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Update for December 7, 1998

New additions to our seed selection:

TheJoker is back! The Joker, perhaps Canada’s hippest breeder, hasreturned to us with his classics, Bubbleberry x NL x Bubbleberry, SweetLeaf (his own original classic), Snow Slyder, Alien x Northern Lights.All are $85 Canadian for 10 seeds.

The on-line catalog now includes the ClassicsSeed Company, a very reasonably priced line of classics:  HinduKush – $50, Hindu Kush x Durban – $45, Puree Durban – $50, a very specialpure Hawaiian Indica – $60, Northern Lights x Durban – $40, Hindu Kushx Hawaiian Indica – $45

A ‘Chong Doi’ Thai Indica direct from Thailandis available in limited quantities. Act quickly to get some of this fineeuphoric specimen, $50 for 10 seeds.

The Breeder’sChoice Seed Cabal is back with their White Rhino – $60 for 10 seeds.For $35, the following are available White Rhino x Bubbleberry, White Rhinox Big Bud, White Rhino x Chemo, White Russian x Chemo, Bubbleberry, WhiteRhino x Aghani.

Dutch Seeds

I notice that Sagarmatha Seeds claims we don’tbuy our seeds directly from them. This being completely false, as we havealways bought right from Tony’s shop, as we did November 25 a few weeksago our new stock of Slyder, Bubbleberry & Western Winds. We will addTony’s new strains in the second week of January, as we will add all thenew Dutch Passion strains (including their all-female strains), the MapleLeaf Indica by Sensi Seeds. We will also add 4 Greenhouse strains, probablythe Cup Winners.

Sensi Seeds webmaster Gio wrote me to saywe had a nice web site but to stop selling their seeds, as Sensi does notship to America. This being a tad hypoocritical since Sensi used to virtuallysponsor the Cannabis Cup to sells seeds to Americans in Holland. Our Sensiseeds are bought from Sensi at 20% off their retail and resold to our clientswithout permission from Sensi, but our agent bought the most recent supplyfrom Alan Dronkers at the most recent Cannabis Cup, and we will be backin Amsterdam in Mid-January to restock familiar and new varieties.

Other News

All orders to date (December 7) are out exceptfor 20 waiting for stock, which will be out in the next few days.

I am available to take calls at 604.681-4690on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. If you geta tape recording it means I am out mailing orders or on the phone. Keepcalling, you’ll get me eventually. All e-mail is current and I answer onMonday/Wed/Friday.

Amazingly, people continue to send cashor money orders to the G. Sanders box which we cancelled our associationwith on May 4 of this year. As far as I know, the person who has this mailboxhas merely been pocketting any money sent to him and not sending any goods.Please do not send any money to G. Sanders at Box #37, he is inno way associated with us.

Holiday time

I will not be in the office to take phonecalls on the following days:

December 25, 26, 27, 28 (Friday to Monday),December 30 to January 3.

The only day in the holidays I am hereis Tuesday, December 29.

I will be in Montreal for New Year’sif any Montrealers want to invite Kelly & I to any parties or such,my e-mail is [email protected].

The new issue of Cannabis Culture is releasedJanuary 1st. By the way, that’s me as Santa Claus on the current issue.Consider the North Pole Overgrown!

Update for November13, 1998.

All orders receivedas of November 10 (with 14 exceptions) are filled and sent out as of today.

Remember, you cancheck the status of your order, or whether I have received it, by e-mailingme and providing:

   1) initials of person receiving order
   2) city/town
   3) date order was sent to me.

Do not send any otheradditional information. (Do not send your full name, street address orzip code in e-mails).

When sending orders,do not send cash. Since April, I have had over 50 letters ‘lost’that were sent to me. This means that someone inside the post office herein Vancouver knows that cash amounts used to be sent to me. If you senda money order and it gets lost you get your money back. You don’t haveto put your name or info on any money order. When sending postal moneyorders, if in USA, make it the pink ones (International). Do NOT sendyour orders by overnight express, as customs may look at it. Regularmail (registered, if you like) is anonymous and safe.

I was speaking to’Greenman’ who rates ‘Seed Banks’ on the internet, and he commented thatpeople worry about their names and addresses being exposed because I getraided frequently. Well, if your order arrived the same day I were to getraided, that would be bad, but in 4 years and several thousand letters,I know of only one grower who was compromised by these raids. It mighthappen again one day, I can’t say. I destroy the material immediately afterissuing your order, but I must point out that some small risk exists.

