About the HempBC family

HempBC Family

Hemp BC and the Cannabis
Cafe have undergone a great deal of change over the past few months, but
they both continue to thrive and serve Vancouver’s cannabis community.

Hemp BC and the Cannabis
Cafe are no longer owned by their founder, Marc Emery. Marc sold the businesses
because of continuous police harassment and raids. On December 17, 1997,
police cleaned out Hemp BC of all pipes, bongs, seeds, grow equipment,
and other merchandise. Click
to find out more about that raid.

As usual, the raid
was devastating in its financial effects. These police raids are clearly
aimed at driving Hemp BC out of business without the expense and publicity
of a trial. (Marc’s trial date for the first Hemp
BC raid
of January 1996, has finally been set for April of 1999.)

City Hall also refused
to renew Hemp BC’s business license after the raid, and continued to refuse
to issue a license for the Cannabis Cafe.

Subsequent to the
raid and business license refusal, Marc decided to sell both Hemp BC and
the Cannabis Cafe to their current managers. Hemp BC was sold to Sister
Icee, and the Cafe was sold to Adam Patterson. To emphasize the change
of ownership, Hemp BC is now known as “Sister Icee’s Hemp BC”. (Marc also
sold the Hemp BC Legal Assistance
to legal whiz Andrea Turton.)

The idea was that,
since Marc would no longer be the owner, and the new owners were facing
no charges, and had no record as “promoting marijuana use”, both businesses
would be safer from police raids, and be in a better position to receive
a business license.

The businesses were
sold in mid-March of 1998. City Hall was notified of the change of ownership,
and they even had the new owners come down and sign forms agreeing to
certain conditions (such as no bongs in the window) in order to receive
their business licenses.

Despite this, when
Vancouver Police went to City Hall to inquire as to who was the current
owner of the businesses, City Hall officials told police that Marc Emery
was still the owner. The Police used this information to get search warrants,
and then on April 30, raided both Hemp BC and the Cannabis Cafe, as well
as the Cannabis
Canada Magazine office

This raid was supposedly
only to find further evidence of Marc Emery’s “illegal activities”, yet
police once again cleaned out the Hemp BC store, stole pipes, necklaces
and a sculpture from the Cannabis Cafe, and seized three computers and
$10,000 in bongs from the Cannabis Culture Magazine office (formerly Cannabis
Canada). For more information about this raid click

As a result of the
raid Adam decided to sell the Cannabis Cafe to Sister Icee, so she is
now the owner of both the Cafe and Hemp BC. Sister Icee has also launched
a lawsuit against City Hall for $1 million dollars, because their misinforming
the police as to the ownership of her business. Click
for more information about this lawsuit.

Emery’s Direct Seed Sales
continue, although by mail-order only. He
also continues to act as publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine. Marc
is still facing a wide array of charges for his activities as owner of
Hemp BC, click
for details.


Icee’s Hemp BC is the marijuana and hemp centre for Greater Vancouver.
We’re open 7 days a week with a wide variety of pipes, bongs, toke stones,
vaporizers, and other smoking devices for sale, as well as an array of
hemp clothing: shirts, pants, hats, and socks, and also hemp oil lotions,
creams and balms.

There’s also always
many different leaflets and handouts available for the education and enlightenment
of the customers. The store even has a “rolling table” and an in-store
vapourizer for customer use.

Sister Icee’s Hemp
BC is located at 307 West Hastings, Vancouver, British Columbia. Hours
of operation are from 10am – 6:30pm, seven days a week. Phone (604) 681-4620.

The Cannabis Cafe
is a pot-friendly zone with an all vegetarian menu – there’s delicious
and nutritious hemp seed flour or oil in every dish!

Although the Cannabis
Cafe doesn’t actually sell marijuana, it does provide a pleasant atmosphere
to consume the herb, with hand-crafted vapourizers available for the enjoyment
of its patrons. The joint is also decorated in cannabis culture art and
memorabilia. The Cannabis Cafe provides the complete marijuana and hemp

Ask us about hosting
your private parties!

The Cannabis Cafe
is located at 307 West Hastings, Vancouver, British Columbia. Call (604)
801-5656 for reservations.