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CureYour Medicine Proper curing can exponentially increase the qualityand desirability of your harvest. The key word to remember is “slow”.

HighTimes in Oreganja We got the best buds at the World Hemp Expo andwe’ve brought them straight to you!

MitesBite! . . . Spider mites are the bane of growers everywhere. Seedbreeder Steve shares his techniques for dealing with the pesky little suckers.(CC09)

Stashunder the Stars . . . The Cannabis Creator decreibes the uniqueobstacles of outdoor cultivation as well as some of the sweet rewards.(CC09)

ASMALL COMMERCIAL GARDEN – They’re lean, they’re green, and they’rechanging the scene. The SnohomishCounty Cannabis Creators are growing for freedom. (CC08)

GROWINGIN THE GREAT OUTDOORS – Spring is here and it is time to thinkabout your future… your future stash of course. If you haven’t grownoutdoors yet, you should try it. (CC08)

CloneYour Own How to turn that one special plant into a thousand specialplants. (CC07)

ThirteenThoughts for the Cannabis Creator Things to ponder and sage advicefor the novice and expert grower alike (CC07)

GrowingWith Norm (Cannabis Canada Spring ’96)

FromTrash to Stash (Cannabis Canada July ’96)

AGrower’s Primer (Cannabis Canada July ’95)

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