CC #57 Contains Last Emery Seed Catalogue: Get a Copy Personally Signed by Marc!

Marc Emery may soon be heading to prison, a 5-year sentence with time spent in both the USA and Canada. If he goes, it will happen in the next 30 to 60 days. This could be your last chance to get Marc’s autograph before he’s locked behind bars for a long time. Marc will sign and write a personal message to you in this special collector’s issue of Cannabis Culture magazine — after all, issue #57 was printed the very same day as the DEA raid (July 29, 2005) and contains the last Emery Seed Catalogue ever published!
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Marc Emery Direct Seeds and Cannabis Culture Magazine

Marc Emery Seeds worked to “Overgrow the Government” year after year. Sadly, those days ended when the United States Drug Enforcement Administration hooked up with the Vancouver Police Departement to shut down Emery Seeds on July 29th, 2005. They arrested two activist employees from the BC Marijuana Party Headquarters (the seed desk was in the back), and nabbed Marc in Halifax, on the opposite side of Canada, while he was a guest at the “Maritimers United for Medical Marijuana” event.

That very day, Cannabis Culture #57 (October/November 2005) was being printed. That very day, that very hour! We tried to “stop the presses” before the seed catalogue ran through, knowing that the seed business was gone for good (because of the extradition request in the warrant) and wanting to protect any potential customers from sending in orders.

But it was too late. The seed catalogue was in the front of the magazine, so we had no choice but to let the print job complete. As the chaos of the raid and arrests swirled around us over the next few days, we arranged to have “Warning! Raided by DEA!” stickers printed and placed in every copy of CC #57 – that’s 70,000 issues unpacked from shipping boxes, individually opened and stickered, and packed back up to be sent to distributors. (The issue was one month late hitting stands as a result.)

But we made it through that disaster and are still around today. To commemorate two years of survival since the raid, we’re offering that very issue of Cannabis Culture Magazine as a special collector’s item, personally signed by Marc Emery. Long-time Cannabis Culture Magazine fans and old-school Emery Seed growers will treasure this one-of-a-kind piece of history. Get your copy now and Marc will sign it with a special message personalized just for you!