Marc Emery and Wife Jodie Running in BC By-election on October 29th

Jodie and Marc in Downtown VancouverJodie and Marc in Downtown VancouverMarc Emery and his wife Jodie Emery will be candidates for the BC Marijuana Party in the BC provincial by-election. The two ridings of Vancouver Burrard and Vancouver Fairview will have voting on Wednesday, October 29th. Marc is downtown in Vancouver-Burrard, and Jodie is south of downtown in Vancouver-Fairview (Click to see maps).
Marc and Jodie need support! If you live in either riding, tell everyone you know to vote EMERY on October 29th! You can come to “Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters” at 307 West Hastings Street to meet Marc and Jodie, and get buttons and pamphlets to hand out!

Donations are also welcome, and will help pay for buttons, signs, and voter cards to promote the platform of personal freedom and an immediate repeal of marijuana prohibition. You can donate by making a cheque or money order out to “Marc Emery Official Agent” and sending it to:

Emery Election Campaign
307 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H6
* Only Canadians can donate — sorry!

You can also donate via PayPal to the Emery Election campaign by sending funds to [email protected] or visiting the ChipIn page at

Elect Jodie and Marc Emery to the BC LegislatureElect Jodie and Marc Emery to the BC LegislatureRemember: Thanks to provincial tax credits, BC residents can afford a generous contribution to the BCMP and Marc Emery’s BCMP campaign. You pay only a small portion of your total donation!

– $50 costs you just $12.50, because you get $37.50 back in tax credits
– $100 costs you just $25
– $250 costs you $100
– $500 costs you $225, etc.

(The BC Elections Act requires us to verify all donations greater than $100.00 with a signature. If you donate more than $100.00, we will contact you via email to collect your signature.)

Thank you for the support!

Vote for Jodie and Marc Emery in BC on October 29th!

BC Marijuana Party website

Jodie & Marc Emery Campaign on Facebook

Jodie & Marc Emery Campaign at ChipIn