The Royal Families – Lily’s Kith & Kin

The Royal Families: Princess Lily’s Kith & Kin

Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and Grandparents… all on display for your

This is me and my dad’s side of the Royal Family. From left to right:
Grandad Carl, Grandma Eurilda, Uncle Neil, Cousin Cyrus, Dad, Me, Mom,
Great-Grandma Doreen, Uncle Eric, Cousin Ezra, and Auntie Kathryn. I’ve
got a lot of names to remember!

My two aunties and my mom. On the left is Aunt Katarina, and othe right
is Aunt Olivia. Sometimes my mom gets mixed up and calls me Liv!

Here’s my weirdo dad playing some crazy game with me in his pants.
You mean I’m stuck with this guy as dad for life?

This was a fun day for me in Stanley Park. I went with my mom and dad
and both my grandmas. The one on the left is Eurilda, my dad’s mom. On
the right is Hana, my mom’s mom. That’s me in the middle with the blue

Here’s me learning how to stand up. My mom is helping to stabilize
me a little bit, but my legs are flexing!

My Uncle Neil was holding me very carefully because I was so small.

Here’s me and my Grandma again. She likes me to call her Nana. We were
sharing a joke, but you had to be there. She really knows how to have a
good time.

Here’s my Great Grandma holding me. I think she likes me.