Letter to Mr Beaudoin

Letter to Mr Beaudoin


The Hon. G&eacuterald A. Beaudoin
Chairperson of the Standing Senate
Committee on Legal & Constitutional Affairs
The Senate
Wellington St.,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A4


Dear Mr Beaudoin,
This letter is in regards to Bill C-7, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Bill C-7 is a regressive and counter
productive piece of legislation, and I want to ask the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs
to hold extensive hearings on this bill.

Passing Bill C-7 was the final act of Parliament on October 30th, the day of the Quebec referendum, and so there was
no official opposition as the entire Bloc Quebecois was absent from the House of Commons. Why did this bill need to
be passed under such circumstances? Could it be that this prohibitionist legislation was withdrawn from the summer
session because of negative public response, only to be snuck through when the eyes of the nation were focussed

I hope that the Senate is able to provide the opportunity for more public awareness and open debate about the real
costs and limited benefits of a prohibitionist drug policy. This nation needs to re-examine the sensibilities of
those who pass laws to “streamline” the justice system and “fast track” marijuana users into long jail terms.

Bill C-7 also makes no provision for the medical use of marijuana, despite the fact that marijuana has a number
of medical applications and there is no international restriction against its medical use.

It is expensive, immoral and completely unjustifiable to continue the criminal prohibition of marijuana.
I hope that the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs will be able to provide a forum
for a comprehensive review of Bill C-7. Canadians deserve better than a drug policy passed in the shadow of a
referendum that almost broke the nation.


Yours Truly,