Favorite Bud: The Cheese (Outdoor)

The Cheese is a very special phenotype of Skunk #1 that was found in the UK. In 2004, a really nice guy called ‘Big Buddha’ was at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam giving away samples of what he called “The Cheese”. The sample pictured here is a clone from an Afghani male crossed with The Cheese.

The best thing about The Cheese is the flavor. I find myself reaching for it before some tasty Sour Diesel, or fine Kush. The closest description I can give is this: skunky, lemony, balmy, fruity, pungent, an eruption of dankness on your taste buds – and the flavor keeps getting better even a full minute after exhaling! It’s one of those joints that no one wants to pass when they have it. The Cheese is very euphoric and, if grown and handled well, will knock even a serious connoisseur on his ass. The high is very strong and cerebral, though it definitely has a serious thump to it.
Flowering time when grown indoors is approximately nine weeks. The heavy yield makes up for the long flowering time. When grown outdoors (which I highly recommend) it will finish in late October or early November. I would like to personally thank Big Buddha for getting such a kick-ass strain out there. It has quickly jumped into my Top 10 list – perhaps even the Top 5. I love The Cheese!