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The Cutivation
of Hemp : Botany, Varieties, Cultivation and Harvesting

 Ivan Bocsa, et al / Paperback / Published 1998 

Price: $15.16

Excellent book for anyone who wants to grow industrial hemp on any
scale. It clearly outlines the necessary techniques and information to
succesfully grow commercial hemp for both seed and fibre. 

Ivan Bocsa is a famed Ukrainian hemp breeder.

Great Book of Hemp

Rowan Robinson, Robert A. Nelson / Paperback / Published 1995 

Price: $15.96 

Vast amount of information on all aspects of cannabis, in a profusely
illustrated, entertaining, easily accessible format. Many images and colour


Elegant and beautiful book, you’d be proud to give it to your parents.
Lifeline to the Future

Chris Conrad / Paperback / Published 1994

Price: $10.40

Well presented and convincing presentation of what hemp can be used
for and of its potential value in various wide-ranging industries. 

Chris Conrad is a renowned hemp speaker and activist. 

Horizons : The Comeback of the World’s Most Promising Plant

 John W. Roulac / Paperback / Published 1997 

Price: $15.16

Hemp Manifesto : 101 Ways That Hemp Can Save Our World

Rowan Robinson / Paperback / Published 1997 

Price: $4.76

History of the Hemp Industry in Kentucky

 James F. Hopkins / Paperback / Published 1998 

Price: $13.60

For more than half a century hemp dominated Kentucky’s agricultural
production. This book surveys the hemp industry in Kentucky from its beginnings
through its demise at the end of World War II. It describes the processes
of seeding and harvesting as well as the marketing of manufactured goods
made of the fibrous plant. 


Originally published in 1951, Hopkins’s work remains remarkably current
as hemp manufacturing today is little changed from the practices the author
(no picture available)

Directory of Hemp Products & Supplies

James Berry / Paperback / Published 1996 

Price: $29.95 

A complete worldwide directory of the burgeoning hemp industry, listing
manufacturers, growers, distributors, retailers and more, plus indexes
by country, state and product. 


This book can be used as a guide to find sources to purchase products,
find suppliers for a store, mail order catalog or other business, find
fabric and other raw materials to become a manufacturer, or just to get
new ideas and learn more about hemp.