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Hemp BC is the marijuana and hemp centre for Greater Vancouver. It is made

up of the Hemp BC Retail Store, the Little Grow Shop, Marc Emery

Direct Seed Sales, Hemp BC Legal Services, the Cannabis Cafe,

Cannabis Canada Magazines, and this website, which is home to all of their

virtual presences.

Cannabis Cafe

The Cannabis Cafe had its grand opening on July 2, and is now open every

day for those wishing to partake in the complete marijuana and hemp


While locals visit Vancouver’s smoke-easies, police have been continuing to

harass cannabis culture here and across Canada.

In London, Ontario, Chris Clay is awaiting the results of his

constitutional challenge.

Find out about summer rallies and get the latest news from our What’s New

section, or have us send headlines right to your inbox – join cclist.

No need to come to Vancouver to check out the HempBC store (although we

recommend it), the entire HempBC mailorder catalog is online. We sell

everything marijuana and hemp related: bongs to books, clothes to

cosmetics, and more.

The best way to fight prohibition is to grow your own, and we can help get

you off to a good start with Marc Emery Direct Seed Sales. Once you’re

stocked up in genetics, the Little Grow Shop provides everything to you

need to overgrow the government with fine, quality buds.

In case you get into trouble with the prohibitionist powers-that-be, the

HempBC Legal Assistance Centre can provide affordable, aggressive defence

for any cannabis related case.


Cannabis Canada is Canada’s national magazine of marijuana and hemp. We

come out seasonally, and put our backissues completely online a few months

after they come out. The Spring ’97 issue has just hit the newsstands, and

you can have it hit you first if you subscribe and get it delivered to

your door.

In each issue of Cannabis Canada you’ll find the only the best articles on

medical marijuana, the hemp industry, getting high, growing, legal

analysis, news, travel and history. It’s the definative chronicle of

Canada’s cannabis culture.

The Cannabis Canada Library and Archives contains links to every article

on our website, providing a comprehensive compilation of all things

cannabis for your delight, amusement and edification. Our library also

features a search engine so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

The Online Cannabis Cafe is a chat area where you can chill, discuss,

question, or just chat on cannabis related and other topics. Schmooze with

the grow greats. Debate with master activists.

Our Gallery of Ganja includes a wide selection of bodacious bud shots,

those graphic pics of naked flowers resinating in full glory that we all

know and love. You can also find high-end trip-art, poetry, and other

interesting goodies here as well.

If ever there was a growth industry, this is it. Find out about cannabis

capitalists in your area and around the world in the Commercial Hemp

Directory, or enter your own listing.

Think you’re alone? Check our server stats for an idea of how this site

gets used.

Thanks again for coming to HempBC. This page last updated June 27 1997