Emergency message to all Canadians

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Welcome to the Drug War Measures Act

he Controlled Drugs & Substances Act is a piece of legislation which is
supposed to replace the Narcotic Control Act and become Canada’s new drug
law. It was passed by the Canadian Parliament on October 30th, which was
also the day of the Quebec Referendum. The bill has been sent to the Senate
for approval, and if passed by the Senate then it could become law after
being given royal assent by the Governor General of Canada.

he Controlled Drugs & Substances Act is a regressive piece of
prohibitionist legislation that does absolutely nothing to bring about
“harm reduction” or end the war on drugs in Canada. This bill does not
decriminalize marijuana, as has been claimed by the government and the
national media. Instead, it drastically increases police powers of search
and seizure, makes no provision for the medical use of marijuana, does not
reduce the penalties for possession of marijuana, and will “streamline” the
judicial system to allow for more trafficking charges to be laid.

e have summarized the
five main reasons
why the Controlled Drugs & Substances Act is a dangerous bill, and have
since added

four more bad things

about the Controlled Drugs & Substances Act. All Canadians owe it to
themselves to become better acquainted with what could become Canada’s new
drug law if we don’t act quickly.

e have also summarized the main points made by the some of the different
organizations that testified before Parliament on the Controlled Drugs &
Substances Act. It is clear from their


that this bill is a bad piece of legislation that should have been
seriously amended or withdrawn.

he Controlled Drugs & Substances Act is being reviewed by the Standing
Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. It is imperative that
it is significantly amended before it is approved by the Senate.

he Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy has produced a series of

proposed amendments

to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. These amendments make harm
reduction and tolerance the basis of Canada’s drug strategy. If the Senate
adopts these recommendations then we will have seen the beginning of the
end for the War on Drugs in Canada.

he Senate will only support the amendments of the CFDP if they are given a
clear show of public support. We have prepared some


which we encourage all Canadians to print out and mail to The Senate and
other appropriate politicians, urging them to support these amendments, and
a comprehensive review of Canada’s drug policy.

emp BC and Cannabis Canada
are preparing as much of an attack upon the Controlled Drugs & Substances
Act as we are able. We are printing and distributing informational leaflets
and copies of these letters, have purchased advertising in BC newspapers,
and are hoping to be able to arrange a television commercial. All of this
costs money, and we welcome all


We need you to open up your pocketbook and pay the price of freedom.

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for an update on the current status on this bill.

You can also

read a cartoon

for a humorous look at one of the aspects of this bill.