the Short Poem

Pot Poetry

The Art of the Short Poem

In the world of pot poetry, the short poem stands out as a unique form of expression. Often written on the fly, it is finished in the same thought as it is begun. You get a sense of an impromptu utterance, which is often lacking in other over-polishe

d and overly serious poetic forms. As a final note, it seems that the poets are often quite stoned while composing.

Choke on Smoke

Weed is green
When I don’t have any I am mean
I can feel it in my spleen
When I don’t shower I am unclean.

by Michelle Frank

i like bud

by jp

Herb’s are good,

Herb’s are great,

Light that doob,

And lets get baked

by Dude

I smoke marijuana
anytime I wanna
tell me to stop?

that makes me hop.

It’s your brain that is gone-a.

by Byron

Friday Night Blast

Smokin’ My Weed
Doin’ Fine
Got Me A 40

by Stephen Ecker

Roll Roll Roll A Joint
Pass It Down The Line
Take A Toke, Hold Your Smoke
Blow Your Fuckin’ Mind

by Mike "ACID" Bentlage

Roll, roll, roll a joint
Twist it at the end.
Light the smoke and have a toke,
And pass it to a friend

by Douglas McKercher


Pot is fun
Pot is great
spark up a bong and let’s get baked.

by don and ty 96


by Janet Haider

Words of Wisdom

Black put it back
Gray throw it away
This is how I smoke my bowl
Thats why i’m high all day

Pot is everything that I see
Pot is everything, always for me
Now don’t get me wrong
I like to go on
And smoke pot everywhere I’ll be

–David Steidle


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