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Psychedelics and Hallucinations

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Dreams : The Complete Social History of LSD : The Cia, the Sixties, and

By Martin A. Lee, Bruce Shlain 

Paperback – 345 pages (March 1986) 

Price: $11.20 

CC Top Pick

A complete account of LSD’s place in history. An abundance of well organized
information. From plans to use it for mind control to hopes of using it
as a truth serum. The book covers Milbrook, the Beats, the Hippies, and
every other group that used LSD. Includes Anais Nin, Cary Grant, Thelonius
Monk, Leary’s Harvard days and the drug use of The Beatles.
Archaic Revival : Speculations on Psychedelic Mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual
Reality, Ufos, Evolution, Shamanism, the Rebirth of the Goddess

by Terence K. McKenna 

Paperback – 288 pages (May 1992) 

Price: $12.80 


A student of Tibetan shamanism, virtual reality, and the botany of
the Amazon, McKenna is a legendary raconteur, adventurer, and proponent
of the use of the psilocybin mushroom. McKenna claims that hallucinogenic
plants are a key to our evolution as a language-using species. Full of
articles and interviews. 

“A cyclone of unorthodox ideas capable of lifting almost any brain out
of its cognitive Kansas.”–from the foreword by Tom Robbins 

25 collages by Satty. 


Castaneda : Academic Opportunism and the Psychedelic Sixties 

By Jay Courtney Fikes, Margaret R. Castaneda 

Hardcover (December 1996) 

Price: $13.97 

Anthropologist Jay Fikes adds his voice to those exposing the deceptions
of Carlos Castaneda. Fikes is concerned that people like Castaneda distort
Native cultures and cause harm to those cultures. 

Fikes has done genuine fieldwork among the Huichol people in Mexico,
and he presents some of his findings, particularly in relation to the peyote

“As an undergraduate I was heavily influenced by the books of Carlos
Castaneda. After I began learning first-hand from Huichol healers and singers,
the problems with Castaneda’s version of American Indian spirituality became
evident. I was amazed at the amount of 

indifference and hostility I encountered among academic anthropologists
as I did my investigative research. Some professors threatened me with
lawsuits. My first publisher abandoned publication of this book because
of threats of litigation.” — from the author, Jay Fikes.

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Construction and Operation of Clandestine Drug Laboratories 

by Jack B. Nimble 

Paperback 2nd edition (February 1994) 

Price: $17.95 

This book describes, in step-by-step, illustrated detail, how to set
up and run a clandestine drug lab – without getting caught! Explains how
to select a location, discusses safety precautions – including how and
when to shut down – and gives advice on covering your tracks. Illustrated.

of Perception and Heaven and Hell 

by Aldous Huxley 

Paperback – 192 pages Reissue edition (July 1990) 

Price: $10.00 
Aldous Huxley explores the mind’s remote frontiers and the unmapped
areas of human consciousness. These two astounding essays are among the
most profound studies of the effects of mind-expanding drugs written in
this century. Part bemused essay and part mystical treatise. Introduces
the theory of the eliminative function of the brain and the idea of the
“Mind At Large”.
: The MDMA Story

By Bruce Eisner 

Paperback – 190 pages 2nd expand edition (December 1993) 

Price: $14.36 

Ronin Press is reissuing its 1989 work, Ecstasy: The MDMA Story by
Bruce Eisner. This new edition includes the influence of Ecstasy on the
rave scene, a discussion of new studies, and a chemical analysis of this
very popular but illegal drug. 

Chronicles flip-flops in MDMAs legal status, psychological effects,
erotic implications, methods of use, possible future, health risks, chemical
structure and a detailed description of its chemical synthesis by leading
pharmacologist Dr. Alexander T. Shulgin. Also has latest information on
health risks, and the rave scene in England and the USA. 


