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Ontario Goes Hemp On the 7th of August, Canada’s hemp luminaries gathered in the midst of a Kent County hemp field, to celebrate unprecendented political and financial support for growing industrial hemp in Ontario. Dr Sumach goes hemp hunting in darkest Ontario, and finds a nascent hemp industry with serious government support (CC10)

Hemp Hunting in Darkest Ottawa . . . Dr Sumach brings us the inside story of our governments inner circle hemp meetings. Will we be growing hectacres of commercial hemp next year, or what? (CC09)

BEN DRONKERS & CANNABIS HEMP – When the fearless leader of the Pot Pirate fleet met Princess Hemp, he couldn’t keep his hands off her. (cc08)

GETTIN’ BUSY AT CANNABUSINESS – Holy Cow, a full fledged cannabis paraphernalia, frow and hemp trade show, in Germany! (cc08)

HEMP SYMPOSIUM – Fascinating and fun, if maybe a little dry. Visions of hemp fields danced in our heads. (cc08)

Hemp Farms Across Canada CC chats with Canada’s only four licenced hemp farmers. (CC07)

BC’s Hemp-Friendly Mayor Meet Brian Taylor. He’s a hemp activist facing cultivation charges, and now he’s Mayor of Grand Forks! (CC07)

Hanfhunting in Darkest Deutschland Dr. Sumach illuminates the dark history and bright future of hemp in Germany (CC07)

Hemp Expo Exposition; a review of the 1996 Cannabis Cup hemp expo.

Sumach vs. Strobel

Dr. Alexander Sumach interviews Joe Strobel, Canada’s first modern hemp farmer. (1994)

Joe Strobel Grows Hemp (1995)

Agriculture Canada Bi-Weekly Bulletin v.7, no. 23.

The “agronomics and economics of hemp production”.

How to Get a License to Cultivate Hemp in Canada (Cannabis Canada Fall ’95)

Hemp Industries Association (Cannabis Canada Jan ’95)

The Canadian Government’s hemp page.

Pit Bull Pot? (Cannabis Canada Apr ’95)

Bioresource Hemp 1995 (Cannabis Canada July ’95)

Hemp in Poland (Cannabis Canada July ’96)

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