The Gallery

Welcome to the

to the Gallery

Drool! Beautiful

minded individuals or inunituals should peruse this section for photographic
studies of the coveted green. Yup, big ass buds.

Regardez! Les
Images et l’Art de la Marijuana

It’s nice to look at pictures when you’re high. It’s also nice to look
at pictures when you’re not high. Here’s some pictures.

Read! Poetry,
Stories, and Quotes

Many a wordsmith has smoked spliffs and submitted scripture. Perhaps
some have been inspired by the green weed in other ways, or found some
other reason to share a few potent words.

Eat! Recipes

If you eat food, then we’ve got the thing for you. Food-making instructions!
Not all these babies are tested, so that part may be up to you.

Run! Programs
and Computery Stuff

Let me guess. You’re using a computer. Assorted compu-candy here for
various platforms, like screen savers, cursor replacements, and other