(no image available)
: Dance, Trance & Transformation

By Nicholas Saunders, Rick Doblin 

Paperback (July 1996) 

Price: $15.96 

CC Top Pick

Most comprehensive source of information about Ecstasy and the dance culture.
Looks at Ecstasy in the US – laws, music, and users – and the global scene.
Also detailed look at physical and psychological use of MDMA. Doesn’t hide
the potential dangers of drug abuse. A valuable book for anyone who uses
E or has ever thought of taking it. 
(no image available)
Ecstatic Imagination : Psychedelic Experiences and the Psychoanalysis of

By Daniel Merkur 

Paperback – 218 pages (February 1998) 

Price: $15.96

The Ecstatic Imagination provides the first general theory of psychedelic
experiences. The book treats self-reports of psychedelic experiences as
a wealth of neglected data which forms the basis to expand the psychoanalytic
model of human imagination. An exhaustive phenomenology of the varieties
of LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin experiences in Western and Native American
cultures is joined together with psychoanalytic theories drawn from the
classical, ego psychological, and object relations schools. 

of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge

By Terence McKenna 

Paperback Reprint edition (February 1993) 

Price: $13.56 

CC Top Pick

An exploration of humans’ symbiotic relationships with plants and chemicals.
Information on prehistoric partnership societies, the roles of spices and
spirits in the rise of dominator societies; and the politics of tobacco,
tea, coffee, opium, and alcohol. 

Puts forth the theory that magic mushrooms are the original “tree of
knowledge” and that the general lack of psychedelic exploration is leading
Western society toward eventual collapse or destruction 

“Deserves to be a modern classic on mind-altering drugs and hallucinogens.”–The
Washington Post. 

Photos and illustrations.

Perspectives and Psychedelic Poetics

by Terence McKenna 

Price: $11.87 

Audio Cassette (May 1994) 

2 cassettes 


The meltdown of values of Western civilization and the future of the
human species. Calls for an Archaic Revival and the dissolution of synthetic
boundaries erected by the male ego. 

2 cassettes.

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Great Psychedelic Discography

by Martin C. Strong 

Paperback – 600 pages (March 1998) 

Price: $20.00 


Want to Take You Higher : The Psychedelic Era 1965-1969 

by Charles Perry (Editor), Parke Puterbaugh (Editor), James Henke (Editor) 

Paperback – 208 pages (May 1997) 

Price: $19.96
Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Summer of Love with this definitive
volume from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum. A time capsule
of the wildest moments from 1965-1969. 200+ photos. 

Showcases the infamous icons of the era – from John Lennon’s Sgt. Pepper
uniform to Janis Joplin’s hand-painted Porsche. Country Joe McDonald, Allen
Ginsberg, Grace Slick, Mickey Hart, Donovan, Bob Weir and members of the
influential bands Big Brother and the Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger
Service, Moby Grape and many others contribute their perspectives. 

Features posters, paraphernalia and an illustrated time line. Coffee
table picture book psychedelic nostalgia. 


Marijuana and Psychedelic Mushroom Gardens 

By Robert Bunch 

Paperback – 150 pages (August 1998) 

Price: $14.36 


CC Top Pick

Comprehensive collection of hints, tips, tricks and techniques for growing
the best buds and shrooms in an undetectable fashion. A fun book, easy
to read, clear writing. Full of sound advice. From Loompanics.

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Eyes : Psychedelic Rock from the ’60s to the ’90s 

by Jim Derogatis 

Paperback – 288 pages (July 1996) 

Price: $13.56 

An overview of a type of rock ‘n’ roll which is about sensory overload,
“unreality”, and fun!! This book covers everything in “head” music from
the Beatles, Beach Boys, to Kraftwerk, Can, and the Flaming Lips. All in
pop historical context.
Long Trip : A Prehistory of Psychedelia

By Paul Devereux 

Paperback – 256 pages (August 1997) 

Price: $12.76 

A pioneering study of the uses of psychedelic drugs, from ancient times
to the present. Emphasizes the role of context in psychedelic experience. 

From early Eurasia (the fly agaric mushroom and the legendary soma)
to Africa (ibogaine and khat), through the arcane traditions of Native
Americans and the plant lore of “witchcraft”, natural hallucinogens have
been an integral part of shamanic belief in a higher plane. 


by Stanislav Grof 

Paperback – 352 pages 2nd edition (November 1994) 

Price: $18.36 


A Narrative of the Early Years of American Psychedelianism Recension of

by Art Kleps 

Hardcover – 222 pages (1997) Original Kleptonian Neo-American Church 

Price: $25.00 


In 1960, the author, then a school psychologist, takes a half a gram
of pure mescaline sulfate, which he legally orders through the mail, and
has a massive visionary trip. Three years later, Timothy Leary, Richard
Alpert and Ralph Metzer, all PhD’s recently ejected from Harvard, move
into a 2500-acre estate in Millbrook, a “psychedelic research center.”
Art Kleps sends Leary a copy of his Neo-Psychopathic Character Test and
is invited to visit Millbrook. He feels an immediate affinity with the
LSD-gobbling residents, who are described in glorious detail. During this
and subsequent visits amazing stories unfold. 

