Hemp BC News and Updates


On Tuesday, December 8th, there will be hearing about Hemp BC at Vancouver
City Hall. City Council will be hearing evidence from police officers and
city officials that Hemp BC should not be granted a business license, and
that instead Hemp BC should be forced to close permanently. This meeting
is open to the public, and Sister Icee asks that anyone who doesn’t want
Hemp BC shut down should attend to show support.

“All of their claims being made against me relate to things Marc Emery
said or did when he was the owner,” said Sister Icee, owner of Hemp BC
and the Cannabis Cafe. “Since Marc sold me the businesses last March there
have been no seed sales and no vapourizers in the Cafe. I haven’t even
encouraged anyone to come here and smoke pot.

“There are hundreds of other businesses in Vancouver that carry the
same kind of merchandise as Hemp BC. We are being targeted by City Hall
because of our high-profile political activism, and nothing else.”

The next date after this hearing will be January 26, at which time Hemp
BC will  be able to present evidence supporting their right to a business
license, including a  petition with 15,000 signatures of people who
think Hemp BC and Cannabis Cafe are assets to this community. At least
fifteen local merchants have also agreed to speak on Hemp BC’s behalf.

In the mean time, the City has agreed to not pursue a court order to
shut down Hemp BC pending the outcome of these hearings. They have also
agreed not to make any criminal allegations with regards to the smoking
accessories (paraphenalia) sold by Hemp BC.


Meanwhile, Hemp BC lawyers have appeared before a Justice of the Peace,
to swear an information that Vancouver Police Officer Mark Bragagnola possessed
cannabis on April 30, 1998, contrary to the Controlled Drugs and Substances
Act. A similar Information has also been sworn against US Navy operative
Stacy Sherman, who allegedly trafficked in cannabis on April 25, 1998.

Both of these charges relate to the Vancouver Police and US Navy “joint
investigation” of Hemp BC, dubbed “Operation Intruder”. During this farcical
investigation, Vancouver Police and US Navy officers tried to buy pot at
Hemp BC and failed. So instead they bought some pot on the street and smoked
it in Hemp BC themselves.

However, neither the Vancouver Police nor the US Navy asked for or was
granted the necessary certificates entitling them to buy marijuana and
break the law in this manner. Without this legal permission, they are guilty
of trafficking in marijuana.

The Justice of the Peace will now seek the input of the Justice Department,
and then decide if reasonable and probable grounds exist to support the
charge as sworn. She will announce if charges are approved on December
15th, 1998.

In an email to Sister Icee, US Navy spokesman Charles McWhorter denied
any knowledge of Operation Intruder, and claimed that no Navy Officers
were authorized to purchase marijuana as part of any investigation of Hemp


* Sister Icee can be reached by email at [email protected],
by phone at (604) 681-4620, and by fax at.(604) 681-4625.

* Vancouver City Council and Mayor Philip Owen can be reached at: 
[email protected]

tel: (604) 873-7621,  fax: (604) 873-7685

* The Vancouver Police Department can be reached at: [email protected]

tel: (604) 665-3081.

* The US Navy can be reached by email at [email protected],
by phone at (310) 235-7481, and by fax at (310) 235-7856.

* Vancouver Sun: [email protected]

* Vancouver Province: [email protected]

* Vancouver Echo: [email protected]

* Vancouver Courier: [email protected]