no hope the Greens will be a factor in this riding.

V3W0P8, V3W5S3 V4C2T9 – Newton-North Delta
You have 7 choices on your ballot
Harjit Daudharia (Communist Party of Canada)
Sukh Dhaliwal (Liberal Party of Canada)
James William Miller-Cousineau (Independent)
Sandeep Pandher (Conservative Party of Canada)
John Shavluk (Independent)
Teresa Townsley (New Democratic Party)
Liz Walker (Green Party of Canada)

In the 2006 election, Liberal Dhaliwal beat the NDP by exactly 1,000 votes, and the Conservative lost by only 1,600 votes. The Greens here bounced their candidate John Shavluk, who is running now as an independent. But its a 3 way dogfight between the Libs, Cons & NDP, whatcha going to do?
I say vote NDP and see if the riding can be taken.

V4K4R7 V4K4A2 V7A2B7 Delta-Richmond East
These are your choices;
Szilvia Barna (New Democratic Party)
John Cummins (Conservative Party of Canada)
Matthew Laine (Green Party of Canada)
Dana L. Miller (Liberal Party of Canada)

John Cummins has the lock on this riding, his conservatism plays well to the ethnic Chinese and the Chinese merchant class in Richmond. 50% of the population of Richmond is Asian (mostly Chinese). No other party can hope to come close in this riding. Your vote for another party (anyone but Conservatives) is at least going to donate $1.95 per year for your vote.

V5G1C8 Burnaby-Douglas
Your 5 choices on the ballot are;
Bill Cunningham (Liberal Party of Canada)
George Gidora (Communist Party of Canada)
Ronald Leung (Conservative Party of Canada)
Doug Perry (Green Party of Canada)
Bill Siksay (New Democratic Party)

The New Democrats Bill Siksay is totally solid with the cannabis culture and must be re-elected. This year will be a three-way fight, get out and make an important vote for Bill Siksay.

V5L1W5 V5T2T7 V6A3X1 Vancouver East
Your Choices are;
Mike Carr (Green Party of Canada)
Libby Davies (New Democratic Party)
Anne Jamieson (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Betty Krowczyk (Work Less Party)
Ken Low (Liberal Party of Canada)
Ryan Warawa (Conservative Party of Canada)

Libby Davies of the NDP has the safest NDP seat in Canada, for good reason, she’s the best Member of Parliament out of all 308 Parliamentarians. She deserves every vote. She is the cannabis culture’s best friend in Parliament. Libby is an articulate advocate for drug law reform. Vote Libby Davies…there is no substitute.

V5M3X2 Vancouver-Kingsway
The candidates:
Kimball Cariou (Communist Party of Canada)
Don Davies (New Democratic Party)
Matt Kadioglu (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Donna Petersen (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Salomon Rayek (Conservative Party of Canada)
Doug Warkentin (Green Party of Canada)
Wendy Yuan (Liberal Party of Canada)

This one was Liberal in 2006, when David Emerson beat the NDP 43% to 33%. 7 days after he was elected as a Liberal, Emerson crossed the floor to become a Conservative cabinet minister. Emerson had no hope of re-election as a Conservative in Van-Kingsway. The Liberals in Van-Kingsway have bottomed out in support, and with your vote, the NDP’s Don Davies should be able to take this one back for the NDP from the Tories.

V5W 2G8 V5X3H2 Vancouver South
Your choices are;
Charles Boylan (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Ann Chambers (New Democratic Party)
Ujjal Dosanjh (Liberal Party of Canada)
Csaba Gulyas (Green Party of Canada)
Wai Young (Conservative Party of Canada)

Liberal incumbent Ujjal Dosanjh has one of the stupidest opinions in government about pot. He said in an interview once that he opposes its legalization because ” In India, I saw cows eat it and they went insane.” Profound, isn’t it?
Vote for the NDP candidate Ann Chambers.

All V6A codes are South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale
Your choices are:
David Blair (Green Party of Canada)
Russ Hiebert (Conservative Party of Canada)
Judy Higginbotham (Liberal Party of Canada)
Brian Marlatt (Progressive Canadian Party)
Peter Prontzos (New Democratic Party)

The Conservative Hiebert is the incumbent and will win by 10,000 votes. Vote for Green candidate David Blair, one of the best Green candidates in BC on the ballot.

V6G, V6J, V6Z1M1 Vancouver Center
You live in my riding, your choices are:
Michael Byers (New Democratic Party)
Adriane Carr (Green Party of Canada)
John Clarke (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Hedy Fry (Liberal Party of Canada)
Michael Hill (Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada)
Lorne Mayencourt (Conservative Party of Canada)

This is a four-way fight in the heart of Vansterdam, my part of Vancouver, including Vancouver’s gay district and downtown latte culture. Hedy Fry, The Liberal won by 8,000 votes last time in 2006. The Green Party has its best shot, a long shot at that, in Van Center with Adrienne Carr, and the Conservatives have put forth the gay MLA Lorne Mayencourt, both will take some votes from Hedy Fry, the Liberal incumbent. The question is whether second place finisher in 06, the New Democrats, can surge about 4,000 votes to slide into first place. Last election, the NDP nominated Svend Robinson, a great former MP but recently of stolen diamond ring notoriety, so the NDP vote in 06 dropped from 04. With the plunge in the liberal vote in BC, I think Hedy Fry may finally be defeated, Vote Byers of the NDP!