After the author is fired as a school psychologist in 1964 for writing
a paper on marijuana, he buys lakefront property for a psychedelic retreat
and creates the Neo-American Church. New members receive five peyote buttons
and a membership card. 

A few scenes: Allan Watts well-lubricated on whiskey reeling off an
amazing eulogy to a recently dead Aldous Huxley. Jack Kerouac smashed on
wine and a little LSD visiting a Neo-American meeting in Miami. Timothy
Leary being rebuffed after exclaiming, ?We are all charlatans, aren?t we??
The evil Michael Hollingshead unsuccessfully trying to find a mysterious
stash under a rock with a flashlight during a dark and thundery night.
The 1967 Fourth of July party at Millbrook with pitchers of acid punch,
millionaires dressed in fanciful costumes, an incredible fireworks show
and music by the Grateful Dead. Bill Haines, guru of the psychedelic Sri
Ram Ashram, reading the chief boo hoo?s classic, ?The Bombardment and Annihilation
of the Planet Saturn,? to the Ashram kids. A big acid trip that the author
and Haines take with the Hitchcocks which is the best description of a
really big one in print. A naked and scrawny Owsley, underground chemist,
wandering around Millbrook with his two dim and dusty-looking girlfriends.
Owsley bringing his new wonder drug, STP, to Millbrook, with the usual
consequences. Dick Alpert, aka ?Baba Ram Dass,? with a broken arm caused
by jumping out of a window on LSD to see if he could fly. 

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: Psychedelic Fungi 

(Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs. Series 1) by Solomon H. Snyder

127 pages Updated edition (December 1992) 

Price: $19.95 

(no image available)

by William S. Burroughs 

Paperback – 255 pages Reissue edition (February 1992) 

Price: $9.56 


Naked Lunch is an addict’s descent into hell, as he travels from New
York to Tangiers, and then to Interzone, where he finds a nightmarish modern
urban wasteland 

One reviewer said “When I read Naked Lunch I’d felt I had a contact
high from the pages. The book began to work its way through my skin.” 

Burroughs wrote Naked Lunch in a Tangier, Morocco, hotel room between
1954 and 1957. Allen Ginsberg and his beatnik cronies burst onto the scene,
rescued the manuscript from the food-encrusted floor, and introduced some
order to the pages. It was published in Paris in 1959 and in the U.S. in
1962; the landmark obscenity trial that ensued served to end literary censorship
in America. 

A Chemical Love Story

I Have Known And Loved)

by Alexander Shulgin 

Paperback (September 1991) 

Price: $18.95
Good science, good chemistry, good insight. 179 recipes for “designer
drugs” whether inactive, active, or just plain weird in effect. They are
there, in full detail for the chemist. 

A book of two parts. The first part is the semi-autobiographical account
of the continuing love affair of Shulgin & his partner, and their exploration
of psychedelic states together. The second part is a useful compendium
of phenylethylmine derivatives, their structural chemistry, synthesis and
their effects on human volunteers.

LSD Manufacture

by Uncle Fester 

Paperback – 160 pages revised edition (February 1997) 

Price: $16.00
Uncle Fester proves his prowess with chemical synthesis. He constantly
provides the reader with informative and explanatory notes, and even provides
several methods of LSD synthesis, as well as the means to create MDMA.
A must-have for those interested in the drug. 
(no image available)

by Michael Valentine Smith 

Paperback – 200 pages (June 1984) 

Price: $15.96 


CC Top Pick

The most complete book ever written on how to manufacture psychedelic drugs!
Intended only for those who have a thorough knowledge of advanced lab techniques
in organic chemistry. Extracting THC from marijuana. Making LSD. Synthesizing
cocaine. Mescaline, harmaline, muscimole and more. 

Out of print for years, now available in a revised, updated edition
with more material. Illustrated.


Drugs Reconsidered 

(Drug Policy Classics Reprints Series Number 1) 

By Lester Grinspoon, James B. Bakalar 

Paperback – 385 pages 3rd edition (July 1997) 

Price: $12.95 
Two of the world’s leading experts on drug use provide the general
reader with a comprehensive and accessible survey of psychedelic drugs
and the scientific and intellectual issues they raise. The authors review
the chemistry of psychedelics, their effects, and the history of human
experience with the drugs, as well as assessing their potential value. 

“An exceptionally well-balanced scientific discussion of every aspect
of psychedelic drugs…. It is a courageous book which simultaneously succeeds
for both the popular and scientific audiences.”–Carl Sagan 


by Peter Stafford 

Paperback 3Rd/Expnd edition (August 1992) 

Price: $23.96 


CC Top Pick

A fascinating historical reference on psychedelics-from the LSD-25 of the
60s to the memory enhancers of today. It draws from scientific research,
personal accounts, and popular literature to document the properties attributed
to psychedelic substances, their preparation and use, and the shifting
social attitudes towards them over the past half-century. This is a remarkable
sourcebook for anyone interested in the psychological, biological, physiological,
and cultural aspects of psychedelics. Information on the history, botany,
pharmacology, physical effects, mental effects, forms, and sources 
for LSD, mescaline, peyote, DMT, PCP, and many more. 

Psychedelic Experience : A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead

by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, Richard Alpert, Karma-Glin-Pa Bar
do, Ralph Mezner (Contributor) 

Paperback (February 1995) 

Price: $8.76 


Excellent tool for psychedelic explorations. A guide to conciousness
expanding activities. The Tibetan Bardo Thodol is well represented. The
passages are valuable guides to the many blissful and terrifying realities
experienced under the influence of LSD. 


Prayers & Other Meditations 

by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner (Introduction) 

Paperback – 128 pages Reprint edition (May 1997) 

Price: $10.36 

Written while Leary was visiting India in 1965 and finished the following
year, Psychedelic Prayers is an adaptation of Book 1 of the Tao Te Ching.
With a new Introduction by Ralph Metzner, Leary’s Harvard colleague, this
book of poetry and meditations is being published in its first new edition
in 25 years. 

Timothy Leary–Harvard University psychologist, social change activist,
psychedelia enthusiast, and cyberspace pioneer–died on May 31, 1996, as
this edition of Psychedelic Prayers and Other Meditations was in progress. 

Psychedelic Reader : Selected from the Psychedelic Review 

by Gunther M. Weil (Editor), Ralph Metzner, Timothy Leary (Editor) 

Paperback – 272 pages Reprint edition (November 1993)Price: $10.36 

The Psychedelic Review was founded in 1963 as a serious journal dedicated
to the study of psychedelic substances. Presenting experts in the fields
of anthropology, religion, pharmacology, poetry, and metaphysics, this
groundbreaking journal had a dramatic impact on its times, attracting a
large and avid readership among academics and the burgeoning psychedelic

The writers in The Psychedelic Reader include Alan Watts, Timothy Leary,
Sir Julian Huxley, and Ralph Metzner. Touches on everything from the poetry
of Hermann Hesse to specific dosage levels.

Resource List, Second Edition 

by Jon Hanna 

Paperback – 150 pages (October 1, 1998) 

Price: $19.95
A resource guide that reviews over 400 companies and groups related
in some manner to psychedelics. Categories include: Audio & Video (Tapes,
Records, CDs, & Videos); Book Vendors & Publishers; E-mail Groups
& The Internet; Ethnobotanicals (Seeds, Dried Herbs & Live Plants);
Gardening & Lighting Supplies; Hemp & Cannabis Related; Information
Sources; Merchandise, Gadgets, and other Miscellaneous Stuff; Mushrooms;
Non-profit & Religious Groups; Periodicals; Seminars & Gatherings;
Smart Drugs & Nutrients. 

