WWWstats change log

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WWWstats change log

New in version 1.30

  • One new report: wwwyear.pl
  • Lists of browsers, OSes and robots expanded.
  • Some minor code tweaks for speed and/or readability.
  • Some minor bug fixes.
  • Some minor improvements in produced HTML.
  • Month report layout improved by turning graph 90 degrees.
  • Browser report now shows major version number for Netscape.

New in version 1.4x

Version 1.43 fixes a couple of serious bugs in 1.40.

  • Speed of WWWstats.pl increased with 20%
  • Robot list extended, minor HTML improvements
  • Sort order now configurable
  • Page report can now contain links to pages
  • User can now choose which month to see in the monthly report
  • New report: weekly report
  • Better code structure

03.Dec.97 13:24, Lars Marius Garshol,[email protected]. A part of WWWstats.