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      Cannabis Canada:
      the Magazine of Hemp and Marijuana around the World!

      The Time has Come
      to Advertise in Cannabis Canada!

          If you want to introduce
      your business to North American and International Cannabis Culture, then
      there’s no better place to advertise than Cannabis Canada Magazine!

          Cannabis Canada is the
      world’s fastest-growing magazine on marijuana and hemp! From our humble
      beginnings as a black and white newsletter four years ago, we now have
      an astounding 100,000 readers of our glossy, full-colour magazine, plus
      literally hundreds of thousands of regular visitors to our sprawling website.

          Cannabis Canada has
      been steadily increasing in prominence since its inception. We have been
      quoted and reviewed in a number of newspapers across Canada and the US,
      including the Wall Street Journal, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star,
      the Vancouver Sun, the Ottawa Citizen, the San Jose Mercury, and many others.
      We have even received mention on CNN!

          Cannabis Canada carries
      only the most cutting edge information on all aspects of marijuana and
      hemp, including the best grow tips, the freshest legal updates, the most
      astounding bud shots, the most current and accurate coverage of Canada’s
      exploding hemp industry, and a myriad of ways for our readers to do their
      bit to help end the war on all aspects of cannabis.

          Cannabis Canada also
      pushes the limit to support cannabis reform and challenge the status-quo
      in fun and exciting ways. For example, we strive to include a hemp-paper
      section in every issue, as well as inserted cards which can be mailed free
      of charge to appropriate politicians. Also, the grand-prize winner of our
      legendary “Cannabis Crossword” receives a big bag of fantastic BC bud delivered
      right to his door!

          Advertising in Cannabis
      Canada is an excellent and affordable way to promote your business among
      the most passionate and devoted members of cannabis culture.  Cannabis
      Canada readers are the trendsetting core who will lead the way in establishing
      new boundaries for cannabis in the new millenium. Shouldn’t you let them
      know about your company today?

      International Audience and Web

          Cannabis Canada is now
      available coast-to-coast throughout both Canada and the US. Our magazine
      continues to expand in scope and reach a wider international audience.
      Canada is in many ways a world leader in both the marijuana and hemp movements,
      and so we have a found a strong interest in Canadian news from cannabis
      connoisseurs around the globe.

          Cannabis Canada reaches
      about 2000 international readers, in countries as varied as Israel, Japan,
      Russia, all parts of Europe and Australia, and pretty much everywhere else
      on earth. This figure however, is dwarfed by the astronomical numbers of
      visitors to our massive website at”>”>

          All advertisers in Cannabis
      Canada receive a free listing in our on-line Cannabis Classifieds directory,
      exposing your business to countless numbers of consumers from around the
      world. (We are also able to provide a more substantial web presence, such
      as banner ads and site-hosting, for a low additional cost. Please ask us
      about this if you are interested in quickly and easily exposing your business
      to even greater masses of web-savvy high-end cannabis enthusiasts)

      Seeds Grow Business!

          One unique feature of
      our magazine is actually an ad in itself. Our prominent ads for marijuana
      seeds are a special aspect of Cannabis Canada which makes it uniquely and
      especially popular among all growers of marijuana. The thousands of people
      who spend large amounts of money on mail-order seeds they saw in CC are
      more than likely to also order other products they see advertised in the
      same magazine. (They will also likely have more extra money to spend once
      they have harvested their

      lucrative crop.)

          Because we are a proactive
      magazine and we encourage reader participation, we have a very devoted
      and loyal audience, as well as a rapidly expanding subscriber base. Subscribers
      are a valuable advertising resource since they have obviously already shown
      their interest and willingness to invest in mail-order cannabis culture.

          Cannabis Canada’s readership
      continues to expand and diversify.   The current newstand distribution
      is approximately 55% Canadian, 43% United States and 2% international. 
      With a wide range of topics, Cannabis Canada is an important source of
      up-to-date information for the hemp fabric industry, as well as for lawyers,
      doctors, politicians, historians, naturopaths, herbalists, activists, religious
      experts, and plain old recreational smokers.  Domestic and International,
      serious and fun, popular and unique — Cannabis Canada is a magazine for
      anyone who has an interest related to marijuana or hemp.

