Marc Emery Direct Marijuana Seeds

Emery Direct Marijuana Seeds

Updated : June
29, 1998




The following marijuana seeds
offered in packets of ten (10) seeds. Germination will be 70-90% (guaranteed
50%), but plants will be male and female.

To increase seed germination
rates we recommend POWER-THRIVE, an effective B-1 vitamin supplement that
helps successfully germinate seed into robust plants. A few drops goes

Most of our marijuana
seeds come from Dutch seed companies or are cultivated in British Columbia.
The origin of each variety is noted.

Yields of plants
will largely depend on your lighting, not genetics. All seed prices are
for ten (10) seeds unless noted.

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Seed sales are a
grey area in terms of legality. These seeds are suitable for eating, food
preparation, and seed oil; they contain no THC. Legally, cultivation of
marijuana is prohibited in Canada, penalties range from less than a day
in jail average in British Columbia to an average of 2 years less a day
in Nova Scotia for 40 – 50 plants. Our best to those brave souls in the
Maritimes and Alberta where penalties are harsh.

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