There is a limiton the time you can make a claim after sending your order. If I receivedand cashed your money order, the order goes out extremely quickly, within72 hours generally. So if you haven’t heard anything by 30 days after sendingout your order, definitely write or call or e-mail. Any claim over 6months old will not be entertained. All claims must show that the moneyorder you sent was cashed by me in order to further a claim whereby youdidn’t get your order (or we don’t acknowledge receiving it.) Keep yourmoney order receipts (or leave it with your Mom until you need it, she’llfile it safely away).

I would like to pointout that I recommend the FederationSeed Co very highly. Their pot strains are stunning, particularly Romulan,Mikado, Hawaiian Sativa and all the various crosses involving those. Theyare underpriced for the substantial quality. I also recommend the NorthernLights and Northern Lights crosses from BCSeed Co. All of WillyJack‘s strains, including the new additions, are from Sensi Seed Bankoriginals and are good value.

I was recently convictedof trafficking .5 gram of hash (allegedly a gift to US tourists) and fined$750 (high for here, but of course I’m demonized as the anti-Christ bypolice these days). The upshot is that the onerous bail conditions forbiddingme from being within 1-block of HEMP BC are over. I will working at HEMPBC and the CANNABIS CAFE as a volunteer each Saturday in December, if anyonecares to say hello to me there. I won’t be selling seeds of course, butI haven’t been in the public eye much for the last 7 months, so if youwant to say hello, I’m at HEMP BC at 307 West Hastings in downtown Vancouvereach Saturday in December prior to Christmas.

Some recent additionsto our inventory I’d like to endorse. In the outdoorstrains, I highly recommend M-17 (also known as Micro Mighty Mite xSkunk#1), an outdoor strain that has great bud in 4 – 6 oz. amounts whenfinished in September (15 – 30). Especially good for hot & dry areas.Dutch Treat, along with M-17, is one of our classics that has excellentspeed (90 – 100 days start to finish), great high and decent yields (3- 6 oz. per plant outdoor). They are $40 for 10 seeds.

A peculiar phenomonais clients calling and saying this ” I grew out those seeds, and I got6 or 7 or 8 to germinate, but they all turned male, can you (or ‘I demandyou…’) send replacements. “

I feel that disappointmentcould be severe if this happens, but really, this isn’t my fault. Not asingle seed breeder gives me more free seeds if I give out replacements(which I have done on numerous occasions) because ‘they all turned male’.Nature is quirky and no one seeds me a tip or extra cash if they ‘all turnedfemale’ (which fortunately, I hear far more often).

In fact, about theonly way to get ‘all males’ is to stress the plants, and then they havea very high likelihood of going male or hermaphrodite. Strees includesuneven lighting schedules, cold air on the plants too long, over pesticiding,overwatering, overfertilizing, multiple disease attack (mold/fungus ANDmites for example) and anything which makes a plant panic and say ‘Hereis not a good place to be female and drop seed, better to be male and havepollen taken downwind to greener pastures where conditions are more ideal”,and that is, by the way, exactly what a canbnabis plant is programmed todo under stressful conditions.

I’ll still listento baleful stories but just so you know, I respond because I am a generousand fine fellow, not because I have to.

Also, when all ofyour seedling germinate and come out of the ground, get 2 inches high,and then all ‘mysteriously’ die, it’s also not my fault. Inexperiencedpeople may consider it mysterious (‘it must have been bad seeds!’) butreally, there are explanations which always involve over-moisture, mold,fungus, stress. An inexperienced person wouldn’t recognize this, but asyou get experience, you will. See the growingarticles at Cannabis Culture web site.

I am always interestedin feedback on the strains you get from me, that’s how I recommend strainsto others, my own experience and yours. I can be reached Mondays, Wednesdaysand Fridays at 604.681-4690 from 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Pacific Time, oron e-mail at [email protected]or fax at 604.681-4687.

Sadly, I no longerreceive seed buyers in person due to the many arrests I have faced, butI am very prompt by mail.

Update for September21, 1998.

Since being busted onSeptember 3, today (Sept. 21) is the first fully operational day sincethe bust.

On September 3, narcstook all of our seeds. My bail conditions prohibit me from working withmy old compadres, and barred me from my old office location, and 6 blocksaround it. Thus I could not get to answer my e-mail, phones or faxes. Today,all electronic communications are active in another location, but I seeI have over 300 e-mails to respond to. This will take several days.

All orders receivedprior to September 16 have been mailed out as of September 21 (today),so all these should be arriving shortly to my customers.

By Friday, September26, we should be current, that is, your order will be sent out within 72hours of arrival.

Although the policetook all our seed stock in our offices, we deal largely with professionalswho keep all strains in reserve, so everything, – and then some new strains- is available, although we keep much less of it on hand.