          Curently, our distribution
      is 30,000 issues and increasing daily.  We are now glossy, full colour,
      and bi-monthly.  Also with increasing hemp pages.  Our next issue
      April/May 1998, issue #12 will include sixteen pages of hemp paper. 
      Reach out to the emerging cannabis culture around the world with affordable,
      targeted advertising in Cannabis Canada Magazine.

          Our distribution and
      subscriptions are increasing rapidly and will continue to grow.  This
      means that your ad is getting seen by more people, which means more business! 
      By changing from a quarterly to bi-monthly format, Cannabis Canada will
      be more current with up-to-date information in our changing world.

          If you wish to carry
      Cannabis Canada Magazine in your store please call for information. 
      We offer direct to retail service or will provide you with the name of
      the distributor in your area.

          Enclosed are our rate
      sheet and production schedule as well as production guidelines.  It
      is imperative that we receive all ads on time and in the proper format
      so that we can meet our production schedule. Also, all ads must be in the
      proper format ie:  print ready.  The magazine is digitally produced
      on the Macintosh system.  For further information, please consult
      the production guidelines or contact our art department.

          Advertisment in Cannabis
      Canada range in sizes; from a 1/4 to a full-size colour page.  Dimensions
      and further details can be found on the rate sheet.  However, please
      note if you take advantage of the 3X rate, the prices are even more reasonable
      and can be paid per issue, although there is a 5% reduction for multiple
      insertions paid in advance.  As our distribution increases, our prices
      will increase.  A multiple insertion will guarantee your price will
      remain the same for 2 or 3 issues.

          If you have any questions
      or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the advertising department. 
      Ad space in each issue is limited, so don’t delay in contacting us with
      your payment or questions. See our attached Rate Sheet for special discounts
      on multiple insertions and advance payments.

      Payment and Insertion Orders
      (display advertisers only)

          To guarantee your price
      and space in our magazine, please fax back all insertion orders promptly.
      Remember that half the invoice total is due by the space reservation date.

          We are very excited
      about these changes and the development of our magazine and hope you are
      too!.  Our mission remains the same; to produce a high quality magazine
      which promotes the beneficial uses of marijuana and hemp around the world…Ultimately



        Cherrish Di-Nardo

        Advertising Manager


      Submission Requirements


      •   All prices are for camera ready art
        positives (PMT) or film negatives.

      •   Camera ready PMTs and film negatives
        should be prepared to the correct size and output at 133 lpi

      •   Film must be right reading, emulsion

      •  Files may be sent electronically on
        removable media, specifically Jaz discs, Zip discs, 200 and 88 Mb Syquest
        discs or CD ROM disc. They must be received in production by the material

      •   All ads sent electronically must be
        provided “Ready to Print” and signed off by the advertiser.

      •   All electronically sent files must
        include all postscript fonts used in the ad, and all image files used in
        the ad.

      •   We will only accept files for ads created
        in Quark Xpress or Adobe Illustrator.

      •   Image files must be EPS format for
        colour and TIFF for Greyscale or line art.

      •   All Colour ads must include a colour
        proof or a separated laser proof signed off by the advertiser.



      •   Payment must be made prior to deadline
        to reserve display space

      •   Ad rates reflect basic insertion only

      •   Custom design of ads are subject to
        additional charges.

      •   An additional 5% off is given for receiving
        payment in advance for multiple insertions.

      Advertising Rates









      Full Page

      10 1/4″


      7 1/2″







      1/2 page (hz)



      7 1/2″







      1/2 page (vt)

      10 1/4″


      3 5/8″

      1/3 page

      10 1/4″


      2 1/3″







      1/4 page



      3 5/8″







      Inside Front Cover



      Inside Back Cover



      Back Cover





       US Prices are in BLUE
      and Canadian Prices are in RED.