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This is the website devoted to Princess Lily and all her wonderful ways!

Created Feb 28, 1999 — Updated April 20,


  • Name: Lily Ana Kalima Larsen
  • Titles:  Princess of the Realm, She-who-must-be-obeyed, Baby bo-bo
  • Parents: Jana Jitka Apsari Soukup-Razga and Dana Albert Larsen
  • Birthdate: 12:55am, December 17, 1998 (Sagittarius)
  • Weight at birth: 8lbs 13oz
  • Portents at birth: Raid of Hemp BC during labour; formation of new star
    in Sagittarius constellation
  • First words: “Whossat?”
  • Current vocabulary:  eye, ear, mouth, nose, tongue, hair, head, arm,
    hand, bum, yoni, leg, foot, mama, papa, dog, bug, bees, flower, shoe, coat,
    shirt, hat, hot, cold, no, yes, up, down, shit, vacuum, ouch, door, yup,
    chair, juice, fork, spoon, bowl, cup, gentle, and many more…
  • Worst Accident: Fell down one stair and twisted ankle. Couldn’t walk for
    1 week, but all better now!
  • Gallery 1: My entrance
    into the world

    Gallery 2: My friends
    and family

    Gallery 3: My first
    birthday party

    Gallery 4: Lily about the House (coming soon)

    (more coming soon!)