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We proudly present Cannabis Culture’s Top
Picks for best books in all categories.


Overall best book:

Emperor Wears No Clothes

The classic book which started it all!

Everything you always wanted to know about
Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy. Great introduction for the beginner,
classic reference book for the seasoned hempster. A true must have!

Best Grow Book:

Grower’s Guide

Excellent guide to growing fine marijuana
indoors and outdoors. Goes step-by-step through all phases of growth, from
seed and soil selection, to harvesting and curing. Growing techniques and
tips backed by scientific facts. Also explains how to avoid getting caught.
May colour plates


Best Breeding Book:


The Bible of cannabis breeding. Details
how to obtain the best specimen for production of superior hemp fibers
or top of the line intoxicant strain. All methods to produce the perfect
strain of cannabis are explained fully in this classic comprehensive guide.
A must read for all who are serious about the cultivation of cannabis. 


Best Hemp Book:

Great Book of Hemp

Vast amount of information on all aspects
of cannabis, in an illustrated, entertaining, easily accessible format.
Many images and colour photographs. Elegant and beautiful book, you’d be
proud to give it to your parents.

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Best Medical Book:

the Forbidden Medicine

Dr. Lester Grinspoon and James B. Bakalar
draw on twenty years of research to describe the medical benefits of marijuana,
explain why it has been forbidden, and argue that full legalization is
necessary. Much of the book is made up of first-person accounts by patients
who explain the relief provided by marijuana and the anguish caused by
having to obtain it illegally.


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Best Cannabis Cookbook:

Herbal Cookbook

Delicious recipes for fun and tasty marijuana
cooking! All kinds of food for every palate.

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Best Psychedelic Book:


A remarkable sourcebook for anyone interested
in the psychological, biological,  and cultural aspects of mind altering
substances. Includes LSD, marijuana, MDA, Ibogaine, and others.

Documents their preparation and use, and
the shifting social attitudes towards them.