How to Illustrate


To display a picture in the coffee shop:
type &#60img src=”full_URL.jpeg”&#62

Every thing on the web has an address.
When you’re browsing and you find a picture you like copy the URL into a
“notebook” on your computer. A URL looks like this:
(turn on options -&#62″show location” in Netscape)
Now chose view-&#62source…
This will show you the page in html. Find the &#60img src= tag that corresponds to the picture you want.
for example: &#60IMG align=”absmiddle” VSPACE=8 HSPACE=8 SRC=”postcard14.gif”&#62&#60tt&#62PC-1014&#60/tt&#62
The name of the picture is “postcard14.gif”.
Now go back to the URL of the html source you just looked at. (what you copied earlier on)
replace the last “whatever.html” to the name of the picture you noted in the previous text file.
To display the picture in the coffe shop type:
type &#60img src=””&#62

Don’t forget the quotation marks!