Federal Medical Pot and Hemp

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Canadian Government Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Links

This is a list of links to Health Canada information, regulations andapplicationson medicinal marijuana and industrial hemp.


Medical Marijuana:

Applyfor a medical exemption to Canada’s marijuana laws.

CanadianFederal Government Medical Marijuana Q&A

Federalplan to research medical pot

Hemp Licensing:

HempLicensing information: Cultivation

HempLicensing information: Importation

HempLicensing information: Exportation

HempLicensing information: Processing

HempLicensing information: Distribution

HempLicensing information: Directors and Partners

HempLicense application guide

HempLicense application contact list

Listof Approved Cultivars

ExecutiveSummary of Hemp legislation

HealthCanada facts on hemp

HempLicense Application Form

ExploringRegulatory options

Informationon THC analysis techniques

Listof Official THC testers

Hempcultivation technical manual and data

HealthCanada June 1998 Hemp Report

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