Glass Masters: Patrick Stratas

Patrick Stratas has been blowing unique and unusual glass pipes for four years, off-and-on. He currently lives and works out on the fabled Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, and uses a Nortel REDMAX torch. Stratas cites influences like Banjo and Clinton as having an impact on his current work. “I just finished a two-day course with Banjo; it greatly improved my ability to create larger pieces, and improved the sculptural aspects of my more complicated works.” His deep-sea-creature-like glass pipe creation, shown here, was available at CCHQ in Vancouver and is called “The Mollusk”.

His glass is available only in Vancouver, BC at Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters (CCHQ) and The Hemp Cabin. You can see more of his glass pipes online at under the name “Stratasphere Glass”.