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Beware the Swedish Narconazis! Prohibitionist fanatics have taken over Sweden and are preparing to invade the rest of Europe! (CC10)

Heaven with an Eagle Feather . . . When the Harm Reduction Club was busted, co-founder David Malmo-Levine spent a week in jail. He met some great people and had a remarkable time. (CC09)

HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION – Activist David Malmo-Levine lays it on the line and tells you how to paint your hometown green! (cc08)

Advice from the Net

“How do you make ganja butter?”, “Is marijuana legal in Alaska?”, “Sea of Green growing method – what is it?”, “How do I pass a urine test?”, “What is Cloud 9?”, and more, so much more.

How to Build an Amazing Vapourizer

How to roll a joint, a nice site en francais

Opened Mail, Closed Minds (Cannabis Canada Fall ’95)

Legalization of Marijuana- Agricultural Benefits

Can Increases in Cannabis Use Be Attributed to Reduced Penalties for Possession of the Drug? Has cannabis use increased since decriminalization?

Some common marijuana myths disspelled

High Time Stop the War On Marijuana; an editorial by Alan Young

Decriminalizing Drugs, A four part editorial from the Ottawa Citizen.

Pot Bar Arthrology Turns a New Leaf on Vancouver’s Social Scene

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