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Cannabis Culture Online is now offering advertising banner space on ourwebsite

Cannabis Culture Online receives over 16,000 unique visitors per month, whoproduce over 800,000 total page impressions, and 50,000 hits on our toppage. We are a rapidly growing magazine and website, with a solidfoundation of fans and readers who visit our site over and over again.Sample copies of Cannabis Culture magazine are available to advertisersupon request.

Cannabis Culture is an articulate voice for marijuana lifestyle andpersonal freedom. Our readers are passionate and excited about thepossibilites of a hempen future, and enthusiastic about our website becauseit is jam-packed full of unique art, articles and amazing budshots. Linkingin with Cannabis Culture Online will attract dynamic, active people to yourwebsite and business.

If your business appeals to pot-people and has a presence on the internet,then you should be promoting it with Cannabis Culture Online!

Rates & Placement

Banner Ad Rates:

  • 1month: $200cdn – $140US
  • 3month: $450cdn – $315US

All banners are updated on the 15th of every month.

All payment must be received by the 10th of the month. No banners will beplaced before payment is received.

To book a 3 month timeslot, full payment must be made in advance.

Make payment to: Cannabis Culture, PO Box West Hastings, Vancouver, BC,Canada, V6B 1H4.

All banners will be randomly rotated through many different areas of oursite, including our top page, the discussion groups, the chat room, the budgalleries, the resource library, the backissues, the daily newsfeeds, andeverywhere else. Anyone who visits our website is sure to see your bannermany times.

All advertising banners will also appear on a special Advertisers Page,linked from our top page menu bar.

We are accepting no more than 20 advertisers, to ensure that all receiveadequate coverage on our site. This limited ad space will be provided tothose who book it first.

If you desire your banner to receive special placement on a certain page wecan provide that service, but we charge an additional fee depending on thespecific location.

For further inquiries or to book your ad please contact[email protected].

Technical Specification

Your ad banner should be 460 pixels wide x 55 pixels down

Please send GIF or JPEG files under 8K. We also accept compressed TIFF’s orPhotoshop files, under 20K please. For technical information or questions,send an email request to: [email protected].

The “alternative text” (which appears in the banner space before the bannerloads) should be submitted with the email containing the artwork. If youfail to submit such text we will write it ourselves.

We charge an additional $25/mo for animated banners.

Ad banners will not be changed except on the 15th of each month.

We recommend you keep your banner file size small. The faster it loads, themore people will see it.

Make payment to: Cannabis Culture, PO Box West Hastings, Vancouver, BC,Canada, V6B 1H4.

All ad banners and payment must be received by the 10th of each month.

All ads are run at the sole discretion of Cannabis Culture Magazine.

PO Box 15, 199 West Hastings, Vancouver BC,
Canada V6B 1H4