Letter to Ms Fry

Letter to Ms Fry


Hedy Fry
Room 558-D, Centre Block
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6


Dear Ms. Fry,

This letter is to express my extreme disappointment in you, the subcommittee on Bill C-7, the Ministry of Health,
and the Liberal government. It was an extremely undemocratic and irresponsible act for Bill C-7, the Controlled
Drugs & Substances Act
, to be given third reading and passed in the absence of the Official Opposition.

When Bill C-7 was withdrawn from the summer session, Canadians were told that it was so changes could be made to
the legislation based upon the recommendations and input received. We were not notified that it was withdrawn so
that it could be slipped past Canadians in the shadow of the Quebec referendum.

In your speech during third reading of Bill C-7 you spoke of “tolerance, compassion and concern,” yet Bill C-7 is
about “streamlining” the judicial process and having prosecutors “be more likely to lay the charges they should
have been laying.”

You also stated that “some people in subcommittee were even saying we should decriminalize marijuana. However,
by international law we cannot decriminalize it.” Why did you not explain that Canada can easily withdraw from
these conventions, or that Holland is also a signatory to the same treaties as Canada? Are you unaware of these
facts, or did you simply choose not to share them with your fellow Parliamentarians?

I would also like to know why Bill C-7 makes no allowance for the medical use of marijuana. Marijuana has many
medical aspects and should be legally available to Canadians who could benefit from its use. Heroin and cocaine
are available for therapeutic and medicinal use, why isn’t marijuana?

By ignoring the testimony of the groups that came before your subcommittee and passing Bill C-7 without substantial
changes, you have sentenced hundreds of Canadians to death and thousands more to prison. I hope that you will come
to realize the error of prohibitionist legislation like Bill C-7, and work instead toward creating a drug policy
based upon the principles of tolerance and harm reduction.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to your response.


Yours Truly,