I am not sellingseeds face to face anymore, as that’s how I keep getting busted. Mail only,but no restrictions on who may order.

Fax number is 604.681-4687
Phone number is604.681-4620
e-mail is [email protected]

E-mail will take5 to 7 days to answer, and it will be 15 days to answer grow questionsor other non-seed sales inquiries.

Marc Emery 

Update for May 20, 1998

There is no longer anyback-log, so all orders are processed immediately. Every single order wehave received and have record of is out  there. Our turnaround timeis usually  48 hours, no more than 5 days at the outside. You canalways call me at (604) 681-4690 and check the status of your order., oremail me at [email protected]

All orders in Maywere handled the same day we received them, and were mailed out within48 hours in 82% of the time, within 5 days in 15% of the time and 3% weretwo weeks or less.

I personally answerall e-mail inquiries and questions 4 times daily Monday to Friday, at [email protected]. Most phone inquiries are handled personally by me as well.
My personal recommendationis to send money orders when ordering, because you have proof of payment,and pilfering in the mail has become more of a concern in recent months.Ordering information is found here.

In case you callus to see what’s what with your order, know that we keep a computerizedlog of all orders, listing your initials and city, looking like this:

“M.R.   Victoria   in- May 17  out May 20”

As you can note,this would be useless in anyone else’s hands.

Your order andall other correspondence is destroyed immediately after processing.

This business hasbeen improved and stabilized despite the 3 massive raids, and the 7 jailingsI have experienced in the last 2 and a half years.
Vancouver Policeand Vancouver City Hall made it clear they are out to ruin, destroy andendlessly harass me until I disappear or am driven out of the city oneway or another. I face 15 different marijuana related charges, have hadhalf a million dollars in merchandise seized, and am pretty much a workingjoe these days, TV appearances notwithstanding. (In other words, I’m famousbut I’m broke!)

I suffer such harassmentbecause I am not just a seed merchant, I am a very vocal and committedmarijuana legalization activist. I use your seed money to fight for anend to the war on marijuana smokers and growers, like you.

My HEMP BC storeopened the door for hundreds of imitators across Canada, so that now everymajor city has a store selling marijuana paraphernalia and hempen goods,and distributing pro-cannabis information in their communities.

The Cannabis Cafe(whose creation was subsidized by your seed money) has become a world-famoussymbol of marijuana freedom, a beacon of cannabis tolerance for North Americans.It too is beginning to be imitated, and I hope we can inspire every NorthAmerican city to have their own Cannabis Cafe soon.

(Due to persistentpolice raids and refusal of businesses licenses, I was forced to sell bothHemp BC and the Cannabis Cafe in May 1998, into the capable of hands ofSister Icee. Neither myself nor Marc Emery Direct Marijuana Seeds is affiliatedwith either Hemp BC or the Cannabis Cafe.)

I have also usedyour seed money to make substantial donations to various legal challengesto Canadian marijuana laws, and to help resupply stores that have beenraided by police. For example, over the past year, I’ve donated:

$7,000 to Lynn Harichy’smedical marijuana challenge
$6,000 to ChrisClay’s constitutional challenge
$2,000 to Hempwares
$2,000 to VinylExchange
$2,000 to RadicalRiz

$10,000 to environmentalcauses
$5,000 to AIDS-relatedservices

$100,000+ spent givingfree legal assistance to the poor and indigent in British Columbia throughthe Hemp BC Legal Assistance Centre, all relating to cannabis offenses.

By contrast, ourvarious competitors contribute NOTHING, nada, zip to the movement. Considerthat before I started HEMP BC in April 1994, there was no legalizationmovement. End of story.

No one else evencomes close folks. The reason I have been featured on CNN, ABC, the frontpage of the Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone Magazine, and hundreds ofother excellent reviews of my work, is because I pour not only my souland heart and mind into this campaign, but almost every penny of the incomewe receive from you goes into the movement.

Despite the multipleraids we’ve suffered, we have still filled every order we’ve received.We are committed to providing quality marijuana seeds to whoever needsthem, and to using our profits to legalize marijuana entirely. Together,we will Overgrow the Government!

Our seed servicehas never been better organized and up to date, and we have a very efficientcustomer-satisfaction driven attitude. I am keen to deal with any questions,problems, successes, or inquiries you may have.

Thank you for yoursupport. It is indeed an investment in yourself, your future freedom, andit is an investment in an intelligent advocacy of the marijuana culture.Most importantly, it is an investment in the best possible marijuana geneticsfor you and your grow room.

I am available at(604) 681-4690 by phone, (604) 681-4687 by fax, [email protected]  by e-mail.