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This is a list of all the options that can be set in WWWstats configuration files:

Full path to the log file.
A Perl array of files to be skipped. These are really Perl regexps, but you don’t need to know regexps to use them. If you want the file private.html to be skipped as well as all GIFs, you write: @SkipFiles=(“private.html”,”.gif”);
This works just like SkipFiles, but is matched against the host name of visitors instead. Useful for leaving out your own hits if you have a static IP address.
The size (in pixels) of the largest bar in the graphs.
The URL to the bar image. (Note that this value is inserted as the SRC of the IMG element in the HTML report, so it can be anything you like as long as it points to a suitable bar.)
The string that’s printed in the header of each report after “Foo report for”.
In the main report listing of visiting hosts, only hosts with more hits than the value of this variable are listed.
In the same listing this variable gives the maximum number of hosts listed.
In the main report listing of the most visited pages, only pages with more hits than what this variable is set to will be listed.
This variable limits the maximum number of pages listed in the same listing as MinHitFile controls.
This is the name of the file your server is configured to deliver if you request a directory. (Really a Perl regexp.) This is used to make sure that URLs like these two: