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the First Twelve Thousand Years

Ernest L. Abel / Paperback / Published 1980

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Excellent book on the use of marijuana and hemp throughout human history.
Classic reference for many other works. Covers many cultures and time-periods.
Fun to read, informative, well-researched. Comprehensive guide to historical
cannabis use.
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Emperor Wears No Clothes
Jack Herer / Paperback / Published 1998 

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Cannabis Culture Top Pick

The classic book which started it all! 

Everything you always wanted to know about Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy.
Great introduction for the beginner, classic reference book for the seasoned
hempster. A true must have!
from the Indian Hemp Commission Report 
Tod Mikuriya / Paperback / Published 1994 

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Great Book of Hemp
Rowan Robinson, Robert A. Nelson / Paperback / Published 1995 

Our Price: $15.96 

Cannabis Culture Top Pick

Vast amount of information on all aspects of cannabis, in an illustrated,
entertaining, easily accessible format. Many images and colour photographs.
Elegant and beautiful book, you’d be proud to give it to your parents.
History of the Hemp Industry in Kentucky
James F. Hopkins / Paperback / Published 1998 

Our Price: $13.60 

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