No Extradition for the BC3

Following the US extradition requests for Canadians Marc Emery, Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey (the “BC3”) on July 29, 2005, hundreds of people have purchased ‘No Extradition’ t-shirts.

Marc, Greg and Michelle are accused by the United States of “conspiracy to distribute marijuana, conspiracy to distribute marijuana seeds, and conspiracy to engage in money laundering”. All three face extradition to the US and up to life in prison and are currently fighting extradition. A hearing is scheduled for January 21, 2008.

We asked people who bought the shirt to take pictures of themselves or others wearing the tees, and so far we’ve received a good number of fans willing to out themselves to show their support! You can purchase a shirt through the Cannabis Culture mail order (page 95), at Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters (307 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, BC, see ad on page 93), or online at the CC Store ( Make sure to visit for more ways to help the BC3!

Email messages of support:
MARC: [email protected]
MICHELLE: [email protected]
GREG: [email protected]

Or send mail by post:

Anastasia at Vancouver's downtown 4/20 rallyAnastasia at Vancouver’s downtown 4/20 rally
Canadica in KamloopsCanadica in Kamloops
Bush & ex-UK Prime Minister Blair by Element 1Bush & ex-UK Prime Minister Blair by Element 1
Matt Cohen & Marc Emery at the Toronto Global Marijuana March 2007Matt Cohen & Marc Emery at the Toronto Global Marijuana March 2007
Goofy & Monica at DisneylandGoofy & Monica at Disneyland
The BongsmithThe Bongsmith
Vegan Vixen Liz, OttawaVegan Vixen Liz, Ottawa