Show Your Grow

Welcome?to Show Your Grow, where Cannabis Culture magazine readers and website forum members can share photos of their gardens with the world! Do you have an exceptional shot to send in? Submit your favorite photo by mail or email for the chance to be printed, and if it shows up you can contact us for your free 6-issue subscription to Cannabis Culture magazine.

Mail:?“CC Show”, 307 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6
Email: [email protected]

(Please send the largest digital file image possible.)

Unknown strain from Green1, CC forumsUnknown strain from Green1, CC forums
"True Blueberry" from Throwgar, CC forums“True Blueberry” from Throwgar, CC forums
Various strains from Kant Sae, emailVarious strains from Kant Sae, email
Unknown strain from St. Stephen, CC forumsUnknown strain from St. Stephen, CC forums
"Hammer" from ItsMe, CC forums“Hammer” from ItsMe, CC forums
"White Widow" outdoors from Theresa, email“White Widow” outdoors from Theresa, email