(no image available)

by Jim Dekorne 

Paperback – 155 pages (December 1994) 

Price: $15.96 

The boldest exploration of psychedelic plants since Terence McKenna’s
Food of the Gods. DeKorne is a “psychonaut” exploring the “imaginal realms”
through personal experimentation and scholarly research. He guides the
reader through the history and lore of psychotropic plants, with advice
on how to handle the eerie “Entities” one encounters in “hyperspace.” Plants
and combinations covered include: Belladonna Alkaloids; D-Lysergic Acid
Amide; Mescaline; Ayahuasca; Smokable DMT from Plants; Psilocybin; and
more. Illustrated, index.
Secret Chief: Conversations With a Pioneer ofthe Underground Psychedelic
Therapy Movement  

by Myron J. Stolaroff 

Paperback – 144 pages (October 1997) 

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies 

Price: $10.95 

A series of conversations that LSD researcher Myron Syolaroff, author
of Thanatos to Eros, had with an anonymous psychotherapist, “Jacob” who
successfully utilized a variety of psychedelic substances during his many
years of practice. 

Early in his career, after being trained as a Jungian analyst, Jacob
discovered the enormous potential that psychedelics had for psychotherapy.
Jacob chose to utilize substances like LSD and MDMA in his practice despite
their illegality. Risking imprisonment, he turned on thousands of people
during the course of his career and was loved by many. Jacob died in 1988
at the age of 76. 

This extremely valuable book also includes several fascinating case
histories, an extensive list of resources, and touching commentaries by
such notables as Stanislav Grof, Alexander and Ann Shulgin, and Albert

One hundred percent of the profits from the sale of this book are pledged
to psychedelic research.

of Methamphetamine Manufacture : Including Recipes for MDA, Ecstacy, and
Other Psychedelic Amphetamines

By Uncle Fester 

Paperback – 253 pages 4th edition (March 1997) 

Price: $24.95 

A step-by-step how-to-do it book on the manufacture of methamphetamine
and psychedelic amphetamines. Covers methamphetamine, methcathinone (“cat”),
and much more.Illustrated. 

“This book summarizes what I have learned about this topic as the result
of close to 20 years of practical experience in the field, including 5
years in the pen. Correspondence with other cookers and my own original
research makes this the Journal for Clandestine Cookers.” — Uncle Fester

Heaven : Lsd and the American Dream

by Jay Stevens 

Price: $11.20 
For an entire generation that came to maturity in the 1960s, LSD promised
liberation of human consciousness. It was the catalyst of an all-pervasive
cultural revolution. This is the riveting account of the unique social
phenomenon created by LSD. 

“The most compelling account yet of how psychedelic drugs became an
explosive force in postwar American history.”–Newsweek

: The Continuation 

I have Known and Loved)

by Alexander Shulgin 

Paperback (September 1997) 

Price: $24.50 

The second book by the Shulgins which mix their autobiographies with
the subjective effects of new and well-studied psychedelic drugs. Highly
recommended, but it would make more sense if one reads PIHKAL first. 

Like Shulgin’s earlier work Pihkal, Tihkal is a book of two parts. The
first part is the semi autobiographical account of the continuing love
affair of Shulgin & his partner, and their exploration of psychedelic
states together. The second part is a useful compendium of tryptamine devivatives,
their structural chemistry, synthesis and their effects on very willing
human volunteers. 


Rabbit : A Psychedelic Reader 

by John Miller (Editor), Randall Koral (Contributor) Paperback – 304
pages (July 1995) 

Price: $11.16 

A comprehensive anthology collects the literature on drugs and drug
users by the world’s most imaginative writers, including Jim Hogshire on
the reptilian effects of DM cough syrup and Lewis Carroll sending Alice
down the rabbit hole. From opium to ecstasy, as captured by some of the
world’s most imaginative writers. An addictive read. 

(no image available)
World Is As You Dream It : Shamanic Teachings from the Amazon and Andes

by John M. Perkins 

Price: $8.76 

Paperback – 139 pages (April 1994) 
A thrilling view of ancient native cultures as experienced by American
travelers, especially Perkins himself. Inspired by childhood visions, Perkins
sought and studied with South American shamanic teachers who introduced
him to their rituals and, more important, their religious conceptions.
He shares their beliefs about healing and dreaming, about psychotropic
drugs and magic. 
(no image available)