V6N1T2 V6P6A2 Vancouver-Quadra
Norris Barens (Libertarian Party of Canada)
David Caplan (New Democratic Party)
Dan Grice (Green Party of Canada)
Deborah Meredith (Conservative Party of Canada)
Joyce Murray (Liberal Party of Canada)

Liberal Joyce Murray only won by 151 votes in a by-election last year. The Conservative Meredith was just behind her. Vote for Murray to stop the Conservative? You might do that here. Cannabis advocate Kirk Tousaw was bumped from this riding’s NDP candidacy, and the strongest anti-prohibition candidate is now the GREEN PARTY’s DAN GRICE. Grice even puts Repeal of Cannabis prohibition on his door-to-door literature under Solving Crime. If you want to vote for good – vote Dan GRICE, the Greens will come in third or even second here, ahead of the NDP and possibly even the Liberal Joyce if the Liberals keep polling 11% in BC. That means the Conservatives will take this riding, but voting Liberal probably won’t save this riding from the Cons.

V6Y1L9 V6Y1K8 Richmond
Your candidate:
Raymond Chan (Liberal Party of Canada)
Wei Ping Chen (Independent)
Dale Jackaman (New Democratic Party)
Dobie Yiu-Chung To (Independent)
Michael Anthony Wolfe (Green Party of Canada)
Alice Wong (Conservative Party of Canada)

This is a dogfight between Liberal Raymond Chan, who won the riding by less than 2,000 votes in 2006, and Conservative Alice Wong. The Liberals are in a collapse in BC, and Conservative Wong is Chinese old school right wing, she’ll endorse whatever severe drug laws the Harper government introduces. It’s possible that Chan might too, considering the conservative opinions of Richmond’s Chinese community, which comprises 52% of Richmond voters. Only Chan can beat Wong, but it’s a long shot this election. The candidate for the Greens, Michael Wolfe, a conservation geologist who teaches grade 7 and 8 students, appeals to me more than NDP Jackaman (an anti-smoking lobbyist & former soldier in the Canadian military).

V7J3R8 V7J3S6 v7j2m3 V7P3K4 V7P3L3 North Vancouver
Tunya Audain (Libertarian Party of Canada)
Don Bell (Liberal Party of Canada)
Michael Charrois (New Democratic Party)
Andrew Saxton (Conservative Party of Canada)
Jim Stephenson (Green Party of Canada)

This one is tough. NDP candidate Charrois is a believer in the cannabis culture, he’s one of us. The Greens want to end prohibition too. The Libertarian wants to end the drug war as well. The Liberal is the incumbent, and the Conservative lost in 2006 by 3,320 votes. Any of the 4 challengers to Saxton are better to much better choices, but is anyone going to stop the Conservative but Liberal Don Bell?

V9A7P9 Victoria
The candidates:
John Cooper (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)
Jack McClintock (Conservative Party of Canada)
Anne Park Shannon (Liberal Party of Canada)
Adam Saab (Green Party of Canada)
Denise Savoie (New Democratic Party)

Denise Savoie is a good NDP incumbent, she needs to be re-elected. The Liberals here will falter and the Conservatives will surge, so be sure to get the vote out for Denise in Victoria. The Conservative is a cop. A not surprising number of Conservative candidates are cops or religious fundamentalists.

V9A2S4 Esquimalt–Juan De Fuca
Your candidates:
Jennifer Burgis (New Democratic Party)
Troy DeSouza (Conservative Party of Canada)
Brian G. Gordon (Green Party of Canada)
Keith Martin (Liberal Party of Canada)
Philip G. Ney (Independent)
Brad Rhodes (Canadian Action Party)

In 2006, Liberal Keith Martin beat the NDP by 2,000 votes and the Conservative by 4,000 votes. The Conservatives have gotten stronger in this riding, and so have the NDP, so what to do? Liberal support in BC has been as low as 15% in late September, do you vote for a good guy like Keith Martin to stop the Conservatives, or vote for the surging NDP? In this riding, a sentimental vote for good guy Martin is the right thing to do.

V9W1S3 V9N8M6 Vancouver Island North
Your choices are:
Catherine Bell (New Democratic Party)
Jason Draper (Independent)
John Duncan (Conservative Party of Canada)
Geoff Fleischer (Liberal Party of Canada)
Philip Stone (Green Party of Canada)

This one is a battle down to the eentsy-weenie last vote. For the cannabis culture, it is desirable that New Democrat Catherine Bell keep this seat won by her in 2006 by 600 votes. This is a very polarized riding where Liberals and Greens are not a factor.


Yukon Riding
Your candidates:
Larry Bagnell (Liberal Party of Canada)
Ken Bolton (New Democratic Party)
Darrell Pasloski (Conservative Party of Canada)
John Streicker (Green Party of Canada)

This is a three-way dogfight, with the action centered mostly in Whitehorse. The Conservatives have put up Whitehorse Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist Darrell Pasloski. Incumbent Liberal Larry Bagnelll had a healthy lead in 2006, but that’s likely to be much less this time out. If either Pasloski or the NDP’s Bolton get 2,000 more votes over 2006 totals, they win. So Stoners of the Fireweed territory, your mission is to get Ken Bolton elected. The Green candidate John Streiker is a nice enough guy, but I’d recommend former CBC radio host & NDP insider Bolton for this election.