“Canadian M.P. E-mail Addresses”

Fax your M.P. for free by E-mail


Here is a complete email list of all MPs currently serving/marking

time in Ottawa until their pension kicks in.

There is no charge to use this service, it is FREE FREE FREE FREE GRATIS!

You simply email them in the regular manner, but in this case, your

email message is sent direct to the MP’s fax machine in his office.

The fax (obviously) prints out a hard copy of your email message.

This is much harder for a politician or snivel servant to ignore.

Be sure and put your own fax number and/or snail mail address in

the message if you want a reply. (In several months you will get a

form letter from some flunky in the MPs office thanking you for

writing and noting that your message has been “brought to the MPs

attention.” Don’t be discouraged. Keep writing them every two weeks

or so until you get action. Paper drives these people crazy, crazier?)

Now, if you have a beef, you can email every single MP while you sleep!

Democracy in action. Nail them if you don’t like what they are doing.

You may also contact any of them by postage free snail mail at:

House of Commons

Ottawa, ON K1A 0L5

Just make sure you include “M.P.” after their name in the address.

I did not compile this list. I am merely circulating it and ask that

you pass it on to as many people, organizations etc as you can.

This list is also available from www.io.org/