Cannabis Canada has become Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Canada

We’ve changed our name from Cannabis Canada to Cannabis Culture

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Cannabis Culture is the magazine of marijuana lifestyle and hemp happenings from around the globe.

In our three long years of publication, we have seen our readership grow from about 6,000 to an astounding 120,000 readers across North America and around the world. Hundreds of thousands more enjoy our magazine on-line at (like you!).

We have had great success within Canada and are now poised to conquer the international market. Part of the reason for changing our name from Cannabis Canada to Cannabis Culture is because we want to appeal to a wider international audience.

Cannabis culture crosses all borders, and we want our magazine to do the same thing. While we will continue to bring all the breaking news from across Canada, we are also expanding our focus, covering stories from all the world’s hot-pot-spots, illuminating cannabis smokers and growers wherever they are found.

Overgrowing the Government

Cannabis Culture is an active magazine, dedicated to ending marijuana prohibition. To this end we donate funds and magazines to hemp stores suffering police raids, to various legal challenges, to putting on parades and festivals, and to otherwise helping the cannabis cause.

We have also suffered police raids ourselves, the most recent being on April 30, when Vancouver Police seized over $10,000 in merchandise and 3 computers from our office.

Without the support of our readers and advertisers we could not continue to exist as a magazine. When you spend money with us you are putting your funds back into the cannabis community, and you are contributing to ending marijuana prohibition in Canada and around the world.

The best magazine in the World

Cannabis Canada developed a reputation as a high-quality magazine with interesting articles and a snazzy layout. As Cannabis Culture, we will continue to adhere to that high standard, and we will continue to grow and improve our magazine in every way possible.

Whether you are interested in subscribing or advertising in Cannabis Culture, or just reading our back issues online, we hope you can join us in our quest to free marijuana, by helping us be the best marijuana and hemp magazine in the world!

Cannabis Culture

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